Someone's selfie caused $200,000 worth of damage

The debate whether our selfie obsession has gone too far has been raging for years. In most cases, selfies don’t do any actual harm, but are just a little off putting and maybe slightly annoying to people around us. However, there are plenty of examples of selfies that were directly connected to the physical or monetary damage of someone taking the picture or people around them.

The latest example comes from Los Angeles, California, and more specifically – from the 14th Factory exhibition space. It shows exactly what happens when we’re not mindful of where exactly …

For a moment, Tesla was worth more than BMW


For a little while, Tesla was worth more than even the fanciest automakers. 

The clean energy carmaker gained enough value in the stock market Friday to propel it past BMW — traditionally one of the highest-value auto companies. 

Tesla shares rose in value after Elon Musk voiced his confidence that Tesla could soon produce its long-awaited more affordable Model 3 at scale, for actual purchase by any customers. 

Tesla stock rose 1.9 percent to help Tesla outpace BMW’s $61.3 billion market value. By the end of the day, though, Tesla ended up $2.6 billion below BMW. 

Tesla’s gain over BMW was only in its value on Wall Street. In the real world, Tesla is still producing only 80,000 cars to BMW’s 2.4 million.  Read more…

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T-Mobile Tuesdays' 1-year anniversary will come with free stuff worth tens of millions of bucks

Since last summer, T-Mobile has been offering free gifts to its customers each and every Tuesday – as part of the Un-carrier’s ongoing T-Mobile Tuesdays campaign. On June 6, T-Mobile will celebrate the campaign’s 1 year anniversary by giving away more free stuff than ever – “tens of millions of dollars in free stuff,” to be precise.

On June 6, folks who have the official T-Mobile Tuesday app installed on their phone will be able to receive gifts like $0.25 off Shell fuel, two free movie or game rentals from Redbox, and T-Mobile trucker hats. Moreover, on one of the four Tuesdays throughout …

PSA: LG G6 comes with $200 worth of game items

The LG G6 has been available for months, but current or future owners may not know that they are (and will be) entitled to receive game items worth up to a total of $200 – thanks to a promotion called LG G6 Game Collection.

If you have an LG G6, the promotion will let you get items like coins or bundles for some hugely popular games, including Temple Run 2, Spider-Man Unlimited, Sim City BuildIt, Crossy Road, and Cookie Jam.

To receive your gifts, you have to visit on your G6 smartphone, and download or open the LG Smart World app from the website. In …

Deal: Buy the LG G5 for just $299.99 and get a free LG 360 VR headset worth $129.99

LG tried to launch a whole new set of modular features with 2016’s LG G5 flagship phone. However, consumers didn’t take too kindly to it and this year’s LG G6 had removed all of the modular capabilities from the year before. Part of the reason for LG’s decision to give up on modular with this year’s flagship had to do with the Moto Z line released last year by Motorola/Lenovo. The Moto Z series made adding modular accessories a snap thanks to the 16 magnetic pins on the back of the handsets.

Eliminate the modular features, and you still have a serviceable high-end handset with the LG …

New York City's Wi-Fi kiosks have provided users with $15 million worth of free internet service

The 934 Link kiosks that dot the New York City landscape have provided a ton of free data to New Yorkers. The kiosks started operations early last year, and since that time period over one petabyte of data has been employed by mobile device owners in the Big Apple. Based on current rates, that is equivalent to more than $15 million of broadband internet connectivity that has been received for free in New York City.

To give you a better idea of how much data that is, one petabyte is equivalent to one million gigabytes. The amount of data that New Yorkers have used, thanks to the kiosks, is …

Deal: Buy a Surface Pro 4 and receive a free Surface Dock (worth $199)

If you’re in the market for a great 2-in-1 tablet, you might be interested in Microsoft’s latest offer. The Surface Pro 4 series are pretty much the top devices in the tablet-notebook category, and although this excellence is accompanied by a hefty price tag, Redmond is prepared to entice potential buyers with a nice new deal.

Currently, purchasing any variant of the Surface Pro 4 will get you a free Surface Dock which usually retails for $199. The accessory is really useful, as it essentially allows the 2-in-1 to work as a desktop PC by connecting it …

Tim Cook sells $3.6 million worth of Apple stock

As part of a pre-arranged financial planning maneuver, Apple CEO Tim Cook sold 30,000 shares of Apple this week netting the executive more than $3.6 million. SEC filings show that Cook made the sales on January 17th through the 19 with 10,000 shares sold each day. The average price of the transactions came to $120 a share. Last year, Cook received 1.26 million Restrictive Stock Units (RSU) consisting of 980,000 shares based on his longevity at Apple and 280,000 shares based on the company’s performance.

After the recent transactions, Cook still owns 1,009,809 shares of Apple, valued at more …

The HTC Sensation Might Not Be Worth The Money

Not everything new is definitely worth your hard earned money. Sometimes, you might just be best your old cell phone instead of purchasing a replacement. This really is being stated despite the consideration to the fact that technology continues to be enhancing faster than ever before. This time around, and among HTC’s latest release of mobile phones, we will decide if the HTC Sensation could or couldn’t be worth your hard earned money and just how.

