Huawei says the Mate 10 Pro is "the best phone you've never heard of," will bring it to the US next week

Last month, Huawei said that it would showcase a flagship
smartphone at CES 2018 in order to officially launch it in the US. We were
expecting that flagship handset to be the Android Oreo-based Mate 10 Pro, and now Huawei is confirming


Huawei will bring the Mate 10 Pro to CES 2018 presenting it as “the best phone you’ve never heard of.” By you, the
company means US customers, as Huawei’s smartphones are already quite popular
in other regions around the globe, including Asia and Europe.


But is the Mate 10 Pro really the best phone you’ve never
heard of? Well, that’s …

The Doogee BL12000 features the biggest battery you've seen on a smartphone

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Modern smartphones come with many bells and whistles. When it comes to buying a new handset, we all have our preferences as to what specs are most important for us, but great battery life is a trait that’s appreciated by every user. 

If you’re looking for a handset with a truly colossal battery, then the upcoming BL12000 …

Learn how to build the iOS app you've been dreaming about


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Have you ever had a brilliant idea for an app and wondered how hard it might be to actually build it yourself? Learn how to build the app of your dreams with The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course that’s $10 for a limited time. (It’s usually upwards of $200.)

Whether you’re a beginner or have some knowledge about app-building, this course can help you take things to that next level, like finally turning your idea into reality or making a career change. Read more…

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Lawnchair, the best near-stock Android launcher you've never heard of, is now on the Play Store

On the topic of launchers, we have a pretty good understanding of what makes a third-party offering better than the built-in one – customizability, ease of use, and snapiness, of course. Nova Launcher is the anecdotal default answer when you will most definitely find when you go search for Android launchers, but it’s always nice to have some alternatives up in your alley.
A new entrant on the launcher scene is a niche debutant that has been doing the round in the underground – dubbed Lawnchair as a tongue-in-cheek joke, this one is closely mimicking the appearance …

Bite Helper might be the mosquito bite conqueror you've been searching for


My leg is itchy. Not all of it, just the now-healing spot where a mosquito bit me over the weekend. The scab is tiny, indicating I barely scratched it after the bite, but there’s still something there.

I think I have Bite Helper to thank for not enduring a week’s worth of itchiness, though I can’t be certain.

In a nutshell, Bite Helper is a battery-operated, $39.95 hand-held gadget that uses a combination of focused heat and vibration to reduce mosquito bites to harmless, itch-free bumps. 

Bite Helper has a plastic, somewhat pickle-shaped body; a flat, metallic business end; and one-button operation. To use the device, you place the quarter-sized metal front directly on the bite (as soon as you notice it), press the button and its so-called “Thermo-Pulse Technology” goes to work. For maximum effectiveness, you hold it in place for between 30 and 45 seconds. Read more…

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Company you've never heard of reveals that face recognition and AR are coming to the Apple iPhone 8

A company that you probably never heard of has inadvertently revealed information pertaining to the 10th anniversary edition of the Apple iPhone. Dubbed the Apple iPhone 8, this premium model is widely expected to include features including 3D sensing and AR capabilities. Back in February, KGI securities reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the front camera on the device will be revolutionary with its ability to provide face recognition and AR capabilities.

Since February, there have been various rumors at one time or another about whether Apple has been able to get the technology …

'Glitter booty' is the latest bizarre beauty trend you've secretly always wanted


Glitter is all the rage. We’ve seen beards, roots, eyebrows and even armpits transformed into sparkly creations thanks to a series of glitter trends. 

But, the latest glitter trend involves rubbing glitter all over your derrière. Right…

The “glitter booty” is the brainchild of artist Mia Kennington, who was inspired by the sandy-butt look that goes hand in hand with spending too much time on the beach. Kennington is part of The Gypsy Shrine, a group of glitter artists who host body art pop-ups at festivals

Kennington has been posting photos of her glittery experiments on Instagram

There’s the classic gold glitter look… Read more…

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7 awesome Android and iOS games you've probably never heard of

The mobile gaming market is a flooded one. There are new games coming out each day, and developers really struggle to make a splash in the huge ocean that are the various app stores. And while the majority of the unknown titles remain unknown for a reason, there are these select few that really deserve more exposure.

So, in order to give them said exposure and try and boost the confidence of some pretty solid developers by increasing their download stats, we decided to go digging through game development forums, subreddits and message boards for a portion of these diamonds in the rough.

So, …