Apple iPhone X buyers will wait three weeks for the phone before switching to another manufacturer

Bernstein analyst Tony Sacconaghi said today on CNBC that if the tenth anniversary model of the Apple iPhone is delayed by a lengthy period of time, consumers are going to switch to a different phone manufacturer for a new handset. The tipping point, according to Sacconaghi, is a wait of three weeks. Any delay longer than that will have holiday shoppers thinking about switching brands away from Apple.

Apple has faced several production delays involving the so-called iPhone X, including problems with low yields on the OLED panels they received from suppliers. Apple needs to have these panels …

WhatsApp reveals plans to launch business accounts in the coming weeks

WhatsApp has just announced that it has already started working to implement some business features to its messaging application. The company owned by Facebook is expected to launch enterprise accounts in the coming months, but for now, WhatsApp is just testing these features.

Not many details have been provided on how they will exactly work, but WhatsApp revealed that it will introduce verified business accounts, which will allow people to identify a business from another person.

Furthermore, the company announced that it is now testing different tools that …

Two weeks with the iPad Pro made me fall in love

Those who have followed my experiments in tech should know by now that I skew towards the Google life. Stock Android phones (mostly Nexus with one foray into the Moto X) have been my daily drivers since the Nexus One came out, I’ve had a string of Nexus tablets, and I’ve been a big proponent of Chromebooks as the perfect “good enough” computers for most people.

At least that last part stood true until I used the new iPad Pro 10.5 for the past two weeks. Now, I’m not so sure anymore.

I’ve attempted switching from Android to an iPhone a couple times (most …

The Essential Phone will finally start shipping in the coming weeks

Announced by Andy Rubin in May, the Essential Phone – one of this year’s most interesting handsets – hasn’t been released yet. However, Essential started accepting reservations for the smartphone right after announcing it, and now the company knows when the device will finally start shipping.

Andy Rubin himself sent out an update today, informing the world that customers who’ve registered to buy the Essential Phone should have the smartphone in their hands “in a few weeks.” 

We ourselves received an email with the very same lines seen in …

The iPhone 8 could be delayed by more than three weeks, Bank of America analysts say

If you’ve been paying attention for the past few months, you may have noticed that 2017 isn’t the best year if you’re a phone maker trying to switch things up. Take Samsung, for example: it’s been wildly publicized that the company intended to put an in-glass fingerprint scanner inside its upcoming Galaxy Note 8, but issues with speed and security ultimately killed those plans.

But Sammy’s not the only kid on the block looking to get rid of the separate fingerprint scanner: Apple has been rumored for a while to be implementing an in-screen Touch ID for …

YouTube TV coming to 10 more markets in just a couple of weeks

Google promised about two months ago that its YouTube TV service would come to even more markets over the coming weeks. Even so, Google does not seem to plan to expand the service’s availability beyond North America.

Currently, YouTube TV service is available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Today, Google announced ten new markets would benefit from the advantages offered by its online service.

In the next couple of weeks, consumers in the following cities across the United States will be able to access YouTube …

This app-enabled Spiderman toy might make your children pester you about it for weeks

App-enabled toys are the modern day deployment of the remote control toys we craved so badly as children. They are also a way to have lots and lots of fun with your smartphone that doesn’t involve downloading a bunch of games. Sphero, maker of affordable hi-tech toys, has launched this pudgy, wise-cracking Spiderman toy that packs almost as much hardware in it as the Amazon Echo – and while it doesn’t have an omnipresent AI, it is voice-activated and highly interactive!

Spider-man’s goggles have two LCD screens that let the little guy express moods and actions with lively animations. A built-in …

BlackBerry KEYone delayed in Europe by a few weeks

UK retailer Clove announced at the beginning of the month that the first stock of BlackBerry KEYone units would arrive in early May. Fast forward three weeks and it looks like the shipments have been delayed.

Instead of May 5, the first stock is now expected to arrive in the week commencing May 22. The price remains unchanged though, so customers will still be able to buy one for £499 outright.

However, it looks like Carphone Warehouse, another major UK retailer, will have the BlackBerry KEYone available starting May 5. Perhaps the reseller did not yet …

The Huawei P10 Lite is finally official, three weeks after pre-orders started

We have been expecting this one for a while: today, Huawei has made the P10 Lite, the third and final sibling in the P10 line, official. This comes more than three weeks after we first heard of the device’s existence from a Dutch retailer’s pre-order page, which was soon followed by other European retailers.

Despite its insistence on neglecting the device, however, today Huawei has officially acknowledged its existence by announcing its availability in the UK. Pre-orders in the UK have also started as of today, though, just like its bigger siblings, …

The Motorola Moto G5 might hit retail in the middle of March, just weeks after announcement

The upcoming Motorola Moto G5 is one of MWC 2017’s poorly kept secrets. We know almost everything about the smartphone in advance, and we are now being clued in about its eventual retail release. A UK retailer – allegedly Clove – listed the Moto G5 (with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage) in Gold and Grey, saying first stock is due mid-March. This means the smartphone will be available for purchase not long after its announcement at MWC 2017. The conference goes between February 27 and March 2.

The Moto G5 is rumored to feature a 5-inch 1080p resolution screen and be powered by the Qualcomm …