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Using Compare Laptops tool to select a laptop that meets all your needs

Buying a laptop is not a guessing game and with so many laptops in the market. Most often, it becomes very difficult for you to make up your mind on what to buy. Every laptop manufacturer today has at least a minimum of 10-25 notebook models to offer, and even if you have the basic idea of what you want, it becomes hard to narrow down to your perfect choice.

Today laptops are not just machines that provide mobile computing. Rather they have evolved into tools of digital lifestyle. Today a laptop is used for computing, entertainment, mobile internet, video conferencing, gaming and much more. But not all laptops have all the functionalities, and each functionality adds to the cost. So how should you systematically go about selecting a laptop that meets your needs and comes at the affordable price?

One feature that is effectively used by comparison websites is Compare Laptop tool. This tool allows you to compare various models on price and features across brands and also different models of the same brand. The common mistake committed by most of the first time buyers of laptop is that they tend to compare only prices of laptops without looking at the features and configuration of the laptops, and therefore buying decision reached is never right.  It is like comparing Maruti 800 with Mercedes Benz C220, and if price is the only consideration then nobody would ever buy Mercedes Benz C220. Compare Laptop toolnot only allows you to compare prices of different laptops , but it offers comparison based on features and specifications like Processor, Ram, Hard Drive, Optical Disc Drive and so on. Basically Compare Laptop tool allows you to do like- to- like comparison to arrive at the right buying decision.
A simple three step process will help you select right laptop or any other technology gadget:

  1. Decide what you need laptop for.  For instance, do you need it for basic computing, or running high end applications, or graphic work, or gaming or entertainment? For example a HP pavilion laptop offers more multimedia capabilities when compared to a Dell Studio laptop, but at the same time a Dell Studio is much more suited for heavy computing as compared to HP pavilion notebooks.
  2. After you’ve decided on the use, shortlist models using Compare Laptop tool that meet your criteria with respect to features, components and overall specifications.
  3. Finally compare price of shortlisted models and further narrow down your choice to one to three models that are lowest priced.

Having said that, comparison tool as used in most the comparison websites today has its own limitations and it becomes difficult to narrow down your choices beyond a point. takes this concept a step further and tries to address some of these anomalies. Consumermate allows you to shortlist models based on brand, screen-size, weight, and price before you do comparison on components & features. This allows you to specify your basic requirements before you go to detailed specification sheet. The buying decision is much more simple, accurate and precise this way.

Besides, Consumermate has a user friendly feature of Laptop Guru that through set of simple questions guides a lay-man to ascertain his exact requirements and select appropriate models. This is a very handy tool if you are unable to define your requirements, which is the case most often. In addition, Consumermate has features like Expert Ratings & reviews and user reviews that help you further refine your search.
The whole idea behind comparison tool is to provide choice and transparency to the prospective buyers and thus helping them reach objective and correct buying decision.

Read more about Laptops on, your expert buying advice.

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What Truck Lifts Can Do to Your Trucks

Truck enthusiasts define Truck Lifts as an automobile system that is composed of springs that’s used to raise a vehicle. The process involves suspending the body, frame and power train of the truck’s wheel. That could make your truck look good.

Most truck drivers want their truck to be lifted because it lessens the jarring of the automobile while some just simply want to improve the look of their truck. After all, truck lift kits have become tremendously popular among people who wish to give their automobiles a unique or beefy look. Truck enthusiasts definitely want to make heads turn. They monster-size their rigs with a beefy truck lift kit for imposing style and impressive handling.

Truck lifts is very necessary if you’re planning on taking your vehicle off-roading. By suspending your truck, you gain additional clearance from the ground, which protects the underside of your vehicle from bulging rocks, sharp inclines, and foreign objects in the road. If you have ever bottomed out, either off-roading or heading up a steep driveway, you know from that disconcerting scraping sound that hitting the ground is bad for your automobile. Accelerated automobile wheels keep a close contact with the road surface; thus making your driving safer and an enjoyable one at all times.

With the perfect lift kit, you’re free to tackle even the toughest trails. Each truck lift kit at Truck Lifts Direct is built for your vehicle and includes all the parts you need.

