The Special Shape Watch Mobile Phone for LG and SE

LG GD910 as a new machine went to the market last year, up to now; almost it is the one the buyers know a little. LG GD910 adopts the watch mobile phone out design, from the appearance it looks the same to a regular watch. But do not take it as a fake one, LG DG910 mirror surface is made of the tempered glass and the high quality metal materials, the machine body is only 13.9mm. The touch feeling is very excellent. Except that, LG DG910 watch mobile phone is also very good in the function. As the mobile phone necessity functions including messages, calling, and MP3 and voice control and so on, all of them are equipped with it. It also is the first watch mobile phone to support the 3G network in the world, at the same time LG GD910 also supports HSDPA network high speed data transfer, the screen is 1.43 inch touch screen and has the front camera.

In order to avoid the small screen making the input inconvenience, LG GD910 also supports the voice dialing function and the text voice switching and recognizing technology. It is so; the users can edit their messages and do not need to touch the small screen. Easy to achieve the voice recognizing input. If you pursuit the personality and do not want to use the street machine. You can use this kind of LG watch mobile phone; GD910 is your good choice.

This is a SE X5 which has not gone to the market. Although the function is very simple, with the first transparent screen design in the globe and the limited sale, even it is sold with the totally high price, and it also can be popular with the people.

Regarding with the appearance, SE X5 watch mobile phone absolutely is named as the classic, the classic PDA machine body design and the machine body is 102 x 43 x 13mm, the slim machine body is very suitable for the ladies to use. And for this watch mobile phone, the biggest spotlight is that it adopts the glass transparent screen, although the screen is only 1.8 inch black and white screen, it also is very clear and in good effect. Even the picture, it also can show on the screen naturally.

In addition, talking about the functions of this watch mobile phone, SE X5 has not adopted the intelligent system, but the abundant extend functions are very strong, especially at the time when you are playing the music, it also supports the songs menu recognizing function. To suit the SE their M2 card extend, even use a lot of the media documents to storage. What more, this watch mobile phone has not been equipped with the camera, but to the friends who like the luxury and the fashionable, this new fashionable appearance of the watch mobile phone can change all the lack of the watch mobile phone itself. So even it is so, this watch mobile phone remain is very popular in the market for us.

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