Let’s first have a look about the specs from the HTC Sensation. It features a 4.3 inch, 540 X 960 resolution, qHD monitor and little else is about the face from the phone except for your screen. It may really be considered a positive thing since it saves up much space and weight for efficiency. It features a metal housing that appears more in a position to safeguard compared to plastic cases that other mobile phones have. You can use it for Wi-fi compatability tethering just in case you need to make use of your phone as the modem. It uses Bluetooth 3. that allow you to use wireless earphones. It features a 768 Megabytes RAM having a potential storage capacity as high as 32 GB. It may record videos in stereo system seem as well as in 1080px. It may open almost a myriad of video and seem file formats. With all of these in the roster of HTC Sensation’s and much more, there’s without doubt the HTC Sensation really is among the best when it involves the specs. This causes it to be worth serious cash, if and only when, it’s cost is near to those of its predecessor, the Htc Desire Mobile Phone HD, that is around $ 600 to $ 650 as well as $ 675.

The reason being the majority of the features that Sensation is boasting are simply slight upgrades from the Htc Desire Mobile Phone HD’s features. The RAM hasn’t really transformed whatsoever it’s exactly the same 768 Megabytes capacity it had before. Yet, its CPU processing speed has considerably enhanced from 1 GHz to at least one.2 GHz and today, it utilizes a dual core processor. The resolution from the screen just enhanced from 400 X 800 to 540 X 960, but this isn’t the very best resolution in the market. You will find some mobile phones which have a 640 X 960 pixel screen.

The purpose here’s that, if you have an Htc Desire Mobile Phone HD before the release from the HTC Sensation, you need to much more likely stay with it when the cost from the new models appears an excessive amount of because of its upgraded version. Although by now, there’s no fixed cost introduced yet with this model. It might be also advantageous if you’re able to find any dealer that accepts trade-by the older models. If you’re within this situation, you should look at waiting a little longer until further upgrades happen to be made that will appear become more worth your hard earned money. Otherwise, the HTC Sensation could be worth your hard earned money.

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If you like the sound of the phone then have a look at some of the HTC Sensation deals or you could pickup a 3D phone with an LG Optimus 3D contract.

Is The Blackberry Torch Worth Buying?

A quick look at the recently released Blackberry Torch set our hearts burning with desire. Especially for business executives, the design of the smartphone is sufficient to dazzle your eyes and trigger your curiosity.

The Blackberry Torch carries the distinctive trademark of Blackberry mobile phones through its dashing black color. However, a combination of the elegant curved edges and the white and dark orange colors results in a modern look that will easily capture the attention of the younger professionals and teenagers. The Torch is a similar size to the Blackberry Bold 9700. Although there is a thickness difference of 2.5mm, you’ll benefit from a full-sized touchscreen in addition to a slide out keyboard.

The Blackberry Torch features a full-sized 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. Although the resolution of 360 x 480 pixels is not as appealing as the other high-end smartphones, it works fine with the mainstream users who are non-movie fanatics. To be fair, the full-sized touchscreen and physical keyboard combination carries a huge advantage over majority of Blackberry smartphones. The full screen web browsing experience and “Pinch and zoom” capability will drive most Blackberry fans crazy.

Blackberry has made a great effort to retain the advantages of their cell phones in the Blackberry Torch. These advantages include the optical trackpad and the physical keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard in the Blackberry Torch is well hidden beneath the screen. A slight push of the display combined with assisted resistance snaps the keyboard open from the back of the Torch. As anticipated, the physical keyboard retains the high standards of Blackberry cell phones, hence making email and text messaging a breeze.

Since its release on the markets, much has been said about the Blackberry Torch’s multimedia capability. The Torch has a 5 megapixel camera along with 11 camera modes for image capturing. Video recording, LED flash and autofocus are some of the other features. Should you wish to enjoy music on your Torch, the strong battery life caters for up to 30 hours (5hr 40min talktime). It was pretty disappointing for the Blackberry Bold 9700 fans as the smartphone came with only 256MB of internal memory. This time around, Blackberry makes a huge increase on the internal memory for multimedia storage. With the Torch, you’ll get 4GB of internal memory that can be further expanded with microSD cards (32GB).

Although the qualities of the new Torch sends Blackberry fans screaming for joy, RIM is definitely unsatisfied. Why else would they introduce the Blackberry 6 OS to the smartphone? The new OS6 features comprehensive changes that will place immense pressure on Blackberry’s competitors. Some of the changes come from feedback that “the Blackberry doesn’t render websites accurately” and “the menus look outdated”. As a result, there is new web browser that features tabbed browsing and an intuitive graphical menu that comes along with modern icons. There is also a social feed application that constantly displays new tweets and Facebook status updates in a timeline.

Of all the new features in the Blackberry 6 OS, the universal search function is remarkably clever. This function increases productivity greatly by reducing time wasted on manual searching. All you have to do is to key in your text in the search box and the smartphone will automatically locate a related file, application, contact, message or email.

Due to new features and improvements in the Blackberry Torch, many fans have hailed it as the best Blackberry smartphone to date. The improved visual experience coupled with retention of the physical keyboard proves to be a huge winning strategy. Should you be on the lookout for a high-end smartphone, keep the Blackberry Torch on your watch list!

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