What's your preferred phone screen aspect ratio? (poll results)

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it – that seems to be the takeaway from our latest poll on mobile phone screen aspect ratio preferences. In the year when flagship phone displays from most major brands grew taller and narrower, shifting from 16:9 aspect ratios to 18.5:9 (Galaxy S8), 19.5:9 (iPhone X), or straight up 2:1 Univisium standard (LG V30), we wanted to ask you if that’s ok with you, and whether you miss the older standard. It turns out that the new format is somewhat forced on users, as more than half of our 2530 respondents prefer the standard 16:9 ratio that …

Samsung releases a second Android Oreo beta for the Galaxy S8 in the US, here's what's new

Certain Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices in the US and the UK have been eligible for the Android 8.0 Oreo beta program for a couple of weeks now, allowing willing users to partake and test out all the new features that Samsung has thrown in its TouchWiz Samsung Experience software. Actually, the second beta version of the software is already rolling out in the US after being launched in the UK the week before, introducing a slew of new features that you need to know about.

Build number G955USQU1ZQK6 of the software intros a host of new clock styles for Always On Display, which are a …

What's your preferred phone screen aspect ratio?

In the year when flagship phone displays from most major brands grew taller and narrower, shifting from 16:9 aspect ratios to 18.5:9 (Galaxy S8), 19.5:9 (iPhone X), or straight up 2:1 Univisium standard (LG V30), we wanted to ask you if that’s ok with you, and whether you miss the older standard. The thing is, the 2:1 ratio or the ones gravitating around it, is shifting downmarket to midrangers, and next year we might see most phones moving to the tall and narrow paradigm.

There are downsides and advantages to both formats, but, needless to say, the old one of, …

iPhone X OLED display burn-in: what's the danger and how to avoid it

Screen burn-in – even if you’re not familiar with this age-old display issue, it clearly sounds like something you don’t want your smartphone to suffer by. It is a problem that has been getting a lot of attention recently due to it affecting the Google Pixel 2 XL according to multiple reports, but it has the potential to manifest itself on just about any phone with an OLED display. This includes the iPhone X. Yes, even Apple’s 1000$ marvel is not immune to screen burn-in, as its maker openly confirms. But what is screen burn-in exactly, and should iPhone X owners be worried …

HTC U11 vs HTC U11 life: what's different, what's similar?

So, HTC dropped a pair of brand new phones — the HTC U11 life and HTC U11+. The latter is a version of the flagship U11, but with a new, 18:9 display to meet current trands. Unfortunately, that one will only be sold in select markets across Europe and Asia. What will be a bit more widely available, including in the US, is the HTC U11 life — an upper-midrange handset, made to look like the flagship.

So the U11 life is sort of like a “light” version of the HTC U11. And it’s even lighter on the wallet — it only costs $350, while the U11 has the flagship-standard $650 …

Amazon releases new Kindle app for Android and iOS, here is what's new

If you don’t own an eReader but want to read ebooks, your best bet is a mobile app that can turn just about any smartphone into a book. In case you’re already using the mobile app, then you’ll be pleased to know that one of the most popular reading apps, Amazon Kindle has just received a major update.

In fact, the new Amazon Kindle app has been completely redesigned and gives lots of new features. For example, you will now be able to choose from either light or dark theme.

There’s also Goodreads integration so you can follow your friends’ list of books …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S6 edge receive new security patch, here's what's new

A new software upgrade is rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S6 edge. The update brings the Android security patch for the month of October.

For security reasons, Samsung doesn’t specify which vulnerabilities were exactly addressed. However, the changelog mentions that a total of 221 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) related to Samsung Experience (formerly known as TouchWiz) and the Android system have been resolved.
At the moment, the Note 8 update seems to be available only to users in China and Hong Kong. …

Microsoft updates Outlook for iOS, here is what's new

After delivering a major Outlook update last week on both Android and iOS platforms, Microsoft is now bringing a couple of new feature to iPhone users.

Unlike the previous update that added many improvements to shared calendars feature, the new version of Outlook for iOS is more related to the Groups feature.

The first important new feature the update brings is the ability to create or delete a group directly from the phone. Aside from that, Outlook users can now edit a group and add or remove group members.

As long as you have an Office 365 account, …

OnePlus 5 getting new OxygenOS 4.5.12 update, here's what's fixed

OnePlus’ flagship is in the process of receiving another small update that’s supposed many of the issues owners have been reporting since the phone’s launch. OxygenOS 4.5.12 for OnePlus 5 was released during the weekend and is currently making its way to all users worldwide.

Although it doesn’t bring any new features into the mix, the update fixes some pestering bugs that have been affecting the OnePlus 5 for some time now. Bugs like weak 4G+ signal in some regions, as well as display problems with some UI elements, are just some of the issues addressed in the update.

Below …

AT&T pushes new update to LG V20, see what's changed

A new software upgrade is hitting AT&T LG V20 units across the States. Weighing in at the hefty 1.01GB, the update should bump the software version of the 2016 phablet to H91010P.

Usually, an update of this size suggests that there are a lot of new changes on board. However, AT&T only mentions three things in the changelog. 
After installing the new version, users will receive the Android security improvements for August 2017. That’s a bit regrettable, as both the September and October patches have been …