Samsung working on 11nm chipsets for its mid to high-end phones

It looks like Samsung is developing a new type of chipset for some of its future devices. On Monday, the Korean phone maker announced the addition of a 11nm (nanometer) FinFET process technology to its foundry process portfolio. 
In its press release, Samsung states that the new 11LPP (low power plus) process offers a performance increase of up to 15% compared to the chipsets built on the 14LPP technology. Such 14nm CPUs can be found on some members of Samsung’s 2017 A and J series. Also, chipsets built on the 11LPP technology …

Samsung started working on Android 8 Oreo updates for Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung is undoubtedly planning to update many of its
high-end and mid-range smartphones to Android 8.0 Oreo, but the company has yet
to share specific details on the matter. Fortunately, if you own a Galaxy S8 or
Galaxy S8+, it looks like you won’t have to wait too long to get an official
taste of Oreo.


According to SamMobile, Samsung has started working on
Android Oreo updates for both the S8 and S8+. Reportedly, the Oreo firmware version could
be G950FXXU1BQI1 on the Galaxy S8, and G955FXXU1BQI1
on the Galaxy S8+. For now, there is no word on when Samsung is hoping to start
rolling …

Google is already working on Android P, obviously

It’s been roughly ten days since Google officially released Android Oreo, but Android P is already being worked on. We guess it’s as newsworthy as stating the fact that the sun’s going to rise tomorrow morning, but it seems that Google is already working on the next version of its super-popular mobile OS – Android P.
Three new commits in AOSP corroborating to this fact have already popped up online in a brand new tag dubbed “master-p”. As you might imagine, the “p” here stands for the sweet confectionery nickname of the next version of Android. …

Patent application shows Facebook working on its own pair of AR smartglasses

A patent application filed by the Oculus division of Facebook reveals that the latter is working on AR powered smartglasses. The patent application is titled “waveguide display with two-dimensional scanner” and puts “computer generated elements” over a real world background. The display could be inside a frame used for eye-wear in a way that “presents media to a user’s eyes.” Sounds like the definition of AR-powered smartglasses to us.

The patented display uses waveguide technology, allowing a wave of light to be guided through the lens. The display will be able to show video and images …

Shatterless screen? Yesterday's news! Motorola is working on a display glass that heals itself!

Motorola’s Moto Z Force family of devices is famous for donning the ShatterShield display, or to put it simple — for being shatter-proof. It’s a panel that’s not made out of glass, but a plastic polymer. Sure, it scratches easily, but throw the phone on the pavement as much as you like, the screen will not break.

But Moto is working on improving the technology further. A recently discovered patent, which has been granted to Motorola, shows a new “smart glass” technology, which will have the phone repair its screen should it take any damage.

The invention …

Here's Johnny! With a hot phone beside him, BlackBerry CEO Chen is working his magic

In the midst of the first sustained comeback that BlackBerry has enjoyed since partnering up with manufacturers like TCL, company CEO John Chen jetted off to Indonesia to participate in the Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia meetings. Among the topics that Chen discussed during a television interview were possible acquisitions for BlackBerry, something that even the most died-in-the-wool Berry fan couldn’t have imagined being open for discussion so soon after the launch of the BlackBerry KEYone.

In Indonesia, BlackBerry’s manufacturing partner is BB Merah Putih and the latest handset to be …

Samsung confirms it's working on a new wearable device, not a full-fledged smartwatch

With Samsung Gear S3 already out for a few months now, many are already expecting news about the South Korean company’s next foray into the smartwatch business. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details about the Gear S4, or whatever its name, but we do have some info about a new wearable device that’s now in the works at Samsung.

We know this because Samsung has started to send emails to some of the members of its SmartLab Plus program urging them to share their ideas on a new wearable product that could be launched soon.

Although the new wearable device …

The new Surface Pro has a hibernation bug, Microsoft is working to fix it

Last month, Microsoft started selling a brand new Surface Pro, which succeeds the Surface Pro 4 from 2015, and brings a series of enhancements (though nothing groundbreaking).

Some of the customers who purchased a new Surface Pro have been noticing that the convertible tablet has a bug that’s making it randomly enter hibernation mode, or shut down (even when plugged in, or with plenty of battery life remaining).

Fortunately, Microsoft says it may have identified this issue, so it’s now working to solve it. A fix will be included in a future software update, …

July security update not installing on the Pixel, but Google is working on a fix

It appears that many Pixel users have issues installing the latest July security patch released by Google earlier today. The update fails to install on the smaller Pixel phone, but the rest of the Nexus and Pixel devices don’t seem to have a similar issue.

The update that weighs in at around 60MB is supposed to fix critical bugs and improve performance and stability of the operating system. Unfortunately, if you have a Pixel phone, there’s a high chance that you’ll be met with an error message saying that there’s an installation problem that prevents the update from installing on the handset.

Since …

Report: Samsung SDI is working on solid state batteries for possible use in future Galaxy handsets

A new report published yesterday revealed that Samsung is working on solid state batteries that will run and last longer than the standard Lithium-ion batteries used today. The development of the solid state cell is being done by Samsung SDI, the division of the company that manufacturers batteries. An executive of the firm says that the technology for a solid state battery for use in a smartphone will be ready in one to two years. At that point, the executive states, Samsung Electronics will have to decide whether to use the new battery inside its handsets.

Solid state batteries differ …