Tim Cook: Stop drinking that expensive coffee and you'll be able to afford an iPhone X

While some consumers might be turned off by the price of the Apple iPhone X ($999 for 64GB, $1,149 for 256GB), yesterday during the launch of the device, Apple CEO Tim Cook made it sound within reach for many. Cook said that the iPhone X can be found priced at $33 a month using an installment plan. The executive added that this is cheaper than buying a coffee at “at one of these nice coffee places.” He also pointed out that iPhone X buyers can save as much as $350 by trading in their current iPhone.

During yesterday’s launch of the tenth anniversary model, Cook visited an Apple Store …

WhatsApp rolls out the ability to delete sent messages, but you'll have to be quick about it

It looks like WhatsApp has finished testing the ability to unsend messages that you feeling are inappropriate and wish you could take back. Yes, you will finally be able to delete WhatsApp messages that you sent to a contact, but you’ll have to be quick about it.

Although WhatsApp did not yet announce anything related to the new feature, the FAQ page of the application has been recently updated to reflect the addition of the new functionality. The new feature is called “Delete for everyone” and will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

In …

Report: Soon you'll watch DirecTV on your large screen set using the AT&T Mobile TV Cast Moto Mod

Just the other day, we told you that next month, Amazon’s Alexa will be accessible through a new Moto Mod that will attach to the back of Moto Z and Moto Z2 handsets. Now, a report published today states that Motorola and AT&T have partnered to develop the AT&T Mobile TV Cast Moto Mod. With this accessory, you will be able connect to a compatible television set allowing you to watch DirecTV on a larger screen.

Of course, for this to have any value, you have to be a subscriber to DirecTV Now. This is an app that features streaming video in the form of live TV channels and on-demand …

Holding out for an unlocked LG V30 in the US? You'll probably have to wait a bit longer

Yesterday marked the long-awaited U.S. release of LG’s latest flagship phablet, the V30. However, this release was limited to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile only, with Sprint getting the device on October 13 instead, and the unlocked version being simply listed as coming “soon”

But an eagle-eyed reddit user going by the name demonjrules may have just uncovered said release date, and it’s fair to say it isn’t as soon as LG would like you to believe. Visiting the device’s store page on B&H’s website — but only when browsing on a smartphone — reveals a piece of …

Love coffee? Then you'll really want to win this week's T-Mobile Tuesday contest

This upcoming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday begins with a free T-Mobile Stadium Bag. The clear bag allows you to go through security in a heartbeat. If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, starting next Tuesday head over to a nearby T-Mobile location and pick up your bag. Don’t procrastinate or the bags will be gone before you get to take one home. T-Mobile subscribers will also get 25% off the cost of a Ultimate Ears speaker purchased from a T-Mobile store or online.

If you’re in school, you will surely need a free month of StudyBlue Pro. This gives you access to crowd-sourced study guides ad-free. …

Love Lego? Then you'll love this coming week's T-Mobile Tuesday

In the midst of a fierce storm called Hurricane Irma, it is time to look at what Hurricane Magenta (meaning T-Mobile, of course) has for its subscribers with this coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday. PhoneArena readers know that we usually examine the free giveaways first and then move on to the contest prizes. There usually is a theme between them, and this coming week the theme has to do with Lego.

First, this coming Tuesday you can get free access to HotelStorm’s list of discounted hotels. The average discount is $45 a room. In addition, music streamer Pandora will give you a 90-day free trial …

Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X officially launched, but you'll have to pay for it

Sailfish OS did not have too much success in the smartphone industry. After a few failed partnerships with Intex, Fairphone, and TRI, the Finnish company is now trying a different approach.

Apparently, Sony Mobile allowed Jolla, the company behind Sailfish OS to optimize the platform for its Xperia X smartphones. Today, Jolla announced that its new Sailfish X operating system for Sony Xperia X has gone gold and will soon be available for purchase.

Yes, you read that right. Jolla will sell the Sailfish X to everyone who wants to install it on the Sony Xperia …

You'll soon be able to watch YouTube videos in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently introduced the option to send any type of file through its instant messenger, but new features are expected to come to the app in the not so distant future.

Some of these new features have already been implemented into the app, but they are hidden to the public for the time being. One of the most recent WhatsApp for iOS updates introduced one feature that would certainly be very useful to users: the option to watch YouTube videos directly in WhatsApp.

Although it’s still under development, the new feature allows those who can access it to …

Buy this house and you'll live in 2 countries at once


Can’t decide whether to live in Canada or the United States? Even in the current political climate? Okay. Well, if you buy this house in Vermont, you’ll straddle the border between the two countries. In fact, there’s a border marker right outside the front door.

But right now, Brian and Joan DuMoulin, who own the property in the community of Beebe Plain, say they’re having trouble finding a buyer. For one thing, the house needs a lot of work. For another, heightened post-9/11 security restrictions have made it occasionally awkward to traverse the grounds. Brian explained to TIME, for example, that Joan and her sister once had to report to Canadian border patrol because a new agent didn’t recognize them. Read more…

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LG G6 is just $360 at AT&T, but you'll have to commit to a Next plan

LG’s wish was fulfilled when the handset maker managed to out its flagship smartphone ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The LG G6 is already selling in the United States, as just about all the key carriers in the country offer the phone.

AT&T has a very tempting offer on the LG G6, which will expire at the end of this month. If you don’t feel attached by Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship, then you might want to take into consideration LG’s new top-tier smartphone, the G6.

If you opt for AT&T’s deal, you’ll be able to grab the LG G6 for $360, but you’ll have …