Tim Cook says Apple is working on products that won't ship for years

After naming Apple as the most innovative company, Fast Company sat down with CEO Tim Cook to talk about the future of the most valuable firm in the world. According to the executive, Apple needs to work with a long lead time. It must source the appropriate silicon chips three to four years in advance. As a result, Cook admits that Apple is working on some new products that won’t see the light of day until the 2020s.

Is Apple’s rumored AR glasses in that group? While some believe that the product dubbed Apple Glasses will launch as soon as next year, others have called for a 2020 release. …

Working Galaxy S9 leaks out in the flesh, looking rather S8-ish

#GalaxyS9 pic.twitter.com/TLb7V43skw— SamsungMobile.News (@Samsung_News_) February 21, 2018 
Well, well, well, this might be the first time we are seeing an actual Galaxy S9 in the flesh and in the works, albeit an engineering sample of some sort, judging from the stickers on the back and front. 

We are actually not seeing anything that wasn’t already revealed by the leaked official renders yesterday, and about the only features that can tell the design apart from the S8 are the horizontal fingerprint scanner below the camera lens, as well the slightly thinner …

Yahoo Mail not working for many on iOS, but a fix is in the works

Soon after Apple released iOS 11, many iPhone and iPad users have started to experience issues accessing their emails via Yahoo. These problems have become more serious lately and many iOS users can use Yahoo Mail any longer.

A few days ago, Yahoo issued an official statement acknowledging these issues and promising a fix very soon. Also, the company offered iOS users a workaround that will allow them to continue to use the Yahoo email service.

We are aware that some Yahoo Mail users are currently seeing issues when accessing their emails through a Mail app. We apologize to those …

Samsung starts working on Android Oreo for Galaxy S7, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy Tab S3

It’s hard to believe that such a big company like Samsung with a huge smartphone market share hasn’t yet updated a single of its handsets to the latest version of Android. The good news is Samsung finished working on the Android 8.0 Oreo beta for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which means the final version might go live in the next couple of weeks.

Now that Samsung has finished working on Android Oreo for its newest flagships, it’s time to focus on other smartphones that are eligible for the update. The folks over at SamMobile have it on good authority that the South Korean company is now preparing …

Apple working on four next-generation iPhone models, but only three will make it to market

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple is working on a handful of iPhone prototypes before taking a final decision, but since plans can change on the fly, it’s hard to tell which of these projects are going to be finalized and which will be abandoned.

However, Digitimes Research senior analyst Luke Lin believes he has the answer. According to him, Apple has four next-generation iPhone projects in the works, but only three of the products will eventually make their debut on the market.

The four iPhone models that Apple is now prototyping feature 5.7- to 5.8-inch LCD display, 6.0- to …

Samsung working to embed camera and fingerprint sensor into a smartphone's display

Although it comes as no surprise that a company like Vivo manage to score a world’s premiere with the launch of the first in-display fingerprint scanner, it’s a bit embarrassing for companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and the likes, which invest hundreds of millions in R&D, not to have a solution in this regard.

Obviously, all of these companies are working on their version if in-display fingerprint scanner, which will only be integrated into their products when it’s perfected. Apparently, Samsung is trying to do a little bit more and embed not just the fingerprint sensor in a smartphone’s …

Eliza Dushku says she was 'sexually molested' at age 12 while working on 'True Lies'


“When I was 12 years old, while filming True Lies, I was sexually molested by Joel Kramer, one of Hollywood’s leading stunt coordinators.”

So begins Eliza Dushku’s heart-wrenching #MeToo Facebook post, which she shared early on Saturday morning. The post goes on to relate, in great detail, the way Kramer allegedly first groomed her and then lured her to his Miami hotel near the set of the 1994 film.

It’s a graphic and frankly disturbing read, made all the moreso by our knowledge of just how young Dushku was at the time. But, like much of what’s come out of Hollywood (and plenty of other industries) in this moment of reckoning for sexual predators, it’s an important document. Read more…

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US bill plans to prevent government from working with firms that use Huawei and ZTE technology

It looks like Chinese smartphones makers will have a hard time selling their products in the United States. After the failed partnership between Huawei and major carrier AT&T, it appears that another Chinese giant, ZTE, will have problems signing agreements with certain firms in the US.

A Republican lawmaker announced earlier this week that it has introduced legislation aimed specifically at Huawei and ZTE. The bill that was made public this Friday is supposed to prevent the federal government from working with companies that use equipment made by Huawei and …

Cortana's music recognition feature not working any longer due to Groove Music closure

If you have a device that uses Cortana, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised to know that the music recognition functionality will not work anymore. Microsoft announced last year that it will shut down its Groove Music streaming service at the beginning of 2018.

Because of that, Cortana’s music recognition functionality has been retired, Microsoft recently confirmed. Even so, if you’re using Cortana on a smartphone, there are plenty of alternatives that some would say that make a better job.

It’s unclear whether or not this feature will make a comeback to Cortana …

Samsung reportedly working on a Chrome OS tablet with high-end CPU and camera

Samsung is reportedly hard at work on a new Surface-style, detachable tablet, codenamed “Nautilus”, which will be powered by Google’s Chrome OS. What’s more interesting, is that Samsung is apparently not aiming for the high-end, not holding back in the hardware department, even when it comes to the camera. That’s interesting, considering how Chromebooks have never had great cameras (not that anyone’s complaining).
According to Engadget, “Nautilus” will be powered by a 7th gen Intel Core CPU, much like the competition from Microsoft, and will also employ a Sony IMX258 …