Bezel-free iPad Pro to arrive without home button

Apple’s rumour mill has been the source of many an iPhone leak but the iPad has seen far less coverage, until now. A new leak suggests that Apple is preparing to release a new iPad with a greater screen to body ratio than ever before.


According to supply chain sources of Macotakara the next iPad Pro will be a 10.9-inch display toting unit sat in the same sized body as the current 9.7-inch version.

The sources claim that this new iPad Pro will have a near bezel-free edging thanks to the lack of home button. Rumours have also pointed to a new iPhone 8 due soon that ditches the home button in favour of a single piece of glass which can still detect fingerprints. Adding that to the iPad line also, makes sense.

This should mean it grows in thickness to 7.5mm, which is a bit more than the current Pro’s 6.1mm depth. The bezel that remains will be enough at the top to house a FaceTime camera, says the source.

Previous rumours have pointed towards a new iPad Pro of around this size suggesting these new details could be accurate.

iPhone 8 Screen May Read Fingerprints Without Home Button

The most recognizable iPhone feature could be going the way of the headphone jack. Based on a new U.S. patent that was just awarded to Apple, it’s very possible the iPhone 8 will ditch the iconic Home Button.

The new patent, as reported by Apple Insider, covers a fingerprint sensor that’s capable of gathering accurate readings through the touch screen using an electrostatic lens.


That means the iPhone 8 may be all screen up front, as you wouldn’t need a Home Button to unlock your phone. But what about returning to the Home screen, invoking Siri and switching apps?

There will likely be a virtual Home button on the iPhone 8 towards the bottom of the device, and you would be able to perform most actions with gestures. That’s what the 3D Touch screen is for, which senses pressure.

By getting rid of the Home button, Apple would be able to make the iPhone 8’s rumored OLED screen stretch across the majority of the front of the device. The iPhone 7’s LCD is brighter than its predecessor, but there’s still a fair amount of bezel around the display, which makes using the iPhone 7 Plus difficult with one hand.


The patent notes some challenges by going this route, such as the need for a “drive ring” to supply a AC or DC voltage to a user’s finger. It’s not clear whether Apple would be able to integrate this tech behind the cover glass in time of the next iPhone.

However, given that the iPhone 8 will mark the tenth anniversary of the phone that changed everything, it’s a pretty safe bet that Apple will be pulling out all the stops.