Several Amazon Echo models are on sale over the weekend; check out these deals now

Just a few hours ago, a new sale got underway at Amazon covering some of its smart speaker models. From now until 2:59 am EST on Monday morning, you can save 12% or $15 on the Amazon Echo Spot. This is one of the newer Echo devices in the lineup, and includes a 2.5-inch display. With the discount, the price of the Echo Spot is reduced to $114.99 from the usual non-sale price of $129.99.

The second-generation Echo is also on sale. Priced with a $15 discount at $84.99, you can save $15 or 15% from the pre-sale price of $99.99. The new speaker on board features seven microphones, beamforming …

Will Ferrell revived one of his classic 'SNL' characters for Weekend Update


Another week, another Weekend Update.

Saturday Night Live‘s regular news segment had a lot of material to work with this week, including the end of the U.S. government shutdown (for now) and Donald Trump’s eventually-abandoned decision to fire Robert Mueller last summer.

There’s also a great bit on Stephen Miller, laughable Trump stan and a man Samantha Bee recently described as an “enterprising slime mold.”

For SNL veterans, however, the biggest thrill is no doubt the return of Will Ferrell’s classic character, Jacob Silj. Not only is Mr. Silj still dealing with voice immodulation syndrome, there have also been some fresh wrinkles to his life story. Read more…

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Stormy Daniels and Robert Mueller held a mirror up to America on 'SNL' Weekend Update


It’s time to face facts, fellow Americans.

Many of us are now in a place where we’re actively rooting for an investigation to uncover acts of treason by the United States president. We’re riveted by a 5,000-word interview with porn star Stormy Daniels, who alleged that the same president engaged in an extramarital affair with her.

Cecily Strong, appearing as Daniels on the latest Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update sketch, summed it up best. “Guess what, America? I’m the hero you deserve right now,” she said.

In a separate moment, Kate McKinnon debuted her latest character: Robert Mueller. McKinnon played what must be every Trump-hater’s fantasy version of the special investigator: Barely contained excitement brimming over to share tiny morsels from the damning mountain of evidence collected so far. Read more…

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Google Pixel 2 shows the largest bump in activations during the Christmas holiday weekend

Despite recent reports revealing multiple issues with the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL (mostly with the screen and speaker), the two handsets enjoyed a surprisingly strong Christmas weekend and showed more growth in activations than the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The percentage increase is computed by subtracting the number of activations from the Christmas holiday weekend compared to the average number from the prior three weekends. A phone is considered to be activated once it starts opening and using apps.

At the top of the list is the Google Pixel 2, which …

Google Pixel 2 beats out the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in activations this past holiday weekend

Despite recent reports revealing multiple issues with the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL (mostly with the screen and speaker), the two handsets enjoyed a surprisingly strong Christmas weekend and tallied more activations than the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. According to fresh data from  analytics company Localytics, the Pixel 2 accounted for a leading 38.61% of smartphone activations last weekend.

The Google Pixel 2 XL was second, with 31.41% of last weekend’s hook-ups. With 28.72%, the Apple iPhone X was in third place followed by the Apple iPhone 8 (17.7%) …

These are the best Christmas episodes to watch this weekend


No holiday this century would be complete without a carefully curated list of television episodes. Because there is literally more TV than is humanly survivable, we limited our list to eight personal fave picks and a relative mix of old and new that complement each other. Just don’t overthink it – it’s Christmas!

Also – not an episode so it doesn’t count – do yourself a favor and start out with this jam from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1:

1The O.C. Season 1, episode 13: “The Best Chrismukkah Ever”

How many TV shows can lay claim to creating a holiday word? (Yes, we see you, Festivus. That’s good too.) But The OC’s Chrismukkah episode was such a perfect blend of all that made the teen dramedy better than it had any right to be: a clever idea, a lot of heart, a little romance and, duh, great tunes. Take a break from your family and hang out with the Cohens. Read more…

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'SNL' Weekend Update gets real about Al Franken, Roy Moore, and sexual misconduct


Saturday Night Live might have badly dropped the ball at one point this week, but the latest episode’s Weekend Update sketch delivered, at least.

The usual rapid-fire barrage of one-liners from hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost touched on the news of the day — Jerusalem, Donald Trump’s health, a looming possible government shutdown — but the sketch really landed when Cecily Strong arrived to talk about sexual misconduct in Washington, D.C.’s halls of power.

Strong’s “Cathy Anne,” a hard-drinking, drug-abusing political junkie (“and a regular junkie”), delivers a pointed, frequently crass summation of the dichotomy between now-former Senator Al Franken’s recent resignation and Roy Moore’s near-certain Congressional election win in Alabama on Dec. 12.  Read more…

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Apple replaces free App of the Week with a new section, "This Weekend Only"

You might remember when every weekend we would tell you the current “Free App of the Week.” Since the launch of iOS 11, the gang in Cupertino did away with the weekly freebie. To replace it, a new section called This Weekend Only debuts. Every week, Apple will reveal an app that offers a special deal or discount on anything “from apparel to food delivery, hotel reservations to movie tickets.”

To get to This Weekend Only, open the App Store on your iOS flavored device and head to “Today.” There, you will look for “Introducing: This Weekend Only.”

As we said, the apps listed in this …

Report: Qualcomm to receive unsolicited takeover bid from Broadcom as soon as this weekend

According to a report in the WSJ, Qualcomm, currently embroiled in a number of lawsuits with Apple, is apparently about to receive an unsolicited takeover bid from semiconductor designer Broadcom. The deal could be announced as soon as this weekend and is expected to be made up of 80% to 90% cash, with the remainder in stock. Qualcomm’s shares soared 12.71% on the rumor, or $6.97, to $61.81. Broadcom’s stock also rose on the report, adding $14.13 or 5.45% to $273.63.

Qualcomm is known for its Snapdragon chipsets used to power many smartphones. The company’s modem chips have been used by …

Samsung rings up 270,000 Galaxy Note 8 units in South Korea over the launch weekend

With the hoopla over the new 2017 iPhone models, some of the excitement over the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seemed to have dissipated. Still, with the device released last Friday, Samsung was able to sell 270,000 units of its high-end phablet in South Korea over the launch weekend. On Friday, three major South Korean carriers (SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus) scored 200,000 orders for the Galaxy Note 8 with an additional 70,000 sold the next day.

To put the figures in perspective, last year 160,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units were sold in South Korea on the date of the phone’s release. Subsequently, …