Get a handle on your inner world with these 5 mood tracking apps for Android and iOS

Sometimes life can make one feel like riding a roller coaster of emotions. Moods, thoughts, and feelings shift up and down at random, unpredictable intervals – making it difficult to stay grounded in reality. For better or worse, there’s no such thing as manual controls for one’s inner world, but thankfully, there are many ways to cope with whatever’s bothering our brains.

Keeping a mood diary is often recommended by psychologists and therapists treating people who can’t get a grip on their mood for one reason or another. It’s also a source of interesting insight for the curious minds …

PhoneArena at Mobile World Congress: We landed in Barcelona

It was a long day yesterday, as the PhoneArena team set off to Spain. Despite the nearly 12 hours journey, though, we arrived safely in our apartment for the next few days. And while we get accustomed to Barcelona, and wait for MWC to kick off, we managed to take some stunning photos of the local architecture and atmosphere, which you can check out below.

Also, make sure to take a look at the MWC schedule. It contains all the major events and the most anticipated devices for this year’s MWC. For a more detailed prognosis, check out our article on what …

Futurama game World of Tomorrow coming soon to mobile devices

Fox Interactive and TinyCo have just announced they will soon be launching the next mobile game title in the Futurama saga: World of Tomorrow. The new project has the original show’s creators aboard, including Executive Producer Matt Groening, Executive Producer David X. Cohen, as well as most of the team behind the popular TV series.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow will be launched on both Android and iOS platforms, and will be available for download via Google Play, App Store, as well as Amazon Appstore.

Fans of the TV series can now pre-register on Google Play and be notified when …

Apple is the most admired company in the world for the tenth consecutive year

For the tenth consecutive year, Apple has been named the most admired company in the world. The honor that was bestowed on the tech titan is based on the opinions of 3,800 executives, directors, analysts and experts. Rounding out the top five are Amazon, Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway, and Disney. Other tech firms in the top ten include Facebook and Microsoft. Besides being the most admired company on the planet, Apple is also the most valuable company on this rock with a market capitalization (share price multiplied by outstanding shares) close to $700 billion.              …

Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios to open in Japan by 2020

00000488_01 Mario’s got a date with Universal Studios theme parks, and the first concrete one is 2020: That’s the year Nintendo and Universal are targeting for the debut of the first of three Super Nintendo Worlds. The Nintendo themed areas at Universal parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Japan will host attractions, restaurants and shops, and the first will open in Osaka ahead of the Olympic Games… Read More

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The Growing World Associated With Android

When Google looks into the future it looks extremely bright for their Android smartphone platform. If you don’t want to go that far you could at least say that the future looks much more bright then it did around 2 years back when the Android smartphone platform made its debut. Back then it was just one single smartphone and didn’t have much in terms of add-on application offerings.

Within the keynote presentation there were some very impressive stats brought forward.

* 100,000 brand new activations of an Android system every day

* 50,000 fresh products and services throughout the Android Market ever day

Google also unveiled it new version of Android and it appears that this version is far more of a technological leap of the mere version 2.2 number would suggest. One example of how these version numbers don’t indicate when a software may have made a genuine breakthrough.

Some of the interesting and breakthroughs offered within the version upgrade bundle that were out line within the presentation are:

* Much quicker performance

* Flash support – While it’s true that Adobe Flash can sometimes be stupid and seem somewhat evil but sometimes you just have to watch a video or use some type of an interactive widget

* Backup built in

Perhaps the only complaint that many will have is the wait as many of the cell phone service providers/manufactures are not getting the upgrade right away. For example, HTC has noted that only those cell phones shipped in the second half of 2010 will be getting Froyo. All of the others will be running the existing Adroid software.

One other thing would be the battery life should have been among the advertised Froyo features.

Some other evidence of the healthy state of the Android is on full display just down the hall and one floor down from the keynote auditorium. There is a glass case and it is filled with 54 different tablet computers and Android phones. It allowed for the attendees to view the current and a lot of the upcoming Android phones from places like:

* Sony

* Samsung

* LG


* Motorola

It is safe to say that if there is not now there will soon to be a cell phone or tablet PC that matches your size and shape needs – although much of the hardware is admittedly not as elegant as that of the iPhone.

Perhaps with the given line up, people will finally stop asking about the Verizon iPhone.

The Growing World Associated With Android

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HTC Touch HD Mobile Phone Review – Get the World in Your Pocket

HTC Touch HD is one of the best Windows mobile 6.1 smart phones available in the market today. The mobile phone has a large screen measuring 3.8 inches, with a resolution of 480 x 800 WVGA pixels. The device has 802.11 b/g WiFi capabilities, and the features include Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP for stereo Bluetooth streaming. The mobile phone features a a MicroSDHC card slot, which currently provides an optional extension of up to 8GB of added memory. The HTC Touch HD features connectivity to GPS satellites through means such as, a built-in GPS processor, or through the cell towers offering Assisted GPS (A-GPS) devices.

HTC Touch HD offers a super fast Qualcomm® MSM7201a™ processor, having 528 MHz and 512 MB flash memory, along with a 128 MB RAM. This shows power and efficient run time on applications and features that this powerful phone has. You will enjoy taking pictures and videos on the HTC Touch HD as it features a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, and a VGA video conferencing camera. The mobile phone offers super high resolution display, much higher than what Apple Corporation has claimed for their iPhone. In fact, many of the Windows mobile phones have 2 to 2.5 time’s higher resolution than what iPhones offer. HTC Touch HD not only has a much higher resolution compared to iPhones, it has a much larger screen panel which is ideal for the perfect viewing of websites and other documents.

