Huawei guns to beat Samsung for 'the world's first foldable phone' title in November

While Samsung is twiddling its thumbs, trying to perfect what might be the most challenging development in the smartphone world for the past few years – a foldable handset – Huawei is pressing ahead with a bendy screen sourced by archrival LG, and plans to unveil it in November. This way, the world’s third-largest cell phone maker may beat Samsung to the punch, and earn the “world’s first” title, as Samsung is said to have scheduled its own foldable device announcement for early next year.

Needless to say, an announcement doesn’t mean that the phone will be released soon …

Subway Surfers is world's first game to reach 1 billion downloads on the Play Store

Developers SYBO and Kiloo Games have just announced their endless runner Subway Surfers is world’s first game to reach 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store.

Subway Surfers made its debut on mobile devices almost six years ago, but the teams behind it never stopped supporting the game and adding new content to it on a monthly basis. According to developers, Subway Surfers was the most downloaded game of 2017.

Apparently, last year the game broke through its all-time annual download record with more than 400 million mostly organic downloads on both Android and iOS platforms. But …

Samsung dethrones Intel to become the world's largest chip maker by revenue

Samsung just announced record $50 billion profit for last year, and a record Q4 with $14.1 billion earned largely from selling marked-up components, rather than Galaxies. The parts in question include memory modules, displays and processors, but it’s the chip business that made it rain for Samsung in 2017. Buried in the annual report is the fact that the department made $69 billion of revenue for Samsung last year, while the former king Intel (also knows as Chipzilla), made do with $63 billion.
This is a huge shift in the silicon business, no matter how you slice …

The world's top Apple analyst releases new research notes on the 2018 iPhone models

KGI Securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made so many great calls on Apple, that he is considered by many to be the most accurate out of the thousands of analysts who follow the company. In Asia, where it already is Monday thanks to the time difference, Kuo has disseminated a new research note to his clients, containing his latest musings about the 2018 Apple iPhone handsets.

Kuo expects Apple to release three new handsets this year. The lower priced model will be the 6.1-inch Apple iPhone 9. According to Kuo, this model will:

Feature an LCD screen.Be manufactured by Pegatron …

We tried the world's first in-screen fingerprint reader and it worked fine

The first fingerprint reader built inside the display of a phone is here and we got to take a first look at the technology at CES 2018.
Unfortunately, it was not Samsung, LG, HTC or any other major Android phone maker that has introduced the new feature, but Chinese phone maker Vivo. The tiny chip is integrated under the AMOLED display of the Vivo phone and uses optical technology to read your fingerprint and… it works well! The technology behind it is actually made by Symantec and below you will find a detailed explanation of the tiny new chip that sits under the …

Xiaomi announces world's second Cortana-powered smart speaker, it costs just $30

Harman Kardon was the first company to launch a smart speaker powered by Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant – the Invoke. Unfortunately, the Invoke is slightly more expensive than other smart speakers that benefit from more exposure, but Cortana might push its sales in countries where the brand is powerful enough.

Invoke was just the first Cortana-powered smart speaker that made its debut on the market this year, but a second should have already been announced by HP. Although that didn’t happen, it looks like another company will be using Cortana to power one of its smart speakers …

Meet Zanco tiny t1, world's smallest mobile phone

While companies battle each other for the world’s biggest smartphone title, one company took a turn in the other direction. Zanco plans to launch world’s smallest mobile phone, the tiny t1.

Although it’s just a feature phone, Zanco tiny t1 offers all the basic features you would expect from such a device, including calls and SMS. It’s only working on 2G networks (GSM850/900, DCS1800, and PCS1900), but the very small 200 mAh battery lasts for more than 3 days on a single charge.

The tiny t1 sports a tiny 0.49-inch OLED display with 64 x 32 pixels resolution. …

Huawei leapfrogs Apple to become world's second largest smartphone vendor

For a very long time, Samsung and Apple have ruled the smartphone industry, not necessarily through innovation, but through the constant high number of smartphones sold each year. However, it looks like other brands are closing in to dethrone the two from their leadership positions.

A new report from Counterpoint Research shows that Huawei is now the second world’s largest smartphone vendor in the world, having surpassed Apple thanks to strong June/July sales.

This is a significant milestone for Huawei, the largest Chinese smartphone brand with a growing …

Samsung overtakes Intel to become the world's biggest chip maker

Samsung yesterday announced record profits for the second quarter of 2017, driven mainly by its OLED panel and memory chip businesses. But aside from the exorbitant operating profit it made, Samsung also broke another record by taking Intel’s place as the world’s leading chip maker.

Industry watchers attribute the achievement to Samsung’s devotion to developing next-gen DRAM and NAND flash memory chips for a wide variety of devices, Korea Herald reports. By producing silicon for everything from servers to IoT connected devices, Samsung’s semiconductor …

This is the world's thinnest phone charger and it's also ingenious

There is a ton of innovation in the smartphone space, but when it comes to the equipment that you rely on to charge up your phone every day… well, not so much. We have had quick charge and other hugely important technical innovations, but the look of the smartphone charger remains pretty unoriginal and stale throughout the years.
Here is a company that brings change: Kado, an accessory maker that has designed and made the world’s thinnest phone charger.
It measures at just 0.2 inches (5mm) of thickness, achieving …