Work related stress has met its match in these shiny Zen magnets


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Homemade slime and kinetic sand are satisfying to play with, but they don’t translate too well to the workplace. (Can you imagine trying to clean that colorful glue-based goop off your desk? Hard pass.)

Fortunately, a simple substitution exists with this Zen Magnets set. These clusters of hypnotizing silver orbs are super tiny yet mesmerizing. It’s pretty easy to get addicted to crushing them together, making them the ultimate stress-relief toy for the office.

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Trump tweets 'only one thing' will work in North Korea, and we are so fed up with living in fear


Late Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted a cryptic statement that seemed to threaten war with North Korea. 

Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid……

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2017

…hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2017

“Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid…… hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work!” Trump tweeted.  Read more…

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Essential Phone gets certified, will now work on Verizon's network

While the only U.S. carrier selling (and leasing) the Essential Phone is Sprint, the carrier branded model and the unlocked version available from Essential, Amazon or Best Buy are now both certified for use with Verizon’s network. A text disseminated by Essential on Friday night, and one sent by Andy Rubin, both confirm that the Verizon certification is now complete for the handset that features a 5.7-inch edge-to-edge LCD display.

If you have a Verizon SIM card, all you need to do is insert it into the phone. It might take a reboot (according to Andy Rubin) before your Essential Phone …

Video shows how the Apple iPhone X Face ID will work

Developers have been digging into the leaked Gold Master of iOS 11, looking for as many tidbits that they can find. One such developer, Guilherme Rambo, has found some information pertaining to the Face ID setup process for the Apple iPhone X. This is the tenth anniversary model that will feature an OLED panel. Apple was unable to embed fingerprint scanner Touch ID under the OLED screen. At the same time, it will be doing away with the home button. As a result, Apple had to resort to plan B. That apparently calls for the use of a front-facing camera that will use 3D scanning to recognize …

Update to Google Maps allows Oreo's Picture-in-Picture feature to work on the app

One of the most anticipated features on Android 8.0 is Picture-in-Picture. This allows you to watch videos in a “floating window” while you have an app open. In the case of Google Maps, an update to version 9.60 allows you to watch the map in a separate PiP window while in navigation mode. The previous update to Google Maps added support to Picture-in-Picture, but there were issues with the rendering and the whole thing just didn’t work out. With the latest update, the feature works perfectly. Of course, you have to be using a device that is powered by Android Oreo for this to work.

The …

187,000 32-bit Apple iPhone apps won't work with iOS 11

In a few weeks, iOS 11 will be released and when that happens, the latest build of Apple’s mobile operating system will not support 32-bit apps. And that is bad news for developers and users of approximately 187,000 32-bit apps in the App Store that will stop working with iOS 11. These apps will most likely remain in the App Store so that iOS users who can’t, or won’t, download the latest iOS update can still use them. Eventually though, Apple will probably remove them from the App Store.

According to App-centric analysis firm Sensor Towers, most of the 32-bit apps affected by this are games. …

iPhone 8 3D face recognition system will be faster than current tech, to work in ‘millionths of a second’

Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to ditch fingerprint identification in favor of 3D face recognition, and now we learn that the new feature will work in a millionths of a second speed, according to a report by the Korea Herald citing insider info.
The Samsung Galaxy series were among the first mainstream devices to feature iris recognition, but the speed and accuracy of the current technology leave a lot to be desired, and maybe that is why current phones ship with an eye scanner AND a fingerprint reader.
The iPhone 8, …

Google Home will now work with the free ad supported tier of Spotify

The Amazon Echo gets much of the attention when we talk about smart speakers, which is no surprise given its 70% market share. In second place with a market share that exceeds 20% is the Google Home. While the Echo is powered by Alexa, the surprise breakout star of 2017, Google Assistant is found on the Google Home. These market share figures are bound to change when Microsoft’s Invoke and Apple’s HomePod are launched later this year.

While previously Google Home could access playlists and stream music for subscribers to Spotify’s paid Premium service, those using Spotify’s free ad supported …

Nokia 8 cameras explained: how does the dual camera work and what is a "#Bothie"

The Nokia 8 is here and it features a very interesting camera setup: three identical cameras, all with the same, 13-megapixel sensor. Two of them are on the back: one is the main color camera with optical image stabilization and the secondary one is a monochrome sensor, while the third one is… the front camera!
But first let’s start with the camera specs:
13-megapixel rear color camera sensor (likely Sony IMX 258 sensor) with 1.12-micron pixels, 1/3.06 sensor size, Optical Image Stabilization, f/2.0 Zeiss lens13-megapixel …

Google Contacts updated to work on all Android devices running Lollipop and above

The last major Google Contacts update dates from May when a new UI and lots of tweaks have been added to the app. Today, the developers announced another important update, which is meant to expand the availability of the app to even more devices.

Starting with this update, the Contacts application will be available for download on all Android devices running Lollipop and above. Previously, Google Contacts was only available to Pixel, Nexus, Android One, or Google Play Edition devices via Play Store.

The compatibility with just about any Android device is the most important change …