The results immortalized: Android One wins popularity contest vs MIUI

As you may have learned, Xiaomi — the Chinese smartphone giant that also happens to have an Android One partnership for that one phone (Xiaomi Mi A1) — recently ran a Twitter poll. It was comparing its own, home-made MIUI interface, which heavily customizes Android, to the vanilla experience on Android One. Turns out, Android One won the poll votes and Xiaomi deleted the tweet.

No hard feelings here, but we thought it would be fun to immortalize those results, so we ran our own poll yesterday. As expected, most of our readers are much more fond of Google’s pure Android experience than an …

Results: Instagram wins the stories war

Stories have been a big thing around social media recently. It started off on Snapchat, where teenagers would document little tidbits in their lives, which would disappear in 24 hours. So — the less important stuff. Then Facebook wanted in on that as it saw the user retention strength stories have and started implementing them across its services. It started with Instagram, then added them to Messenger, and then to the Facebook app. And yeah, all three of those are autonomous, meaning you can pretty much run completely different stories over your different apps.

But that definitely …

Google Assistant and Siri wins and fails: Smart assistants are the comic relief we need in the AI era

Voice assistants are now virtually present on almost any device you could pick. Heck, some even have two or more voice assistants on deck though that provides little to no additional benefit.
Now that the Google Assistant has broadened its reach to any contemporary Android device and Siri has been a staple of all iPhones for more than half a decade, it’s only natural that they have become an almost natural part of our everyday lives. We might not use them on the regular but communication with your virtual butler is getting more and more natural. Given …

OnePlus 5T wins charge test against iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S8+, Pixel 2 XL

There’s no comparison, really! Watch the #OnePlus5T whip other flagships in a screen-on charging test.— OnePlus (@oneplus) November 23, 2017

The OnePlus 5T is a great new $500 flagship phone that has the guts to take on much more expensive phones like the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the Google Pixel 2 XL.
And it even has a few neat features to beat those phones. We are talking about Dash Charge, the company’s proprietary charging technology, that allows super fast recharging of phones, …

Results: LG V30 wins popularity contest vs OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is here and is a part of the 18:9 flagship flock. It packs all the cutting-edge hardware you’d expect and still maintains a rather affordable starting price — especially when we consider the competition — at $499.

But one can argue that the 5T is walking a path that has already been beaten by other outstanding handsets this year — the Galaxy S8+, the LG V30 come to mind when looking at its new all-screen front.

Unlike the G6 before it, the LG V30 really seems to have made an impact — fans love it for its super-compact footprint, light weight, …

Taylor Swift wins $1 in assault lawsuit against DJ


Taylor Swift won the $1 assault and battery lawsuit she lobbed against a radio DJ who was suing her for defamation.  

At a federal courthouse in Denver on Monday afternoon, a jury of six women and two men found David Mueller guilty of inappropriately touching Swift in 2013 at a meet-and-greet after a Denver concert. 

BREAKING: Jury sides with Taylor Swift in groping lawsuit, orders fired radio host to pay the pop star a symbolic $1.

— The Associated Press (@AP) August 14, 2017

The country music DJ sued Swift, her mother, and her radio promotions manager in 2015 for defamation, claiming the three got him fired from his job at KYGO-FM after falsely stating he had groped Swift while she was taking a photo with the 55-year-old and his then-girlfriend. He was seeking $3 million. Swift, who maintains he had groped her despite his denials, then filed a lawsuit against Mueller for assault and battery, asking for $1. She aimed to make an example of Mueller and stand up for women who’ve been sexually assaulted through her legal counterpunch.  Read more…

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Study tries to measure fitness trackers' actual accuracy, Apple Watch wins first round

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have somewhat merged over the past 18 months. Having discovered that the niche for wearables is just way too tight, manufacturers started bonding features from the two platforms, ultimately ending with devices that function pretty similarly. Sure, dedicated fitness trackers have a rubber band, a more rugged look, a smaller screen, and possibly no touch functionality, while smartwatches will rock leather or nylon bands, have big screens, and look more high-tech. But at the end of the day, feature-wise, both categories will usually have …

BlackBerry wins $814.9 million award from Qualcomm in royalty dispute

This has been a very good morning for BlackBerry and its hardy band of investors. The resurgent company was awarded a preliminary amount of $814.9 million  from Qualcomm. The decision was made by an arbitration panel and relates to a dispute that both companies agreed to have settled in this manner. BlackBerry claimed that it overpaid royalties to the chipmaker based on a royalties cap that both firms had agreed to last year.

The royalties were computed on devices sold by BlackBerry between 2010-2015; the only question that the arbitration panel had to deal with, was whether BlackBerry’s …

Amazon wins bidding war for streaming rights to Thursday Night Football

Amazon has reached an agreement with the NFL to stream 10 Thursday Night contests over the course of the 2017-2018 NFL season. For the rights to these games, Amazon had to pay the NFL $50 million. Despite talk that viewership of regular season games was down last year, the check that Amazon handed over to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was for 10 times the amount that Twitter paid the league last year to stream 10 Thursday Night battles.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the price to obtain the rights was so much higher this year, was the fact that a bidding war for the games erupted between …

Sony Xperia XZ Premium wins "Best New Smartphone" award at MWC 2017

It might go as a surprise for some that Sony got home with one of the biggest GSMA awards at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. Given the fact that the Japanese company hasn’t changed too much design-wise, and it’s even forced to disable features on its smartphones in some markets, Xperia XZ Premium’s award is quite the achievement.

GSMA recently announced the Sony Xperia XZ Premium has won “Best New Smartphone” award at MWC 2017. The second 4K smartphone launched by Sony, the Xperia XZ Premium is the only flagship introduced at MWC that packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

The …