The Six Systems of a Grapple Truck

Lending to the theme of versatility in the way equipment is used, there are six waste collection methods or systems in which grapple trucks are used. Each system provides a different use that industries, builders, or waste managers can utilize in the decision of which grapple truck for sale they should be considering. The first system is the loader and body system, where the grapple truck can be configured to include a dump body. In this system a single operator loads, hauls, and dumps the load. Grapple trucks also can use a Transfer System, where the grapple loading mechanism is mounted with a dump truck body on a truck chassis. With transfers, the grapple truck for sale loads into the dump truck body or into separate haul trucks. When the dump truck body is full, the trash is transferred into another haul vehicle.

Furthermore, a Roll Off System is when a grapple loader is mounted behind a truck cab. A cable roll off is mounted behind the grapple. The grapple loads in to roll off boxes. When the box is full it is dropped at a staging area and an empty box is rolled on. Boxes are transported between staging area and landfill by a shuttle truck. A Rear Steer system is when a grapple truck grapple loader is mounted on the rear of a short frame chassis with an operator’s cab mounted between loader and chassis cab. The loader is operated from this cab, and all driving controls are also routed to the operator’s cab enabling the “rear steer” unit to drive backwards along the route and load into separate haul trucks.

The last two systems have to do with rear loading. Rear mounted loaders can be haul truck or trailer. For a haul truck rear mounted loader, a grapple loader is mounted on the rear of a short frame chassis. The grapple truck for sale loads into separate haul trucks, which travel back and forth between loading unit and landfill. Finally, for the trailer system the grapple loader is mounted on rear of a short frame chassis, with a trailer hauled behind. The trailer is loaded, then, when it is full it is exchanged for an empty one. An additional truck is used to shuttle trailers between the landfill and loading vehicle.

It is easy to see why grapple trucks for sale can be difficult to choose from as they are required to perform so many different tasks.

Source: CentralTruckSales
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