Snapchat forecast to pull $3bn a year by 2019, to surpass Twitter, AOL and Yahoo


Snap, the parent company behind the disappearing photo app, launched on the stock market earlier this month, making Snapchat’s co-founder, Evan Spiegel, the world’s youngest billionaire. The IPO saw the company’s shares soar up to $26 in two days, marking a $9 increase, and raised an eye-watering $3.4bn. Good job Mr Spiegel, right? However, a recent report from Emarketer forecasts that Snapchat could become more popular with advertisers than Twitter, Yahoo and AOL, with estimates of pulling in $3bn a year by the end of 2019. Тhe agency reported last year that Yahoo had dropped from …

Tbh, this dog really is the employee of the year, and we quit


There are good dogs and then there are really good dogs. And when you have one of the latter—especially a really good, hardworking, business-minded kind of dog—you’d better appreciate it.

Michael Reeg’s Meeka is one such canine. After Reeg started working from home in his job as district sales manager with the equipment supplier Accuride, he realized just how committed Meeka was to making sure he was never lonely when on the grind.

“I remember looking at her lying in my office, which she did faithfully every day, and thinking about how happy she was when I was home and how excited she was when I said, ‘Let’s go to work,'” Reeg told us. “It struck me that she deserved to be rewarded for her consistent attendance and enjoyment for that quarter.” Read more…

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Window to purchase AppleCare+ for the iPhone is extended to one year

Apple has made a significant change to extended warranty AppleCare+. Previously, those who purchased an Apple iPhone had 60-days after buying the handset to add the AppleCare+ plan. Starting now, that period of time has been lengthened to one year. For example, a person who had purchased an iPhone last December would be ineligible to purchase AppleCare+ after February. Now, with the change, this particular iPhone owner would have until the first anniversary of his/her purchase to spend the $129 in order to purchase the extended warranty plan. We should point out that this is the pricing for the …

Morgan Stanley's Huberty sees innovative Apple iPhone 8 driving higher than expected sales this year

Morgan Stanley’s tech analyst, Katy Huberty, has some very positive thoughts about the tenth anniversary iPhone that is expected to launch later in 2017. The analyst says that this super cycle for the iPhone has not been fully appreciated. She expects the Apple iPhone 8 (or iPhone X as some have dubbed the device) to be an innovative smartphone with an OLED screen, 3D sensors, wireless charging and advanced AI technology.

Huberty sees Apple selling 20% more iPhone units in 2017 on a year-over-year basis, double the Wall Street consensus. Her most bullish forecast has iPhone revenue increasing …

Google and Levi's smart denim jacket is expected to launch this year

Ever since the smartphone became a device that no one can (or wants to) live without, combining the adjective “smart” before another word indicates that a certain product is connected to the internet in some fashion. And speaking of smart and fashion (what a segue), two companies that you couldn’t dream of working together in a million years are teaming up. Google and Levi’s will be launching the smart denim jacket this fall, priced at $350 for both men and women.

The intelligent clothing uses Google’s Project Jacquard, which was introduced at last year’s Google I/O. The project’s main task …

The Russian government trolled Sarah Jessica Parker and 2017 is the weirdest year of our lives


You’d think the strangest story of the day would be two Hollywood stars-turned-politicians, fighting over their shared reality TV gig, but…you’d be wrong. 

The Russian government is trolling Sarah Jessica Parker. 

To be fair, the Sex and the City actress started it, on Thursday, with a bit of her own trolling, posting a meme someone made of her, playing her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw, doing a pitch-perfect impression of Carrie’s narrative voice: 

I had to. Don’t know the provenance however whoever you are, thank you. X, sj

A post shared by SJP (@sarahjessicaparker) on Mar 2, 2017 at 1:44pm PST Read more…

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The KEYone won't be the only new BlackBerry smartphone released this year

A couple of months back, BlackBerry announced that it would quit manufacturing phones. It entered into a license agreement with TCL, which is now BlackBerry’s exclusive hardware partner, building devices while the Canadian company remains in charge of the software side.

TCL and BlackBerry already announced a new smartphone – the BlackBerry KEYone, which will be available to buy starting April, running Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box. In case you were wondering, this won’t be the only BlackBerry handset to hit the market this year.

According to Cnet, TCL Communications CEO Nicolas …

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge repeats as the GSMA Smartphone of the year at MWC

While Moonlight took home the Academy Award for ‘Best Picture’ last night (with a brief detour), the GSMA also announced its “Best of” for MWC 2017. And named as the Best Smartphone in the Best Mobile Handsets and Devices category was (envelope please) La La Land. Oops. Sorry about that. We were given the wrong card by Price Waterhouse. Really. Actually, named as the best smartphone at MWC was the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S7 edge was recognized for its “refined design, advanced camera and outstanding performance.” The Galaxy S7 edge beat out the other nominees …

5G standards body expects to launch service a year earlier than expected

2020 is year that many people are looking forward to for various reasons. One reason is that 2020 is supposedly the year when 5G service will launch around the world. Or is it? According to 5G New Radio (5G NR), whose 5G platform is expected to become the global standard, the next-gen wireless service might actually be ready to go by 2019. That is one year earlier than expected. This was repeated by some of the two-dozen or so companies that belong to the 5G NR such as Qualcomm, AT&T, Sprint, Intel and Deutsche Telekom. The nation’s largest carrier, Verizon, has its own standards for 5G.

5G …

Sony Xperia XZs and Xperia XZ Premium with "Motion Eye" camera feature may be released this year

Sony is reportedly working on a new camera feature for some of its upcoming Xperia smartphones. According to the leaked slide seen below, the feature is called “Motion Eye”, and it looks like it’s going to take advantage of Sony’s latest camera sensor (which has its own dedicated memory module).

Apparently, Motion Eye will let your Xperia phone snap 4 photos in the second before you hit the shutter button, once it automatically detects movement. While this may be new for Sony handsets, it doesn’t seem to be something that hasn’t been done yet. The feature appears to resemble Apple’s Live …