This tweet is the most incredibly accurate description of British weather


Okay, here in Britain we’re not known for great weather. But we sure as hell can turn it into one killer tweet.

Having gone through the “Beast from the East”, and then the “mini-Beast from the East”, Brits are even more fed up with the weather than usual.

To sum up our meteorological woes here’s comedy writer Aaron Gillies, a.k.a. Technically Ron.

How the seasons work in the UK:
Jan – Cold
Feb – Still Cold
Mar – Still cold but snow now
Apr – Rain
May – More rain
Jun – Why is it still raining
July – BEES
Aug – Oh god it is so hot
Sept – I miss the heat
Oct – Heat is simply a memory
Nov – Cold
Dec – Cold but with capitalism

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) March 18, 2018 Read more…

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Google Home now shows visual results for weather forecasts on Chromecast

Google Home – the company’s smart speaker – has just received a new feature. A user on reddit discovered that Google Home can now visualize the weather forecast on a Chromecast-connected TV.

There are a couple of strict conditions in order for the magic to happen. You need to connect your Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google Home speaker. Also, you need the actual Chromecast dongle, as the feature doesn’t seem to work on Chromecast-enabled TVs yet, according to reports.
There are a couple of issues present, though. …

OnePlus 3 and 3T get new Notes app, weather widget, quick clipboard, and more in latest beta update

Despite not being the latest OnePlus models out on the market anymore, the OnePlus 3 and 3T continue to receive updates that fix issues and introduce new software features on a regular basis.

Today, new Open Beta patches have been made available for the two 2016 high-end models. The updates carry different names (OxygenOS Open Beta 29 for the OP 3 and 20 for the OP 3T), but the changes included are basically identical. Still, there’s a lot of new stuff on board, so let’s take a look at the entire patch log:

1. Notes (New OnePlus app)
Take …

Drivers, warm up your batteries! Tesla app updated with cold weather 'precondition' feature

We deliberately omitted Tesla from our list of brands that let you start, stop or unlock your vehicle remotely with the help of your smartphone, as this car has been developed from the ground up with connectivity and apps in mind. Hey, Tesla cars even get firmware updates, so this latest news from the universe of the world’s most popular electric vehicle is not overly surprising.

How about getting your car battery preconditioned from the comfort of your phone? “Preconditioning” refers to the process of warming up the battery so as the software doesn’t limit the car’s abilities when you …

Pokemon GO update adds Sapphire and Ruby characters & lifelike weather effects

Pokemon GO creator Niantic is updating the popular mobile game with a glut of new features. For its most significant bump in quite some time, Pokemon GO adds a number of characters from the Sapphire and Ruby era including Mudkip, Treecko and Torchic, as part of a rollout that will see the introduction of some 50 creatures from the Hoenn region. Additionally, dynamic weather support means that a Pokemon hunter’s own climate can influence the game itself.

The world of AR, shorthand for augmented reality, is a truly fascinating one. It’s been …

The snarkiest weather app gets updated: Carrot for iOS has better Watch interface, political joke filters

Carrot Weather is one of the unique weather apps on the App Store as it delivers weather updates with snarky, cynical, and funny messages every time you open it. For that, it is loved by many and maybe hated by some. The developers also do a great job at regularly updating the messages to keep them relevant to current social and political events, memes, and whatever else is in the news.

The app has received a major UI update for its Apple Watch version — it now features the speech synthesizer on the Watch, so will be able to hear the snide comments from your wrist; it features data point …

Apple releases bug fix so you can finally use the iPhone X in cold weather

The launch of the iPhone X was not as uneventful as the that of the other iPhones released by Apple this year. Many customers found weird issues with Apple’s flagship, some more serious than others.

Last week we reported about such an issue that made the iPhone X screen become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. At that time, Apple promised to address the problem in an upcoming software update, but aside from that, no other information was provided.

True to its promise, Apple has now released an update that fixes …

Watch a weather observer struggle to stand in 105-mph winds


New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory is home to some truly treacherous weather. In 1934, the summit even played host to the fastest wind gust ever recorded on the surface of the Earth: 231 miles per hour.

Now, 105 mph isn’t quite that fast. But, as you’ll see from the video above, it’s no picnic to walk in.

On Friday, weather observer Tony Padham ventured outside in those gusts — as well as the summit’s coldest wind chill of the year thus far (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) — for what he called “a bit of fun.”

Is struggling to stand in frigid mountain gusts my definition of fun? No. Is this video still extremely fun to watch? Yes. Please enjoy. Read more…

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Apple promises a fix for the iPhone X's cold weather blues

Some iPhone X users have noticed that their touchscreen becomes unresponsive with a rapid change of temperatures, like, say, going out of the house in cold weather. Well, the weather has to be near freezing, and the screen apparently stops being operational for a few brief seconds, plus locking and unlocking the display prompts the iPhone X to again register touches, but it must be annoying nonetheless, so Apple issued a promise for a fix. 

It turns out that this might be a software problem of sorts, as the phone is having a recommended temperature …

Several Apple Watch Series 3 devices crashed when asked about the weather

If you own the Apple Watch Series 3, both the LTE and non-LTE models, be careful about asking Siri about the weather for the current day. Several owners of the timepiece have had the device crash on them simply by asking Siri for a forecast covering that day’s weather. Curiously, inquiries about the weather for future dates won’t take down the Apple Watch; only requests for “today’s weather” will cause the wearable to crash.
On Reddit, a number of people complained about the same problem, and one Reddit user figured that the issue might be related to the end of …