4 ways to turn the Oscars' promise of equality and inclusion into reality


Until Frances McDormand took the stage to accept her Oscar in the ceremony’s final minutes, the show featured a parade of good-looking, extravagantly dressed celebrities paying important lip service to equality and inclusion in Hollywood. 

With an empowering gesture toward all Oscar-nominated women in the building and two words (“inclusion rider“), McDormand forced the audience to consider what needs to happen in the wake of the heady awards celebration: real action. 

It was a moment beyond Stacy L. Smith’s wildest dreams. As the founder and director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California, Smith has spent more than a decade studying what she calls Hollywood’s “epidemic of invisibility.”  Read more…

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Google temporarily suspends ban on apps using Accessibility Services in unintended ways

After putting a cap on apps with unnecessary access to Android’s Accessibility Services back in November, Google is now taking a step back to re-evaluate its decision. The reasoning behind Google’s move was to prevent possible security vulnerabilities that could be caused by apps using these services for malicious purposes. And although Google’s decision had its merits—after all, the special API is meant to be used by developers to make their apps accessible to users with various types of disabilities—it also backfired in a way, causing problems with apps, such as LastPass, that used …

Four ways to wake up the iPhone X screen. No home button? No problem!

So, the iPhone X is coming out in just under a month, and you may be one of the many waiting at the edge of their seats. And for good reason — the X is a long-awaited design evolution and a technological marble by Apple. But, being so drastically different, it also comes with slight differences on how you are going to physically the device.

For example:
There is no home button? How can I conveniently wake my iPhone now?
The little circular pad, which has been a signature feature of the iPhones ever since the original launched is now gone. Users have long been …

8 meaningful ways you can make an impact this LGBTQ Pride Month


Sure, LGBTQ Pride Month is partly about rainbows, glitter, and house music. But make no mistake, it’s also a time for impact. 

Especially in the Trump era, uplifting the LGBTQ community needs to be a priority this Pride Month. President Donald Trump, for instance, hasn’t even officially declared June as LGBTQ Pride Month, which many advocates say is a reflection of how his administration views LGBTQ people.  

That’s why support for the community is so essential — this June and beyond.  

Between the drinking, dancing, and drag queens, it’s vital to take time to support the needs of LGBTQ people. Whether you’re straight or LGBTQ-identified, there are countless ways you can make a change this Pride Month.  Read more…

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Facebook Live update adds new ways to interact with friends on Android and iOS

Two new features are coming to Facebook Live very soon, which are supposed to provide users with more ways to engage with friends. Live Chat With Friends and Live With should make it easier for Facebook Live users to share experiences and connect in real time with their friends.

Live Chat With Friends is available for both Android and iOS users. The new feature allows Facebook Live users to invite their friends to a private chat about a public live broadcast. It’s not required to invite friends who are watching the broadcast, as any person in your friend list can …

Facebook Messenger gets a redesigned home screen, new ways to navigate the app

Facebook has just revealed the new changes that will be added to its Messenger app in the coming days. If the previous update was about the various capabilities inside conversations, the new one will bring some visual changes that are meant to make it easier to navigate across the app.

The most obvious change will be the new home screen, which maintains the same number of features but is better organized. The update is turning the Messenger into a personal hub for connecting with all the people and businesses users care about.

Also, across the top of the …

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Business Productivity With VoIP Download Smart Mouth Mobile

There are many emerging technologies that can boost the overall productivity of the business. Every organization wants to maximize profit and reduce cost. This calls for affordable services which keep the firm running each day. Take for instance, phone calls. According to experts, there is a high correlation between the quality/length of the calls and the number of sales made in each period. So, bearing this in mind every establishment should consider hanging with cheap international calls as they can actually improve the clients’ base while at the same time reducing all the costs associated with calling.

Making a Voip Call

Any individual or a company employee wishing to make a voip call should have a phone which is data enabled or a computer having internet connection. All new models of phones are GPRS, WAP, EDGE or 3G enabled and can be hardy when it comes to voip calls. On the hand, those wishing to use a computer to make the calls should buy a modem or contact an internet service provider to install a WIMAX radio receiver to the business or home premises. However, if one is in a publicly accessible internet hotspot, modems and mobile wireless carriers are not necessary. Once you have a working connection download a voip application from the internet.

How the app works

Cheap international calls are made once an application synchronizes your phonebook and makes the contacts available in the app database. Once that procedure is done, you can see who is online via the same app and you can start calling or sending free text messages. The process is simple and it just requires pressing a single button. On the computer you are supposed to have a headset intended for this purpose which usually comes with an inbuilt microphone and earpiece.