Suspension upgrades gain you clearance for bigger tires, control for adverse terrain, and stronger parts to handle the abuse of real-world off-roading. Unfortunately, lift kits are also complicated systems, so be careful and it must be well engineered for safety and performance. With this, you need to find truck lift kits that are easy to install. Another thing would be that you have to keep in mind when searching for the perfect truck lift kit are the ups and downs of the change in ride height.

For instance, adding a lift kit and larger than stock wheels and tires can affect the vehicle’s tow hitch. You may now need a new rear bumper because of the change in ride height. Also, in some extreme cases, the trailer tongue can’t even reach the hitch. With long trailers, such as a four-horse stock trailer or a boat trailer, you may be able to mate trailer and hitch, but the trailer angle from front to back could be enough to cause the trailer to scrape the rear end on the road.

With these factors to consider, all you need to do is to search online shops for the perfect lifts for your truck! These sites are just a click away! Doing so would be extremely easy. Just remember lift kits are also complicated systems, so be careful and it must be well engineered for safety and performance.

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History Of Blackberry Plants

Blackberries were perceived by the ancient cultures as being a wild plant, and historical accounts for a backyard culture of blackberry bushes are few. The Greeks used the blackberry as a remedy for Gout, and the Romans made a tea from the leaves of the blackberry plant to treat various illnesses.

John Bartram, the early American explorer, botanist, and writer founded the first United States Botanical Garden, in 1728. In the early American colonies, William Bartram in his book, Travels, noted that General Oglethorpe was sent to the colony of Georgia in 1733 to investigate the possibility of establishing various temperate and subtropical plants which might “prove valuable for Georgia farms and orchards.” William Bartram noted further in his book, Travels, that he his father, John Bartram, were sent to explore the Southern colonies that included East Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Alabama to take an inventory of plants growing there after the Spanish were expelled by the English. Bartram reported that just outside of Mobile, Alabama, it “grows here five or six feet high, rambling like Brier vines over the fences and shrubs.”

Much of the first modern blackberry variety development was done in America, beginning with Judge Logan of California in 1880, and the release and introduction of the Loganberry.

The Boysenberry was developed from a natural selection saved from the abandoned farm of Mr. Rudolf Boysen by USDA member George Darrow, along with Walter Knott, a California fruit and berry enthusiast, whose wife began making berry preserves, and that farm later became the famous Knotts Berry Farm, located near the Walt Disney amusement park in California.

The Youngberry was developed in 1905 in Morgan City, Louisiana; it is a cross between Luther Burbank’s, Phenomenal Berry, and the Austin-Mayes Dewberry, a trailing blackberry. This berry had excellent qualities, such as taste and high yields, and it soon replaced the Loganberry of California after its release.

Blackberry plants, Rubus spp., can not be truthfully separated accurately by taxonomists into species, because the original species that existed centuries ago have intercrossed themselves in the natural state so completely, and the natural selections have reached a critical composition and complexity, that cannot be adequately recreated through backcrosses. Blackberry vines and bushes grow in the native state on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. The adaptatation factor to growing blackberries is broad and the cold hardiness of the blackberry bushes and vines extends into extremely cold territories. The bush form blackberry is more cold hardy than the trailing blackberry vines, and the range of growth extends into the northwestern portions of the United States. The trailing blackberry vines are considered by most taxonomists to be: Rubus macropetalus, Rubus loganobaccus, and Rubus ursinus. Erect blackberry bushes that are recognized as native genera are: Rubus frondosus, Rubus argutus, and Rubus allegheniensis.

Thorns are present in native blackberry plants and the thorns prevent grazing wildlife, animals and birds from eating the vines before the berry bushes flower and later when blackberries are produced. When the blackberries grow and ripen, they are not only consumed by wildlife animals and birds, but they have been enjoyed by humans for centuries. Luther Burbank wrote in his book, Fruit Improvement, in 1921 that many hybrids had been developed by his efforts and others to grow thornless blackberry bushes and vines. These thornless creations were at first inferior in taste and quality to the thorny species; however, modern hybridizers of thornless blackberry plants have created the cultivars:

