Sony Xperia XZs and Xperia XZ Premium with "Motion Eye" camera feature may be released this year

Sony is reportedly working on a new camera feature for some of its upcoming Xperia smartphones. According to the leaked slide seen below, the feature is called “Motion Eye”, and it looks like it’s going to take advantage of Sony’s latest camera sensor (which has its own dedicated memory module).

Apparently, Motion Eye will let your Xperia phone snap 4 photos in the second before you hit the shutter button, once it automatically detects movement. While this may be new for Sony handsets, it doesn’t seem to be something that hasn’t been done yet. The feature appears to resemble Apple’s Live …

Verizon to provide pre-commercial 5G service to customers in 11 markets by the middle of this year

Verizon, eager to take the lead in what promises to be a very competitive rollout of 5G service, announced today that it will provide pre-commercial 5G wireless connectivity to “select” customers in 11 markets. This will take place sometime in the first half of 2017. The markets involved include: Ann Arbor , Atlanta , Bernardsville (NJ), Brockton (MA), Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Sacramento, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Verizon says that it’s 5G Technology Forum partners are working on commercializing chipsets, infrastructure and consumer devices that will meet the 5GTF specifications. …

Blizzard to release three Hearthstone expansions this year

Hearthstone players are in for a very eventful year as Blizzard’s plans for taking its mega hit further involve no less than three full-blown expansion packs. But where Blizzard giveth, Blizzard also taketh away – half a dozen cards from the Standard format will be removed.

The first expansion will cut cards from Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers. Six cards from the original Classic set will be put inside the “Hall of Fame” and made unavailable in Standard mode. But don’t protest just yet. If you happen to have any of them, Blizzard …

Apple is the most admired company in the world for the tenth consecutive year

For the tenth consecutive year, Apple has been named the most admired company in the world. The honor that was bestowed on the tech titan is based on the opinions of 3,800 executives, directors, analysts and experts. Rounding out the top five are Amazon, Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway, and Disney. Other tech firms in the top ten include Facebook and Microsoft. Besides being the most admired company on the planet, Apple is also the most valuable company on this rock with a market capitalization (share price multiplied by outstanding shares) close to $700 billion.              …

No promo left behind: Samsung cornered 72% of the VR market last year

By now it’s clear that Samsung’s Gear VR is one of the most popular headsets around – so much so that, when consumers start thinking of a VR headgear, they almost automatically imagine Samsung’s bundle offerings. The company made it a deliberate strategy to put its Gear VR in as many hands as possible by giving it away with its flagship handsets in many cases, and has been doing this for a while now. The end result?

Well, according to the latest estimates, Samsung controlled more than 70% of the consumer virtual reality market last year. Yep, its virtual …

T-Mobile adds a year of free Hulu for those who switched from AT&T

Last month, in an effort to attract those AT&T customers dissatisfied with the carrier, T-Mobile offered them a free year of streaming video content app DirecTV Now if they would switch to T-Mobile from AT&T. Of course, there was some irony attached to this offer since it was AT&T, not T-Mobile, that purchased DirecTV earlier in 2016. The nation’s second largest carrier tried to use its expensive acquisition of the satellite television content provider to bundle deals that included DirecTV content with AT&T’s wireless service. And while DirecTV Now is zero-rated, it still carries …

Apple's 2017 iPad tablets are reportedly delayed until to the second half of the year

If you were looking forward to picking up a new Apple iPad this spring, you might have to make some changes to your calendar. According to the upstream supply chain, the three iOS powered tablets rumored to arrive in the second quarter this year, might not show up until the second half of the year. In fact, the trio of tablets might not even be unveiled until the second half of 2017. It appears that Apple is still mulling over its plans.

The tech titan could release a 9.7-inch iPad at an affordable price, a 10.5-inch model and a 12.9-inch updated iPad Pro. But the buzz from the supply chain …

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Batterybob offers the best replacement batteries with one year warranty

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The HTC Desire S Could Be The Strongest Mobile Device This Year

Facet by side, the Want S is somewhat shorter in the physique, but versions are minimal. The acquainted Android buttons have turn out to be softkeys, and the central optical trackpad has disappeared.

Many people are expecting the HTC Wish S since the successor of HTC Want HD; but is it correct? Read on this HTC Need S Critique to learn much more in regards to your unit, including the Want S Specs and so forth.

HTC Want S is set for being the successor of unique HTC Desire, but interestingly small are transformed within this new HTC Want S. The show is additionally three.7-inch, the digital camera will likely be the extremely identical 5 MP, but another factors have changed, regardless of whether not drastically.

Coming at the quite same time as the dual core LG Optimus 2X and Samsung Galaxy S II handsets it really is shocking to ascertain HTC nonetheless deciding on just one core processor. At 1GHz the Snapdragon processor is nonetheless of amazing speed and is also perfectly combined with 768MB RAM.

HTC is nonetheless struggling from the lack of AMOLED availability, and despite PR offensives, Super LCD just isn’t fairly as warm. Vivid with great off-angle viewing, colors are just a little muted, and in reduced light the display screen lags fairly badly and subject material seen is not pin sharp – this truly is particularly visible next in the direction of the SE Neo.

The HTC Want S does brings some enhancements and new capabilities; for instance a completely new, front-facing camera for video clip calls, and in addition the new and up-to-date Perception interface and widget suite acquiring a new app known as “Mirror” . This app causes it to be probable for you to swiftly flip the Want S into a mirror alternative.

What you don’t get is NFC; although Google is pushing for the short-range wireless technology’s adoption by Android OEMs, HTC informed SlashGear that it felt the additional bulk an NFC module would introduce wasn’t truly really worth it offered the restricted availability of NFC providers.

Maybe it is the power-saving SLCD exhibit, possibly there’s been an excellent deal of frugal optimising achieved, but whichever way the Want S battery is relatively good. It’s absolutely nothing to obtain excited about, but there’s a comprehensive day right here and no error.

However 1 a lot more attained handset from HTC, but this is not an unqualified achievement. For current owners from the HTC Want, there’s not an excellent offer much far more right here, as well as the competition is fierce – specifically through the dual-core crew. These final are possibly the genuine HTC Want S killers, and it is challenging to find out anything here that will maintain them off. Even the HTC Outstanding S (admittedly at a increased cost position) looks like a better bet with specifically the identical spec but a bigger display screen.

I have worked in the Mobile industry for over 10 years

The HTC Desire S also contains a instead intriguing design, having a unibody aluminum shell. Sense sturdy enough. Cheap HTC Desire S Deals

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