The Galactic Confederation of Light

Our planet Earth has long been considered one of the finest spiritual schools in the universe. It is a place where human incarnation provides the greatest challenges and can lead to the quickest spiritual awakening.

 As such, individuals of the Galactic Confederation of Light consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to incarnate on Earth. In recent times there have been many incarnating on this planet, not only for their own spiritual awakening but also to help in the evolving of the planet and its inhabitants.

 A Grand Graduation

The Galactic Confederation of Light says the Earth and its inhabitants are on the threshold of a major evolving – likened to a school-wide graduation or spiritual awakening to the next level. As such, it is a great celebration and there are currently many spaceships in our outer atmosphere to witness this grand event. They are from all parts of the galaxy.

 Ever since first seeding this planet Earth, the Galactic Confederation of Light has been monitoring its progress. There are over 200,000 member star groups and 144,000 of these currently have individuals incarnated on the Earth to help in this transition.

 According to the Galactic Confederation of Light it is a great achievement and celebration for them also. The reason they formed their union so long ago was to counteract and prevent the inter-dimensional dark forces from infiltrating and dominating galaxies.

 A Spiritual Awakening  through Major World Changes

There has been much talk about major world changes being a part of this transition phase and the Galactic Confederation of Light is quick to point out that it’s not the end of the world – more like the end as we know it. Although many predictions and prophecies indicate 2012 as the time of major world changes, this was only to prepare humankind for the idea of major change.

As they point out, the wheat needs sorting from the chaff and not all people on this planet has reached a point where they can be active members of the Galactic Confederation of Light. The ones that have reached a point where they can evolve to the higher vibration of the new Earth through their spiritual awakening will do so, while others will transition to another life that will aid in their ongoing spiritual development.

The Blue Star Millennium

The book <i>The Blue Star Millennium</i> on follows this premise of intervention by the Galactic Confederation of Light during major world changes. It reads like fiction but is based around actual world events leading up to the climax. As one reviewer said “It seems like a blend of fact and fantasy but which is which? It is difficult to be sure where one begins and the other ends – one is left with a lingering suspicion that possibly it is nearly all fact.”

The Blue Star Millennium on will challenge your view on life and our universe. Be prepared for a thought provoking ride – Enjoy the Journey!

Source by: David G



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