The most important new hybrid, the Triple Crown, was released by the USDA. These new thornless blackberry bushes are released for growing in the Middle Atlantic and Pacific Northwest. The Triple Crown is thornless and ripens early to midseason. The fruit is firm and black with a balanced sub-acid sweet taste and is aromatically pleasing. This berry release is expected to be the sensational highlight for gardeners everywhere expecting high quality and growing adaptation. Other, older thornless blackberry releases are: Apache, Hull, Thornfree, Black Satin, Arapaho, Navaho, Chester, and Boysenberry. All these blackberries have overcome the sticky problems of the original thornless blackberry hybrids. Commercial thorny blackberry production has been stimulated by an introduction of these blackberry released cultivars: Austin-Mayes dewberry, Chicasaw blackberry, Shawnee blackberry, Kiowa blackberry, Choctaw blackberry, Cherokee blackberry, Cheyenne blackberry, Lawton blackberry, and the Ouchita blackberry that makes you say ‘ouch’ when you pick them. Most of the above released blackberry cultivars are hybrids of a Brazos blackberry and Darrow cross.

Blackberries please the taste of humans as well as that of animals and are believed by many wildlife conservationists to be the most important naturalized growing plant that provides food for wildlife.

Wildlife animals and birds eat blackberries as food or receive a thorny protective cover from blackberry bushes or vines that wind along fences, animals such as quail, doves, turkey, raccoons, opossums, and believe it or not, bears. Perhaps children enjoy eating a fistful of blackberries from wild plants growing at the edge of the woods in summer, and then return home with the tell-tale purple stains on their teeth, lips, and clothing. Wild blackberries are delicious when they grow in profusion at the wood’s edge into bushy plants or as trailing vines called dewberries. The delicate balance of a sweet and sour taste can stimulate the senses from the new hybrid cultivars towards heights unequaled by other berries or fruits.

Much of the early American blackberry hybridization was done by Luther Burbank, who introduced his Phenomenal Berry and even a white blackberry, but it was too soft to successfully ship commercially.

Although most botanists classify blackberry plants into 3 types, Erect, trailing vines, and semi-erect plants, the in-between semi-erect plants, theoretically, could be actually an erect plant loaded with ripe berries. That semi-erect classification offers little clarification of taxonomic principles.

Blackberries fresh from the vines are useful in many foods; they are delicious in frozen packs, canned, as blackberry wine, ice cream, fresh blackberry juice, blackberry pies, blackberry jelly, blackberry jam, and best of all when eaten as a fresh fruit. Many health benefits come from eating blackberries that are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins along with being a good source of the minerals potassium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

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Where to Buy Lowest Price LCD TV

Searching for the lowest price LCD TV doesn’t have to be a timely endeavor or even a cumbersome task. More and more companies are making quality LCD TVs. The more LCD TVs flood the market with their high-tech presence, the lower prices drop due to the vast completion for the TVs: thus, the lowest price LCD TV is becoming something that is easier to find as long as you know where to look for.

Local consumer electronics retail stores offer the consumer the chance to buy the lowest price LCD TV, if the consumer knows how and when to shop. Just after major holidays, prices drop considerably as stores and retailers look to up the incoming business. Consumers can save quite a bit on an LCD TV purchase sometimes.

Buying from a LCD TV wholesaler is another superlative option when seeking the lowest price LCD TV. Wholesalers tend to offer lower prices on their LCD TV offerings than local retail stores. Top brands are typically available and a consumer can save a bundle when buying from wholesalers.

However, the best places to buy the lowest price LCD TVs is via online auction stores. When looking for huge savings, or you simply wants to comparatively shop without traveling from store to stores, there really is no better way to find the lowest price LCD TV than by taking advantage of Internet access. Online auction stores have become a flourishing and very active market, and here is the place where you can really get the best values buying LCD TVs.

I recommend you checking out LCD TV Deals. It is a specialized LCD TVs auction site, offering a great selection of brand new and refurbished LCD TVs at the best prices. When looking for huge savings, or if you simply wants to comparatively shop without traveling from store to stores, there really is no better way to shopping for cheap LCD TV than Be sure to try this website.

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Ford F150 MI Truck Wins Pickup Truck Shootout Carrying One Expensive Price Tag

Ford F150 MI owners may remember the sting from losing MI Auto Time’s Best Truck competition to the GMC Sierra 1500, so they may be eager to celebrate victory after learning the Ford F150 MI truck won a Pickup Truck Shootout held by USA Today and

However, there’s one significant setback to the celebration: value.

