Motorola to hold July 25th new product unveiling event in New York City

Looks like Motorola will be unveiling at least one new phone in New York City around the end of the current month (July 25th to be exact). Invites sent out by the company say, “You won’t want to miss this,” and colored tunnels flash red, yellow, orange, pink and blue lights. We could see the Moto Z2 Force introduced (we recently got a peek at the AT&T version of the phone) along with the Moto X4. The latter might feature a dual camera-set up and an IP68 certification rating. That is a bit unusual for Motorola as the company usually relies on nano-coating fron P2i to protects a handset from …

New York City's Wi-Fi kiosks have provided users with $15 million worth of free internet service

The 934 Link kiosks that dot the New York City landscape have provided a ton of free data to New Yorkers. The kiosks started operations early last year, and since that time period over one petabyte of data has been employed by mobile device owners in the Big Apple. Based on current rates, that is equivalent to more than $15 million of broadband internet connectivity that has been received for free in New York City.

To give you a better idea of how much data that is, one petabyte is equivalent to one million gigabytes. The amount of data that New Yorkers have used, thanks to the kiosks, is …

The New York Post's push alerts just got real dark


New York Post, is everything OK over there?

On Saturday night, the newspaper’s push alerts became a little ominous, with rhetorical flourishes that evoked both the Bible and Nazi Germany. 

“Hear me now, for I speak as an angel in the words of God,” it wrote, according to screenshots posted on Twitter by bemused subscribers. It’s an interesting take on the day’s current affairs, but fair enough.

It followed that up with a casual, “Heil President Donald Trump.”

Uh, @nypost … call your

— Jack Sterne (@JRSterne) April 2, 2017 Read more…

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'The Americans' lucks out with its ads in the New York Times


After Russia re-entered the news, The Americans knew its fifth season would be relevant. But nobody could’ve known just how relevant it would actually be. 

Days before the show—which follows two Soviet spies living deep undercover near Washington, D.C. in the 1980s—returns for its new season on FX, the series got some prime ad placement on the New York Times website. 

well that’s one way to take out an ad

— Ross Neumann (@rossneumann) March 3, 2017

FX took out major advertising for the show just as news broke that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with a Russian ambassador, lied about it during his confirmation hearings, and would recuse himself from any inquiry into Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. election. Twitter users noticed the fortuitous timing.  Read more…

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