There are several touch screen mobile phones in the market, but if you look through the specifications of some, including the HTC Touch HD, this mobile phone would be your obvious choice. It has all trimmings, and along with the feature that the phone offers, HTC Touch HD would be your natural choice. If you are keen to get a Windows based touch screen mobile phone, HTC Touch HD is the mobile phone that you want. The phone features a massive touch screen, sitting cool on a slim casing, which also provides a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 5-megapixel camera.

If you are looking for a phone for business use, the Windows based the HTC Touch HD provides you with features related to your business applications, responding to several tasks at the touch of a button. The only problem is that, you need to pull out the stylus every time if you should be looking for more accuracy. For more accuracy, the stylus has to be pulled out every now and then, which has not found to be quite desirable.

The HTC Touch HD has been designed for personal as well as for business use, and the phone provides the user with the style and features of all the relevant kinds of applications that one would need in using the phone in for both, business and consumer use. Carry your HTC Touch HD with you where-ever you go, and find your bearings with its in-built GPS. You can never get lost with the HTC Touch HD.

Touchscreen are definitely classy and sophisticated, makes you want to buy one immediately however it also comes with a high price. You can still cut some cost by getting free line rental cashback deals or even luckier if you get a free HTC Touch HD contract offers, your choice still.

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Skilled iPhone App Developers To Conquer The Cell World

The iPhone is the most renowned future generation mobile platform in the current market age. Apple has given developers with a distinctive platform for making various mobile apps by releasing an SDK for the iPhone. The best features of these iPhones are, they are much user-friendly and are really trendy in appearance. So, most business people use iPhones to make their business communications fast and easy. The demand for these iPhones gradually increased the numbers of iPhone app developers too. If you own an iPhone you must know about these wonderful professionals who can create wonders on your smart phones with their most advanced applications. Are you looking to hire iPhone app developers? If so, then search online for the company that consists team of highly skilled iOS developers. An iPhone application is done on top of objective C. An iPhone application is collectively called as IS Application Development. It is advisable to be very cautious and careful in hiring iphone application developing company.

Why to hire iPhone application developer India
iPhone application developer India will help you through to fulfil a dream of a great Ios Application. The leading iPhone development company will have committed team of programmers and app developer, who can build iPhone app according to the customer requirement. Expert team of iPhone App developers and mobile app developers are well experienced in Apple iPhone development. Skilled developer will create the best user interface designs. Hired company ensures timely delivery with the quality, which is a basic requirement for sustainable business. Good companies will give value added services for customer investment and time. Select iPhone application Development Company that is committed to making the client’s project a grand success.

What iPhone developers do?
iPhone application developer customizes iPhone to make it popular and user friendly. There are limitless options available in the iPhone. They will take enough time to understand using available options in iPhone. The reputed companies in this filed hold expert iPhone developers who possess the skill to create new codes and download programs to keep customer always updated and enthused. Upgrading and customizations of the iPhone makes phone, do extremely well from the rest of the phones. App developers will use innovative technologies and sophisticated techniques and ensure that customer get best iPhone development services in the industry. Wide variety of iPhone apps development services that make development process simple and efficient. Hired iPhone application developers will keep your iPhone latest with updating applications.

Many companies are there at the leading edge of iPhone app development from long time. They employ the well-experienced iPhone app developers in the field. They undertake iPhone app development for the requirements of different fields like business, social networking, entertainment, shopping, browsing, navigation and much more.

Krishna Patel is working with professional and well-known IT Company that is Apeiront Solutions that has got expertise in iPhone application development. Apeiront Solutions provides the best services for create your own iphone.

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Apple New Technology to Change the World Forever – iPhone and IBeacon Powered Future

As we know apple announced new technology iBeacon last year and built it into the apple iOS7 operating system and devices. Hands-on with the iPhone and iBeacon powered future of shopping. The new definition of shopping that sends notification to your iPhone when you are in the close proximity of the small wireless sensor in a store. iBeacon can invoke location based marketing messages and push out general notification because of its proximity based location awareness and context aware technology for the next generation of shopping experience.

According to Apple’s “made for iPhone” program, Apple has recently started iBeacon product certification. iBeacon specification is now available for the members of MFi program. MFi is a licensing program that allows developers and accessory maker to access hardware components. But the thing is that, developers and manufacturers will have to sign NDA to read the specification. Few companies are going to provide innovative solutions for retailers. The Apple iBeacon trying to achieve all shops would be powered by iBeacon Technology and mobile retails app platform as well as some new interesting product that could soon completely revolutionize the way, by which we do shopping by mobile device.

Shoppers and retailers are now also interested to make their own customized App that works with iBeacon. Now in market Third Shelf and some other mobile platforms are also available that does not need any technical aspect because Third Shelf type of services lets small and medium size businesses quickly build an app that interact with iBeacon and easily create and manage promotions and loyalty program.

iBeacon, the heart of Bluetooth low energy system, allows about 150 meters of range to send notification and personalized messages of item and offers during the shopping for instant purchasing and payment by barcode scanning. The reason behind using Bluetooth Technology instead of GPS Technology is to determine your accurate position when you are indoor. Using iBeacon, your advertisement is sent only to those customers who are present 150 m in proximity to the beacon. It opens doors to a modern more efficient micro-location targeting.

If you want to use iBeacon in apple grand central store, you still have to download and install app in your iPhone5. Through the app you can access whole central control dashboard. It includes Barcode based “Easy Pay System” for instant shopping and make payment whenever push message comes and you select to purchase and item.

SimPalm is a Leading Mobile App development Company in USA. Our Mobile App Developers have more than 5 years of experience on mobile and them extensive experience in JAVA. Their experience makes them different than other in VA area for iPhone App development VA services.

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