Ford F150 MI trucks such as the 2011 Ford F150 used in this competition will cost owners $28,565, which was almost $6,000 more than the Dodge Ram. The extra cost was due to the options included in the Ford F150 MI model tested. According to USA Today, the Ford F150 “had more options because it came from a group of trucks Ford was using to show off the new V-6s to dealers and media.”

The Ford F150 used in the contest was the STX trim package, a step up from the GMC Sierra’s WT and Dodge Ram’s ST. When it’s supposed to be a competition between base model working trucks, shouldn’t base model working trucks be used? Though it’s doubtful power windows and power mirrors had an effect on fuel economy, if a contest is supposed to compare apples to apples, don’t throw in a pear.

The Toyota Tundra was also supposed to be included but it was involved in a crash as it was being transported to the shootout, and a new truck could not be delivered in time.

Also, the Dodge Ram used in the shootout was not provided by Chrysler and instead had to be acquired from a Chrysler dealer. did say that the Dodge Ram met the competition requirements.

Performance tests conducted included:

  • Fuel Economy and Long-Distance Ride Quality
  • Quarter-Mile Test
  • 7 Percent Hill Climb
  • 60 MPH to Zero Brake Test
  • Ride and Handling Test

The Ford F150 won in many of the tests thanks to its new 3.7-liter V-6 matched to a six speed transmission, but it wasn’t a complete thrashing by the Ford F150 for the entire competition.

During the autocross competition noted the GMC Sierra “felt the best going through the course,” a feeling shared by onlookers who were watching the event. also wrote that the GMC Sierra’s “Body roll, steering, brakes and traction control all worked well together to give us the most confidence that this is the truck we’d like to have if we had to make emergency maneuvers.”

It should also be noted that one of the testing locations was none other than Ford’s Michigan Proving Grounds in Romeo. MI Auto Times is not calling the results biased, but questions should be raised when the Ford vehicle used is at a higher trim level, one that’s being paraded by Ford for the media, and one of the testing days is conducted at Ford’s home field.

Regardless, it would’ve been interesting to see the results had these vehicles been at the exact same trim levels as MI Auto Times had done in its Best Truck Competition.

[Source(s): USA Today,]

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BlackBerry Messenger App for BlackBerry Torch

The Blackberry Torch is a mobile handset that has caused many people to stand up and take notice recently. From its high-end graphical capacity to the 5 MP camera this device is set and ready for both social interaction and business related usage. Among the more useful items and features in regards to this mobile device is the Blackberry Messenger App.

The Messenger App for Blackberry is designed as a multi-use function in regards to communication between individuals. This app allows for the addition of saved names and numbers similar to a normal internet messenger. It allows for multiple device chatting and the ability to send pictures and videos to several individuals at once in real-time. The fact that it is designed to work well in any area where even a modicum of cell phone signal is available is a welcome item as well. Many messengers do not work unless the signal is strong and clear.

With the Blackberry Messenger App an individual can keep in touch with friends or hold important long distance messenger discussions for work purposes while being able to share data files at the same time. An individual can send in an expense report or show a few dozen friends the picture of the alien space craft they saw in the desert the night before. In the end, this app simply provides a much higher overall utility than most other messengers and the best part is that it is intricately integrated within the handset itself. This not only means will it work, but it will work properly due to a complete compatibility with the Blackberry torch technology.

Many people enjoy text messaging but the ability to use a dedicated messenger system on their handset that supersedes the need to download MSN or Yahoo’s messengers is one that draws people to this business and social phone. The Blackberry Messenger App is the perfect addition to the phone.

The only issue some individuals will have is how to acquire a Blackberry Torch free or for a low cost. Smartphones are notoriously expensive. As such it is important for many people to discover every possible way to acquire one for the lowest amount of money possible. Thankfully, there are methods of acquiring them wherein the price is free.

The various methods of acquiring a free Blackberry torch are numerous. An individual can develop or work for an existing high-traffic technology blog site, for instance. RIM and many other companies will often hold a few of their handsets in reserve simply to send out to these types of companies. This allows for the people running those blogs to try the handset in question and this might even slightly influence their enjoyment of the device. People tend to respond better to free items and grant more leeway when they don’t have to pay money for it.

When an individual acquires their Blackberry Torch, whether it is a free Blackberry Torch or not, they will find themselves utilizing one of the most advanced cell phones on the planet. The Blackberry Messenger App simply makes it all the sweeter.

