Xiaomi launches the white Mi 6 today

Over the past couple of years, Xiaomi has been gathering a lot of momentum in its main target markets, India and China, and is expected to officially enter US grounds in around two years time. The company announced its new Mi 6 smartphone this April, offering Android fans quite an affordable, elegant and powerful handset to consider in the year ahead. The March-June period subsequently turned into Xiaomi’s most successful quarter ever, with 23.16 million shipped smartphones and brave forecasts for the whole year.

Upon unveil, the Chinese tech company announced that the latest Mi 6 will …

Man comes across massive injured great white in shallow waters


When coming upon a 14-foot great white shark in shallow waters, the universal response is to turn to a friend and say, as calmly as possible, “That’s a f*cking white shark, dude. Holy shit.”

Dale Pearson and a friend saw a figure struggling in the shallow waters near their homes in Baja California, Mexico. Thinking it would be a whale or a hammerhead shark, the two men trudged out to help the animal. That’s when they realized that it wasn’t a whale, but a large great white that had been injured by a boat propellor.

The two men got within a few yards of the shark as it bled, working to free itself from the shallows. Read more…

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Trump Twitter bot reminds us that all his tweets are coming from the White House


The often flippant, emotional stream of tweets from President Trump never ceases to amaze, particularly since it is, for all intents and purposes, filled with official messages from the White House. 

Now, thanks to one clever Twitter user, we can view those often bombastic, poorly worded, and downright trivial tweets in their proper context: official White House statements. 

On Sunday, Twitter user Russel Neiss launched a new Twitter bot called Real Press Sec., which takes Trump’s tweets and presents them in the familiar form of an official White House press statement. The effect of seeing Trump’s social media bloviation as history-framed, official-looking statements from the nation’s highest office is devastatingly poignant.  Read more…

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Beautiful black and white wallpapers in ultra high-res, perfect for your Pixel XL, Galaxy S8 and S7, LG G6, LG V20, HTC U Ultra and others

If you’ve been following PhoneArena for a while now, you’d know that we take Android customization seriously. From regular updates on the latest and greatest in launchers, widgets, and icon packs, we go all the way down to wallpapers – a simple, yet very effective way breathe some fresh air into your home screen.

Of course, getting your hands on a background that you both like and is of high enough resolution is occasionally a bit too hard, truth be told — especially if you own a device with a Quad HD (1440 x 2560) display. Unfortunately, many online …

Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' monologue rips white privilege and racist chickens


“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Obviously, Louis C.K. didn’t deliver the expected punchline when he kicked off his April 8 Saturday Night Live monologue with the lamest joke in human history. Instead, he riffed on racist chickens, judgmental horses, and freaked-out giraffes (sadly, no April reference).

The 10-minute mini-set ends with a story about a recent hotel stay, an encounter with rude housekeeping staff, and an acknowledgment of white privilege. It’s a real journey, and peak Louis. Read more…

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This is what the bezel-less iPhone 8 may look like: ultimate design concepts of the black and white models

On January 9th 2007, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage during the Macworld Conference & Expo to reveal a device that would subsequently change the mobile industry and the daily lives of millions of people around the world forever. The iPhone – an usher of a new era of mobile computing, a pioneering device, the merits of which as such have already been discussed at length. And countless times, at that.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of the original iPhone, and the mobile world is abuzz with rumors and excitement regarding a possible radical redesign …

Google Photos update adds auto white balance feature to Android

Following an important update for its Gmail application, Google announced that Photos app is getting a brand new feature as well. However, the new version released today by Google will only be available to Photos users on desktop and Android. The iOS version will receive the new feature at a later date.

Auto white balance is the new feature Google Photos users will be able to take advantage of starting this week. With the latest version of the app, when the photo editor is open, you can select a look, and the application will automatically correct the white balance in the image, not just …

Here's the LG G6 in white, platinum, and black

With only two days to go until LG kicks off its G6 launch event at MWC 2017, we’ve had the chance to look at plenty of photos and renders that (seemingly) show the upcoming smartphone. But there’s always room for one more leak, right?

The newly leaked image that you can examine below presents the LG G6 in three color variants: mystic white, astro black, and ice platinum. We kind of knew that these three G6 color versions existed (see here, here, and here), but it’s certainly nice to be able to glance upon an image that shows them all in one place.

Posted on Twitter by Evan Blass …

The All New White Samsung Galaxy S2

One of the recent reinventions of Samsung Smartphones comes in the form of the white Samsung Galaxy S2, which puts out pre-conceived notions of cold and steely mobile phones out in the dust. Sporting a new look with a white finish that makes this mobile quite playful in a sense, the white Samsung Galaxy S2 allows for a gadget that will surely lend to fund and entertainment while representing it at its finest.

Because the handset is a re-release of the previous Samsung Smartphone but in a different color, it would be safe to say that this model would still sport the same features as its predecessor. While much can be said about this new Smartphone, there are still a few people out there who may not be aware of the advantages of owning a white Samsung Galaxy S2.

One of the best features that the handset has taken along with it would be a wide touchscreen that allows for maximum viewing pleasure as well as ease of navigation through the whole Smartphone unit. This touchscreen measures at a discreet yet wide 4.3 inches and boasts of Super AMOLED Plus features that makes for more vibrant color display and capabilities of continuous, in-time motion.

Another great feature of the white Samsung Galaxy S2 is the dimensions of the whole product. While most manufacturers would make Smartphones that come in gigantic proportions, the white Samsung Galaxy S2 stays true to its predecessor and retains a light and durable body that proves to be the thinnest and lightest Smartphone in the world today. Measuring 8.5 mm and at 4.2 ounces, it makes for ease of use and convenience of carrying along.

The body of the white Samsung Galaxy S2 is constructed in plastic, which makes this unit quite light compared to other mobile phone. It also makes the phone more durable and less sensitive to the elements, which will allow for it to prove itself as a long lasting Smartphone. The front of the white Galaxy S2, however, is made of full glass which most users seem to be wary of.

When it comes to basic Smartphone use, the white Galaxy S2 makes for the best option. Employing the use of the Android version 2.3 OS (Gingerbread), users will be thrilled to discover that a great number of applications that they might be interested in are available for easy downloading.

Now if downloading applications is what you are interested in, you can be assured that the white Galaxy S2 will hold plenty of space for all the things you would like to put into it. A default memory space of 16 GB will allow anyone to place various media files and applications that they can use for news, information, and even entertainment. Plus with access to the Samsung Galaxy S2 Game Hub, there would be a number of licensed and trustworthy game applications that you can choose from to litter your white Samsung Galaxy S2 with, as well as 13 million tracks from the Samsung Galaxy S2s Music Hub.

The All New White Samsung Galaxy S2