Nokia 7 won't remain China-exclusive for too long, other countries will get it soon

HMD Global introduced the Nokia 7 as a China-exclusive back in October, but it looks like the smartphone will be making outside this country very soon. Unofficially, the smartphone is already available for purchase at some European retailers, but a few lucky countries will get it through official channels.

Word is HMD plans to launch the Nokia 7 in India later this month. Apparently, the smartphone will be available exclusively through Amazon India for a price that hasn’t been disclosed yet.

But that’s not all, as Nokia 7 is expected to arrive in Europe …

LG's next flagship won't be called the G7, rebranding options considered

LG is thinking of a new name for its upcoming flagship. A new report from South Korea suggests that the tech giant will be rebranding its signature G series in order to better compete with its major rivals – Apple and Samsung. 
In a statement to The Investor, one LG official has said that rebranding flagship models is nothing new in the industry, and added that the moniker of the upcoming flagship is yet to be decided. Another company official shared some information on what options are currently being considered: 

LG …

All the news that fits won't print as the New York Times closes its BlackBerry 10 app next month

BlackBerry and its faithful had high hopes for BlackBerry 10. After all, the company that developed the operating system, QNX, received high marks for its work on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. BlackBerry was so impressed that it bought the company and had it get right to work on its next-gen operating system for smartphones, later dubbed BlackBerry 10. While the gesture based OS shared some of its capabilities with webOS, and there were some who loved the software, the hardware was a let down for many.

Instead of offering top-shelf handsets to compete with Apple and Samsung, BlackBerry …

Some Galaxy Note 8 phones won't charge or turn on when battery reaches 0%

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users report that their phones will not turn on or charge after they’ve let the phone’s battery drain completely. Samsung is aware of the problem and is replacing the affected phones on a case per case basis. It’s not yet clear how many devices are affected by the issue.
Users have reported that their Galaxy Note 8 phones refuse to accept a charge or turn on after the battery level goes to 0% and the phone turns off. Users have tried different cables and chargers to make sure that this is not a problem with the charger, …

Bummer, the Note 8 and S8 Oreo update won't bring Treble support

The new features that Android 8.0 Oreo brings aren’t overwhelming, but one of them is of particular note – Project Treble. It is Google’s final push to remedy slow Android updates by separating the basic, core Android framework, from the manufacturer image, and allow it to be updated much faster than before. 

There are a few Project Treble phones currently on the market, including Huawei’s Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, but, unfortunately, Samsung’s ultrapopular Galaxy S8 or Note 8, won’t be one of those after their respective Oreo updates, it seems. 
An …

Actor Liam Neeson lends his voice to Waze, but don't worry, you won't be “taken”

We could very well say Liam Neeson is a Hollywood star, but since he’s actually Irish let’s just say that he’s a very good actor who played in countless of action movies that received raving reviews.

Although he’s been made famous by the Schindler’s List, Liam Neeson is mostly known for his role in Taken series. I believe many of you already know some of the movie’s most popular quotes like “I don’t know you. I don’t know what you want … I’ll look for you. I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.” It might sound scary but that’s probably how anyone would react if their …

New AirPods orders won't arrive until after Christmas

If you haven’t ordered your Apple AirPods yet, it might be too late to receive them in time for Christmas. New orders placed with carriers and retailers will now arrive after December 25th with some exceptions. This means that if you are set on gifting someone the Bluetooth powered wireless ear buds for the holidays, you might have to make it a belated Christmas present.

For example, Apple ‘s earliest delivery date for new AirPods orders is January 4th. Best Buy’s website shows a delivery date of January 5th at the earliest, while Verizon customers will receive the accessory no earlier than …

American football won't last much longer, because it's killing itself


Football is violent, but the public’s disgust with the damage caused by America’s most popular game might finally have reached a critical point this season. The sport is killing itself, and the most powerful arbiter of its practice, the NFL, might just let that death happen by not taking care of its players. 

Football’s high potential for injury is obvious whenever it’s played, but a particularly egregious moment of official malpractice came during the Houston Texans-San Francisco 49ers matchup on Sunday, which drew fresh rounds of criticism, for good reason.  Read more…

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While iOS 11.2 allows you to delete Apple Pay Cash, you won't get it back

It was just last weekend when Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 to stop a bug related to the date of December 2nd, from continuously crashing certain iPhone models powered by iOS 11.1.2. The affected units were receiving set notifications from certain apps, that were coming from inside the user’s iPhone. While iOS 11.2 stopped the madness, it also added new features such as three new live wallpapers for the iPhone X, faster wireless charging for compatible iPhone units, and Apple Pay Cash. The peer-to-peer payment system didn’t actually start up until the following Monday.

Some new revelations about …

Thanks, GOP! T-Mobile won't have to pay any taxes until 2024 now

T-Mobile ran the numbers on the new Republican tax cuts bill making its way through the House and Senate, and concluded that it won’t have to pay any cash taxes for the next seven years. 

This sweet revelation dawned on the carrier’s CFO while they were probing different scenarios under which the reconciled bill may end up, and, even in the most dire of circumstances presented in the final bill, T-Mobile would be tax-exempt of sorts for the foreseeable future. 
As per T-Mobile’s Chief Financial Officer Braxton Carter:
And …