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Average roofing services cost in Massachusetts

When it comes to roofing costs, one of the most important deciding factors is the roof size. This is more so if you are based in Massachusetts. Following this, the next most important factor is what kind of material you choose for your roofing. The price is always based on a per-unit basis and here is where the size of your roof will come into play in assessing how much your roofing project is going to set you back by.

Almost every roofing service company you approach will be able to give you an estimate based on the size of your roof as well as the material they plan to use. These estimates given to you by Massachusetts roofing service agencies are just an average costs document and are not meant to be considered as the final price. The final bill you are presented with will be based on actual measurement as well as several minor details that arise on the way during the job.

Most companies use roofing calculators that help take into account the dimensions of the roof. This will include an assessment of insulation thickness as well as the labor costs that will go into the installation project. You will of course use experts and this is an important part of the roofing project. Average roofing cost in Massachusetts also involves a price for dismantling and arranging your existing roof. The price also include taking off, repairing and re-installing chimneys as well as skylights that are present on your roof.

There are a few instances where your estimate will also include the cost of a parapet wall. This is sometimes required depending on the type of roof that needs installation. There are a few algorithms available that will allow for the inclusion of the roofing experts prices as well as any fluctuations in the cost of materials. Such calculators allow you to arrive at a much more accurate result.

You have to understand that each roofing job involves a certain amount of fixed as well as variable costs. Besides this you will also have to consider pricing for premium installation quality and premium warranties that are part of the change in pricing. Your Massachusetts contractor will also add his pricing accordingly.  You have to understand that low prices are definitely not an assurance of good work being done.

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Blackberry 8520 – A Million In One

The Blackberry 8520 being the near perfect mobile phone that it is also has minor flaws as any product has. Nevertheless, the people behind Blackberry 8520 have been working overtime to improve this product to be able to cater to more costumers in the future.

Minor Flaws:

One flaw that the Blackberry 8520 has is the absence of a radio feature. You will have to bear with not being able to listen to the radio if you end up owning this mobile device.Another flaw is the lack of embedded games in the Blackberry 8520. You have to download most of the available games on the net to be able to enjoy them. The third downside is the lack of design options with the phone. This deficit in variety may greatly affect the promotion of the phone.

However, the Blackberry 8520 has many features to be proud of as well. Some of these additional features are as follows:

Additional Capabilities:

The said device has a built in organizer to help you with scheduling and planning. This will definitely handy to those executives who need to plan most of their day-to-day activities.The Blackberry 8520 also has recorded maps that can be used parallel to the GPS system of the mobile phone. It gives you a smoother and safer travelling experience.Aside from this, the Blackberry 8520 also has a multitude of wallpapers that will definitely add to the aesthetic value of the device. You would not want to have a plain old phone now would you?

The phone also has a card slot that serves to expand the internal memory of the mobile device. You can buy a memory card to install and optimize the capabilities of the Blackberry.With all these features, you are sure to enjoy using the said mobile device. It does not only look good but is functional as well. Now, what else can you look for in a mobile phone?

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The Difference Between Cash and Futures Prices

Futures are contracts to buy or sell specific quantities of a commodity or financial instrument at a specified price with delivery set at a specified time in the future.

Futures are normally traded in contracts and are a legally binding agreement between a buyer and a seller. The seller must deliver the specific agreed upon asset at a future date but for the price agreed today.

Futures markets allow companies and individuals to protect themselves against fluctuations in the price of an asset that they are interested in. This allows them to sell an asset in advance giving them the ability to make plans for the future in the knowledge that they have a fixed price.

Futures have been with us for a long time. The first use of futures can be traced back to 1650’s during the Tokugawa era in Japan. Feudal lords used to collect rents from their tenants in the form of rice.

Not only would they trade the rice that they had collected but also, they would often trade their future rice delivery. This was the start of what became the Dojima Rice Market. Even today rice futures can be traded but the range of the market has expanded to include many other things.

Because of the costs involved with the physical ownership of an asset such as storage and transportation the price between the cash market and the futures market differ. The difference in price is normally called the cost of ownership.

Ownership implies the cash market where you have additional costs, which leads to a difference between the cash price and the futures price where you don’t have these costs.

As the delivery date nears, the difference between the cash price and the futures price will narrow and on actual delivery date the two prices will be very similar.

