HQ Trivia: how to play, how to win, and how to make real money

Do you know the name of Napoleon’s spouse? How about the number of moons known to orbit Saturn? What is the world’s longest river? If you can answer all of these questions within 10 seconds, then HQ Trivia is a game made for you. 
Launched in late 2017, HQ Trivia has become a massive hit, and millions of players have already tested their general knowledge, likely hoping to win real money along the way. But while playing the game is easy, winning is not. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks that can boost your odds at winning HQ Trivia. 

How …

New record for HQ Trivia as 1.6 million vied to win $15,000 on Sunday

HQ Trivia is hotter than ever. The live trivia game show has been available for both iOS and Android users since late last month. The app has been updated in an attempt to prevent it from freezing, like it was wont to do. HQ also has apparently scaled up its servers to handle a larger number of game players. On January 1st, we told you that the 9pm game that evening drew 1 million people for the first time, but only 750,000 were allowed to play.

The cap is now higher. Sunday evenings’ trivia battle attracted an HQ record 1.6 million users to a special game that offered a higher than usual …

HQ Trivia game for Android goes live in the Google Play Store, play to win real money

Popular mobile game HQ Trivia has finally made its debut on the Android platform after a short beta testing period. Although the game shows as “unreleased” in the Google Play Store, it appears that everyone can download and play it.

HQ Trivia has quickly become a phenomenon after being released on the iOS since it’s one of the few mobile games that allows players to win real money. If you make it to the end of the game and you collect at least $20, you can actually transfer the money to your Paypal account.

But how exactly does HQ Trivia work? Well, it’s …

Pre-register for Android version of trivia game HQ and win real cash

Earlier this month, we told you about the HQ Trivia app that allows you to play a trivia game for real cash. One game begins ever day at 9pm EST, and on weekdays there is a matinee starting at 3pm EDT. HQ has been available from the App Store to iOS users. And now, HQ is heading to Android. While there is no set date for its debut on Google’s open source OS, you can pre-register for the app right now. The buzz around the water cooler suggests that HQ for Android will be ready to go starting at the end of this month.

Filling out the pre-registration form doesn’t mean that the app will automatically …

Where to buy the Honor 7X in the US, and how to try and win one

Officially announced earlier today alongside the Honor View V10 (which
isn’t available to order in the US
yet), the Honor 7X is a very attractive Android smartphone that costs just $199.99 unlocked.


If you’re planning to buy the Honor 7X, for now, the handset
can be ordered only via Honor’s official US website. The new phone is available
in two color variants (blue and black), comes with a free protective case if
you order by December 14, and should be shipped on December 15. Similar to previous Honor phones, including the 6X, the
Honor 7X is compatible only with GSM/LTE carriers, …

Tuesday, you can win a pair of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active handsets from T-Mobile

The next T-Mobile Tuesday is just a few days away and this coming week’s give-aways include a free sausage biscuit sandwich from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. Want to learn how to cook for yourself? T-Mobile subscribers will be receiving a free cooking class from Panna. Save $30 on tickets to a sporting event or concert from Ticket Liquidators, and 25% from craft store Joann’s Fabric.

The sweepstakes portion of this coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday is being handled a little differently. Instead of having a grand prize, a first prize, and a second prize, the carrier will randomly draw the winner …

Pokemon GO players win the Global Catch Challenge, unlock Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh for a limited time

You don’t often see Legendary Pokemon show up in Pokemon GO which is one of the reasons that they are, well, Legendary. And while Pokemon GO players are still a few weeks away from the expected Christmas/Chanukah update,  Pokemon trainers are getting the opportunity right now to catch a Legendary bird Pokemon, Ho-Oh. This is for a limited time only. Ho-Oh, who debuted in Pokemon Gold can only be captured during a Raid Battle that you must win. After that, it takes Premier Balls to capture it. And more often than not, it will take you a few tries before you capture it. You only have until December …

Love coffee? Then you'll really want to win this week's T-Mobile Tuesday contest

This upcoming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday begins with a free T-Mobile Stadium Bag. The clear bag allows you to go through security in a heartbeat. If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, starting next Tuesday head over to a nearby T-Mobile location and pick up your bag. Don’t procrastinate or the bags will be gone before you get to take one home. T-Mobile subscribers will also get 25% off the cost of a Ultimate Ears speaker purchased from a T-Mobile store or online.

If you’re in school, you will surely need a free month of StudyBlue Pro. This gives you access to crowd-sourced study guides ad-free. …

Next Tuesday, win one of 51 Xbox One S consoles being awarded as prizes by T-Mobile

Next Tuesday, T-Mobile is giving away one free video game for overnight use from Redbox. Pick your favorite gaming platform, and Redbox should have the game you want. Subscribers to the nation’s third largest carrier will also receive two free months of deliveries firm Boxed Bold. This is a service that delivers household items and food in bulk. Members earn 3% back in cash rewards and receive free standard shipping. And with Mother’s Day coming up a week from this Sunday, T-Mobile subscribers get to take 30% off an order placed with 1800Flowers.com.

As nice are the freebies are, this week …

Xiaomi Mi 6's official theme song can easily win the Eurovision contest

Although Xiaomi Mi 6 might be a China-exclusive affair, there will be plenty of Chinese retailers that will ship the flagship internationally. To highlight the fact that the Mi 6 is an international product, Xiaomi released the official English theme song of the flagship.

The song is called “Only One,” and it’s been composed and sung by Chinese artist Jiang Han. However, you won’t notice that while you’re listening to the song (it’s that good).

The lyrics of the song have been specially written to match the description of the new Xiaomi Mi 6, which looks …