Is Vero, a ‘truly social’ network, worth paying for?

Vero wants to be the social media network of the future. Here, your content takes center stage, your feed is uncluttered by pesky ads, and your information is kept as private as you want. Vero aims to be ‘Truly Social’ by giving us back control over our data and the social experience. This is supposed to be the ideal of social media experiences by allowing us to share the things that connect us most deeply to friends and followers. Vero’s CEO Ayman Hariri has set out on a noble journey to give us a more authentic online social experience, but is it worth paying a subscription? How does …

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S8: is it worth upgrading?

Saying that the new Galaxy S9 looks like last year’s model, the Galaxy S8, would be an understatement. The two are so similar, it’s hard to tell them apart and if Samsung had positioned the fingerprint scanner in its proper place last year, it would be nearly impossible to tell one apart from the other.

Under the hood, though, Samsung says it has made some improvements: first and foremost with the camera that the company says it has “reimagined”, but also there is a boost in performance and a few other gimmicky features like the new AR emoji and the 960fps super slooow motion …

7 phones classified as collector's items that are worth serious money

Buying a phone is an investment that most people would spend a lot of time thinking and contemplating about, mainly because more often than not, there’s a substantial amount of money that needs to be handed over. Yes, most of us might be reluctant about finalizing that decision to buy, but that’s simply the reality of things if we’re to experience the latest and greatest when it comes to cell phone technology. But while the initial investment is needed to buy a phone, you’d be surprised to realize that there’s potentially more income involved in the long run – if you happen to keep your …

Lenovo, Xiaomi, other smartphone makers to buy $2 billion worth of Qualcomm components

After being hit with a $1.2 billion fine for paying Apple to keep its LTE modems exclusive, Qualcomm announces a $2 billion deal with Chinese smartphone makers.

Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have signed a deal with Qualcomm to buy $2 billion worth of components over the next three years. According to the US company, this is a non-binding agreement, which means either party can break off negotiations at any time.

The official statement doesn’t mention Qualcomm’s mobile processors, but RFFE components that are designed to enable OEMs to build more complex mobile devices at larger scales. …

Bigger than you think: Netflix worth over $100 billion

Netflix, the popular video-on-demand online streaming service, has reached another milestone – its market cap is now valued at over $100 billion. Large part in this achievement plays the incredibly successful last quarter of 2017, which saw a gain of over 8,3 million subscribers – 2 million more than the company’s initial predictions.

Why was the last quarter of the year so successful though? What made the subscriber count reach the whopping 117 million across the globe? How did this company reach the $100 billion cap, despite being worth just half of that by the end of 2016? …

Apple executives are awarded stock bonuses that could be worth tens of millions of dollars

Certain Apple executives, including marketing chief Phil Schiller and retail head Angela Ahrendts, combined to receive Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) that won’t vest until fiscal year 2022. Other executives included in the awards are Eddy Cue, who is in charge of internet software, software engineering head (and star of the Apple iPhone X unveiling) Craig Federighi, CFO Luca Maestri, Hardware Engineering chief Dan Riccio, Hardware Technologies leader Johny Srouji, and COO Jeffrey Williams.

Overall, 128,584 RSUs were handed out by Apple’s Board of Directors. On October 1st, 64,885 RSUs were …

The iPhone 7 is worth more for Google than for Apple when it comes to trade-ins

Like other relevant phone vendors, Google allows customers
to trade in old devices for its latest and greatest handsets – in this case,
we’re talking about the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. While checking out Google’s current
trade-in offers, we’ve discovered an interesting thing – the company is
offering more for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus than Apple will give you for the
two handsets via its own trade-in program. 


When you trade in an iPhone 7 for a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL
(via Google Store), you can get up to $360 in credit, while an iPhone 7 Plus is
worth up to $388. At Apple, …

Apple sold $4.9 billion worth of the Apple Watch last year?

It is still hard to believe, but data computed by market researcher Asymco confirms Tim Cook’s recent comment about Apple being the top watch manufacturer in the world. From a perspective of revenue, Rolex grossed $4.7 billion in 2016. With 1 million watches sold that year, the average Rolex cost $4,700. Asymco estimates that over the last 12 months, 15 million Apple Watch units have been sold with total revenue at $4.9 billion. The average price of a purchased Apple timepiece? $330.

Since the launch of Apple’s smartwatch on April 24th, 2015, the research firm figures that Apple has sold …

Is the iPhone X worth buying?

The iPhone X is the long-awaited “all-screen” iPhone. It has been imagined numerous times over the years by various concept artists. And when rumors and leaks confirmed it to be a thing in 2017, the tech world braced for the coveted announcement. That announcement has now come and past and every iPhone user out there is probably wondering “Should I upgrade to the iPhone X or stick to one of the cheaper models?”. Well, here’s what the iPhone X has over any other handset in Apple’s lineup:

Hands down, it’s the most futuristic-looking iPhone ever. …

Deal: Get a free wristband worth $24.95 when you buy the Nokia Steel smartwatch

Since Nokia purchased
Withings, some of the latter’s products have started to sell even
better than before, probably due to the portfolio rebranding. The
Nokia Steel is no exception, as the Finnish company confirmed back in
May the smartwatch has excellent sales since it announced the
acquisition of Withings.

To make the wearable
device even more appealing, Nokia is now running an interesting
promotion on the Steel analog smartwatch. The deal seems to be
limited to the United States, but you can order the smartwatch from
anywhere in the world.

So, if you buy the Nokia
Steel via Nokia’s …