Like many other markets you also do not need to necessarily own the asset before you sell it. You can sell a futures contract just as easily as you can buy it.

Because futures have been around for such a long time nearly all markets around the world that trade in futures are highly regulated. The fundamental principle of a future is fairly simple.

You buy or sell something at today’s price for delivery in a future date. This can prove to be extremely valuable to farmers and organizations to protect themselves against future fluctuations in price.

Here are few examples of futures exchanges market:

1) Chicago Board Of Trade (CBOT Established 1848 and founded by 82 Chicago Merchants)

2) Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Established 1919. Originally The Chicago Butter and Egg Board which was founded in 1898 which then developed into the CME)

3) London International Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE Established 1982 and is now one of the world largest exchanges)

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No Workers Comp? Go to Jail! Go Directly to Jail!

Part 1 of a series: The 6 things employers MUST know about workers comp insurance

Having just returned from the annual Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Practice and Procedure symposium, it’s evident that the only constant in the workers comp arena remains what a huge headache it is for employers. Sure, the price for workers’ compensation insurance has been declining recently, but proper compliance remains a challenge. These are not minor issues folks. Screw up here and you may find yourself out of business, in jail, or both!

Because I have with both the insurance industry and the legal profession, I am occasionally conflicted about what the right answer ultimately is in any particular employer / employee situation. However, if you employ people, you absolutely MUST carry workers compensation insurance. No exceptions, unless of course your employees are all Amish.

The requirement

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act mandates that employers pay for the medical bills of workers who suffer a job related injury or illness. If the employee is unable to work due to the injury, wage loss benefits are also required until the employee is able to return to the job. If the worker is killed or later dies, death benefits are paid to the worker’s dependent survivors. The employer has the choice of buying coverage to pay for these benefits from a private insurance company, from the State Workers Insurance Fund (SWIF), or self-insuring.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry website outlines who is subject to the requirements of the Act:

The requirement to insure workers’ compensation liability is mandatory for any employer who:

a. Employs at least one employee who could be injured or develop a work-related disease in this state, or

b. Could be injured outside the state if the employment is principally localized in Pennsylvania, or

c. Could be injured outside the state, while under a contract of hire made in Pennsylvania, if the employment is not principally localized in any state, if the employment is principally localized in a state whose workers’ compensation laws do not apply or the employment is made outside the United States and Canada.

Some employers foolishly don’t think this applies to them if they use seasonal or part-time workers. Not true. It also doesn’t matter if the business or organization is a non-profit, partnership, corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, etc…

What if I “blow off” the requirement?

The short answer is that you can incur both civil and criminal liability. Section 305 of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act states that an employer’s failure to insure its workers’ compensation liability is a criminal offense. Every day an employer fails to insure is a separate offense. Depending on the circumstances, the crime will either be classified as a third-degree misdemeanor or a third-degree felony. So what does all that mean? In Pennsylvania, a third-degree misdemeanor conviction can get you a $2,500 fine and up to one year in jail for every day you are non-compliant with the Act. A felony conviction can result in a $15,000 fine and up to seven years imprisonment for each day of non-compliance. Not enough to convince you yet? Not only does an uninsured employer face criminal charges, the employer is subject to civil liability as well. An injured employee can now sue the employer for work-related injuries or diseases. Such suits are normally barred if the employer maintains workers’ compensation insurance. Furthermore, it is very likely the employee will win an amount that is much higher than they would have been awarded under workers’ compensation. The court will also require the employer pay court costs and the cost of prosecuting the case. OUCH! A recent example of what can happen.

On January 22, 2008, a local roofing company and its owner, each pled guilty to nine misdemeanor counts of the third degree in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas for failing to insure its workers’ compensation liability. The owner was given seven years of probation and also had to pay restitution in the amount of $93,108.06 to an injured employee and payment of the cost of prosecution. The company was also sentenced to pay restitution and prosecution costs. The company is out of business.

They’ll never catch me?

Maybe. Maybe not. But did you know that if one your competitors’ thinks you are operating without workers’ compensation insurance they can have you investigated? Not a bad deal. Pick up the phone, call Labor and Industry, and eliminate the competition. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want my future in the hands of an adversary. Quite frankly, with workers’ compensation insurance being readily available at historically reasonable prices, there is simply no reason to risk criminal and civil penalties for non-compliance.

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