Big time Android flaw won't be fixed until next build is released

A serious flaw discovered on Android by cyber security firm Check Point is known by Google, but won’t be fixed until the next build of the Android OS is released later this year. The flaw can lead to a number of malware attacks resulting in “ransomware, banking malware and adware.” And while Android O does remove this vulnerability from the software, it still leaves a large number of phones not expected to receive the upgrade, wide open for attack.

It all revolves around a permissions category that contains one permission, SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW. Originally added with Android Marshmallow, this …

Samsung DeX review: the S8 won't replace your desktop PC


Samsung had an idea: what if, instead of constantly juggling between a smartphone and a desktop, one could simply use their phone to do all of their daily work, simply plugging it into a dock when in need of a bigger screen? Okay, when we say “Samsung had an idea”, we actually mean something more in line with “a bunch of companies, including Microsoft, Splashtop, and Jide, had an idea which never really took off for a variety reasons, and Samsung is now trying it out as well” – but that sure isn’t as catchy.

And it’s easy to see why this would be an attractive …

TrendForce analysts predict there won't be 4GB of RAM for 2017 iPhone

Analyst agency TrendForce argues that increased prices of LPDDR4 RAM is slowing down growth in smartphone RAM this year. The company says “intensifying competition” and “spiking prices” are to blame for a lower than expected increase in the “average memory content” of this year’s smartphones (3.2GB rather than 3.7GB), and rising memory prices are going to impact Apple’s upcoming iPhones as well.

According to the analysts, if Cupertino wants to maintain its typical annual shipment targets of 200 million units and counting, it will have to settle for 3GB of RAM in …

Qualcomm lowers its profit forecast, as Apple won't pay royalties

It all started back in January, when Apple filed three law suits against one of the biggest mobile chip makers, Qualcomm. One was for unpaid royalties, the second was for abuse of power over the market, and the third said that the chip maker didn’t follow through on promises to license its standard essential patents at a reasonable price. Of course, Qualcomm didn’t just sit idly, and filed counterclaims against Apple for a variety of reasons.

Now, new information has been released by Qualcomm, which hurts not only the chip-making company and Apple, but everyone …

Amazon's Echo Look will tell you what clothes look good on you – and it won't lie

The Echo Dot speaker has an all-seeing companion now – the Echo Look. Available by invitation only for now, the $199 gadget is a hands-free camera with built-in LED lighting, depth sensing, computer vision-based background blur, and voice control. Amazon’s hardware labs definitely aren’t fooling around!

So, what does the Kinect-like cam do for you, besides giving you doubts you’re being spied on by the feds? The Echo Look is Amazon’s official outfit checker! It’s the technological ambassador for the company’s Style Check service, which draws upon machine learning algorithms and advice from …

New 'Carpool Karaoke' series won't launch on Apple Music just yet

Do you know what Victoria Beckham, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber and Apple CEO Tim Cook have in common? They all rode in a Range Rover with James Corden, as part of the viral ‘Carpool Karaoke’ series on CBS. If you haven’t seen one of the episodes, you must have never used YouTube, for James Corden and his Karaoke rides are amongst the hottest bits on the video platform.

The videos that feature James riding around in an SUV with celebrities, singing to popular music hits, started as a bit on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. James is now producing whole 16 new ‘Carpool …

Moto G5 Plus won't call 911 when using Verizon's VoLTE

If you’re a Verizon subscriber rocking the Moto G5 Plus, better hope that you don’t have an emergency while using Big Red’s VoLTE service. A bug is preventing the Moto G5 Plus from dialing the 911 emergency number when attempting to make the call over LTE. Motorola/Lenovo has come clean, admitting that there is a software glitch that is preventing Verizon subscribers from summoning emergency help with this specific phone. Again, this is only happening on VoLTE.

While Motorola/Lenovo says that it is working on a fix for the issue, turning off VoLTE will eliminate the problem for now. Matt, …

Some of the most important parts of the next iPhone won't be made in China

“Designed in California. Made in China” – is what it says on the iPhone’s back. But the display, a key and defining part of the upcoming OLED iPhone’s design and functionality, is going to be all Korean. It’s a public secret that Samsung Display is supplying the lion’s share, if not the entire volume of orders for the phone’s rumored “all-screen” display panel.

But The Investor reports that Samsung Display, in tandem with several key supplies both under and outside the Samsung umbrella, is responsible for the entire screen assembly. Samsung System LSI, the semiconductor …

It sure looks like the Galaxy S8's battery won't explode even if you stab it with a knife


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 blends beautiful design and performance effortlessly, but how much safer is its battery compared to the Galaxy Note 7?

In January, Samsung announced it would implement a new “8-point battery safety check” that would not only put all of its future phone batteries through extreme testing, but also include x-ray and human inspection checks.

A newly uploaded video by the popular “What’s Inside?” YouTube channel, done in collaboration with the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, seems to confirm the Galaxy S8’s battery won’t catch on fire or explode, even when you stab it with a knife. Read more…

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US-bound Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom won't have upgraded specs after all

Not long ago, Asus North America said that the ZenFone 3 Zoom would be released in the US sometime in the second quarter of the year, coming with “better specs” compared to the international version. Unfortunately, the company had to retract the latter part: the smartphone that’s bound to hit shelves across the US won’t really have upgraded specs, so it’s going to be identical to the ZenFone 3 Zoom that can be purchased in other markets.

The ZenFone 3 Zoom is still scheduled to arrive stateside this quarter (April – June), but Asus didn’t reveal an exact release date for it. While we do …