'The New York Times' profiled the most selfish person in America


Everybody who has dealt with any minor amount of stress has had the fantasy of packing up and running away from all of their problems, disappearing from the modern world almost entirely.

Erik Hagerman, dubbed “The man who knew too little” by The New York Times, did just that. On Saturday, Hagerman was the focus of a newly published profile describing how, after the election of Donald Trump, he left his busy life behind and started up his own pig farm.

But Hagerman went much further than that — and much more selfish. He created what he calls “The Blockade,” a nearly total media blackout that has allowed him to stay 100 percent ignorant of the day’s news outside of the weather, local real estate listings, and how the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing.  Read more…

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This dog's heartwarming rescue from a New York subway tunnel will bring you happy tears


One lucky pup found compassiom in a most unlikely place: The New York City subway.

Dakota, aka Loppy the dog, was playing with her dog walker at a park in Brooklyn on Friday when the pooch managed to escape. Frightened, the poor pup ran to a place that she knew — the Jay St. station — and ended up inside the dangerous subway tunnel.

“It’s a familiar place for her, we commute together every day. She entered, ran across the platform, and at some point either fell or jumped in,” Dakota’s owner, Caroline Francis, posted to her Facebook.  Read more…

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All the news that fits won't print as the New York Times closes its BlackBerry 10 app next month

BlackBerry and its faithful had high hopes for BlackBerry 10. After all, the company that developed the operating system, QNX, received high marks for its work on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. BlackBerry was so impressed that it bought the company and had it get right to work on its next-gen operating system for smartphones, later dubbed BlackBerry 10. While the gesture based OS shared some of its capabilities with webOS, and there were some who loved the software, the hardware was a let down for many.

Instead of offering top-shelf handsets to compete with Apple and Samsung, BlackBerry …

Apple Watch GymKit allows you to get accurate and detailed workout data, now live at a New York gym

Apple has now made it super easy to get accurate and detailed stats from your gym workouts on treadmills and ellipticals using only the Apple Watch. The feature comes as part of the Apple Watch’s GymKit and has so far been rolled out only in a few gyms in Australia and London, but now it has made its debut at the Life Time Athletic at Sky gym located at 605 West 42nd Street in New York.
A wider roll-out is expected in 2018 at other premium gyms such as the Equinox chain from New York.
GymKit came as a new Apple Watch …

New York Times responds to backlash after profiling Nazi sympathizer


A New York Times profile of a self-described white supremacist sent the internet into such a blazing fury that the paper responded Sunday with a 706-word explanation.

Readers took issue with how the profile of Tony Hovater, an Ohio man described as the “Nazi sympathizer next door,” normalized his behavior. The piece leads with his wedding plans, mentions his love for Seinfeld and Twin Peaks, and includes a picture of him grocery shopping.

Written by national editor Marc Lacey, the response published in the Times’ Reader Center addressed this critique and others.

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OnePlus 5T will be announced in New York City

Not long after confirming the name of its next flagship
smartphone – OnePlus 5T – the folks at OnePlus now have some news on where they’re
“going to party in” for the handset’s “launch”. In other
words, on the city where the new device will be properly announced.


The photo seen below was posted today on Twitter, with
OnePlus asking fans to “guess which city we’re going to party in for the
OnePlus5T launch.” After a bit of research, we came to the conclusion that
the photo was definitely taken at the intersection of West 34th Street and Broadway – obviously in Manhattan, New

A Brooklyn chemist's 1800s photos capture New York in motion


June 26, 1886

Jamie Swan jumps off a short stone wall at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.

Image: Wallace G. Levison/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Wallace G. Levison was a chemist, inventor, and lecturer who founded the Departments of Mineralogy and Astronomy at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences in the latter half of the 19th century.

He was also an avid photographer, using the new technology both as a scientific tool and a recreational activity.

As the dawn of the 20th century approached, newer, more sensitive film emulsions were developed that allowed pictures to be taken with faster and faster shutter speeds. Read more…

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Google's pop-up stores in New York and L.A. to offer devices for sale including the new Pixel models

Google doesn’t have a chain of permanent retail stores like Apple has where consumers can test out and purchase the latest Apple devices. Instead, Google relies on pop-up stores where visitors can test products before ordering them online. But that is going to change. According to a report published today, Google will start selling devices from its temporary stores in New York and Los Angeles when they both open for business this Thursday.

Devices that will be available for purchase at Google’s pop-up stores include the new Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and the Google Home Mini. Other new products …

BlackBerry's shares moving to the New York Stock Exchange on October 16th

In what can be interpreted as another sign of BlackBerry’s turnaround, the company announced today that it is moving the listing of the company’s shares from NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange. The switch will take place on October 16th and the company’s symbol will change from the current BBRY to BB. This should make BlackBerry more visible to the investor community.

The announcement comes days after BlackBerry reported a net profit of 5 cents a share for its fiscal second quarter. Unlike the company’s glory days, the company no longer manufactures handsets. Instead, BlackBerry licenses …

Motorola to hold July 25th new product unveiling event in New York City

Looks like Motorola will be unveiling at least one new phone in New York City around the end of the current month (July 25th to be exact). Invites sent out by the company say, “You won’t want to miss this,” and colored tunnels flash red, yellow, orange, pink and blue lights. We could see the Moto Z2 Force introduced (we recently got a peek at the AT&T version of the phone) along with the Moto X4. The latter might feature a dual camera-set up and an IP68 certification rating. That is a bit unusual for Motorola as the company usually relies on nano-coating fron P2i to protects a handset from …