You might have to wait two weeks to replace the battery inside your Apple iPhone 6

Late last month, Apple apologized for quietly using software smuggled into certain iPhone models which throttled the CPU of these handsets. Apple explained that it was forced to do this so that these iPhone units wouldn’t shutdown when met with a complex task that could tax the older and weaker batteries inside these phones. To make up for what it had done, Apple sliced 63% off the price of a battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and later, cutting the price to $29 from $79 for the remainder of the year.

This drastic price cut has led to heavy demand for battery replacements in Apple …

Andy Rubin back at Essential after being away for less than two weeks

Just before the end of last month, Android co-founder Andy Rubin took a leave of absence from his latest corporate vehicle Essential. According to a report from The Information, Rubin had left Google back in 2014 after complaints about an “inappropriate” relationship with a female Googler led to a investigation. Rubin allegedly failed to follow Google policy that prevents supervisors and subordinates from having a relationship. No, this wasn’t a case of sexual harassment, but Google did close its investigation by stating that Rubin’s behavior was “improper and showed bad judgment.”

While …

Motorola sends teaser telling Moto Z2 Force users that Android 8.0 is a few weeks away

Some owners of the Motorola Moto Z2 Force have received a teaser telling them that the update to Android 8.0 “may take a while, so check back in a few weeks!” The update adds new features like Picture-in-Picture (which allows users to watch video while continuing to work with an app running in the background), Adaptive Icons (Hello, Squircle!), Autofill and more.

Possibly more exciting for those with a Motorola handset receiving the Oreo update, are the several new applications that are unique to the manufacturer. These include a new feature that saves passwords in a secure manner, and a …

OnePlus says 5T is its fastest selling phone ever, handset now ships in up to 2 weeks

Not long after launching the 5T – its newest flagship
smartphone – OnePlus announced that this became its “fastest selling
device” to date. Earlier this year, OnePlus said the same thing about the
OnePlus 5, which means the 5T is more successful than its predecessor.


According to OnePlus, it took only 6 hours to realize that
the 5T broke its sales records. Unfortunately, the company did not share exact
numbers, so we don’t know just how many OnePlus 5T units have been sold in those 6
hours. In any case, right now, the new phone is a bit hard to get, at least in
the US.
If you want …

T-Mobile's counter offer keeps alive a possible merger with Sprint; deal could be announced in weeks

It was just a few days ago when SoftBank, Sprint’s majority owner, apparently pulled the plug on a merger with T-Mobile. At the time, both sides reportedly had agreed to the broad outline of a deal. The merged company would be majority owned by Deutsche Telekom (the company that owns the largest stake in T-Mobile), and T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere would run the combined carrier. But SoftBank apparently decided that it wanted to be majority owner after all, or have more say in the combined company than originally agreed to.

But the deal isn’t dead yet. According to the Wall Street …

Apple can now ship any iPhone X model in 3-4 weeks

It’s a big day today for Apple, as the company released the
near-bezel-less iPhone X, arguably its most important handset since the
original iPhone of 2007.


Despite plenty of previous reports predicting severe iPhone
X stock shortages, Apple is doing rather well in this regard. Right
now, if you’re ordering an iPhone X from Apple’s official US website, the
device will be shipped in 3-4 weeks – this means you’ll likely get it before
the end of November (or in the very first days of December the latest). This is
good news because, just a few days ago, iPhone X shipping times were 5-6
weeks.  …

Apple moves up the shipping date of some iPhone X pre-orders by two weeks to November 3rd

If you originally were told by Apple that your new iPhone X was going to arrive in the middle of next month, you might want to check your email again. Apple has upgraded some of these pre-orders to a November 3rd arrival. And while this might amount to a difference of only one to two weeks, it still means that your handset could arrive earlier than you expected it to. For example, one deliriously happy T-Mobile subscriber originally received notice that the 256GB iPhone X he pre-ordered would arrive between November10th and November 17th. But this order was pushed up by two weeks and is now scheduled …

Apple releases iOS 11.0.3, its fourth update in the last four weeks

For the fourth time in the last four weeks, Apple has disseminated an update to iOS 11. Today, iOS 11.0.3 was released, apparently for the sole purpose of exterminating a couple of bugs that were affecting users of the Apple iPhone 6s, the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The update weighs in at 276.6MB and can be installed on your iOS device by going to  Settings > General > Software Update.

Apple released iOS 11 on September 19th. Since then it has rolled out iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3 and the beta version of iOS 11.1.0. The claim to fame for the latter build …

Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones go on sale for $250, ship in 2 to 3 weeks

Bose’s AirPods killer, the SoundSport Free headphones are finally available for purchase in the United States. The wireless earbuds can be had for $250, but they will ship in 2 to 3 weeks. If you haven’t yet placed your pre-order and decided to wait until they hit the shelves, then you’ll have to wait some more since Bose seems to have trouble fulfilling all orders.

The SoundSport Free wireless headphones come in two color variations: Black and Midnight Blue. Both cost the same ($250), but the blue ones haven’t yet made it to the store yet. According to Bose, …

T-Mobile Tuesdays focuses on Halloween for the next four weeks

T-Mobile is getting subscribers to the nation’s third largest carrier, ready for Halloween. The giveaways and prizes start this coming Tuesday, October 10th, and continue for the subsequent three Tuesdays. That takes us right up to October 31st, Halloween Day. This coming Tuesday, T-Mobile customers clicking on the T-Mobile Tuesday app will receive 25% off any order placed with and also earn them a shot at winning a $25 or $200 gift card. There also will be a Twitter contest to determine the winner of a $5,000 shopping spree at Imagine the costume you …