Advantages of such calls

Since the calls are not carrier dependent and are not billed by your mobile services provider, they are far much cheaper as compared to regular phone calls. An individual or a business can even upgrade to the available saving plans on the app which will allow one to call any type of phone including mobiles and landlines. Portability is also one of the benefits associated with this app as one can make a call using a normal phone. The overall saving margin is up to 90%.

Voip and Security

Cheap international calls service providers understand that your personal information is private and do not sell or give your personal information to spammers. Since in most cases you will be required to sign up for the service your name, email address and phone are kept securely in a remote server guarded with anti-session hack tools. So, don’t waste your business or personal capital anymore, but consider having a good application to talk to your clients and increase your market leads and share.

Turn Your iPod To iPhone And Start Making International Calls

It can be very expensive nowadays to make international calls which cost a lot and sometimes quality and delay can be very questionable. To eliminate this, majority of people are adopting voip strategies to make unlimited calls worldwide without having to worry about carrier charges. Voip is great for individuals and business and is carrier independent and requires a user only to have a data plan. However converting an iPod to iPhone to make that valued calls can be very hard without the proper knowledge.

How to go about it

If you have an iPod making a phone call can be very expensive as it requires an upgrade whereby you are supposed to pay some money but thanks to the available apps for doing the job. Before you start calling your friend you require a special mic which is a cheap dongle that plugs in the syncing port of your iPod. Once you got the right hardware, you need to install the right app which is copied so easily using your iPod installer. If one does not want to do this manually, one can use SSH and install the voip app successfully using a desktop application supporting ftp such as Filezilla for windows or Cyberduck which works with all operating systems.

Setting up the Voip Account

Unfortunately when you convert iPod to iPhone you can not make calls with the most common voip services available but you have to open an account with the providers who are providing the voip applications for download.. One is only required to create an account and register his/her details. Once your account is successfully configured you may be required to purchase calling credits which are by far cheaper as compared to regular mobile phone charges. Some of the voip service provider will even give you a free trial period.

Launching the application

We have successfully acquired the right hardware and have installed and configured the right software. Next we want to make sure we put the right settings in the software so that they reflect those being held by the voip service provider. Just go to the app settings enter your username and password and hit connect button. Depending on your voip provider, there may be other details which need to be completed, just do as required and you will be back on track.

Making and receiving calls

Luckily our method of changing an iPod to iPhone has succeeded and we need to make that call. Making a call is just as easy as dialing your recipient’s number but the hard part is receiving calls. However, one can still call friends or buddies who are also using the same application. Receiving a call world wide may require that your register your free call account with other services providers who will then give you a routing number to ring your iPod touch but is location dependent. So, make a move and start making those calls.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Business Productivity With VoIP Download Smart Mouth Mobile

3 ways to recover deleted calendar from iPhone/iPad/iPod.

[i]How do I recover deleted calendars?
I had one of my kids delete the calender linked to all our iPhones. How can I recover all the calendar enties? – Adamst[/i]

[i]I accidently deleted my calendar on my iphone 3g and all the info ive saved into it. How can i get back this icon and all the information in it? – Spritz[/i]

Calendar, it’s easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place. such as meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. If you lost or deleted the Calendar and need it, how to recover the calendar.
In fact, if you lost calendar on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, just get an [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]iPhone Calendar Recovery[/url], you can get them back. The [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/iphone-data-recovery.html][b]FoneLab[/b][/url] or [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/mac-iphone-data-recovery.html][b]Mac FoneLab[/b][/url] is recommended, which can help you to [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]recover deleted calendar from iPhone[/url]/iPad/iPod in 3 ways.

[b]Way 1: [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]Recover deleted calendar from iPhone[/url][/b]

[b]Step 1:[/b] Choose “Recover from iOS device”
When you download, install the FoneLab, then connect your iPhone to computer and run the Fonelab, the iPhone Calendar Recovery will detect your iPhone automatically, on the interface provides three recovery mode, choose the “Recover from iOS Device”
Tips: For iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch 4, you need to follow the instructions to enter iPhone’s scan mode before scanning calendar.

[b]Step 2.[/b] Start to [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]recover iPhone deleted calendars[/url]
Once the scan is finished, all contents of your iPhone will be listed on the interface. Select “Calendar” on the left panel and you can preview the calendar on the right side.
You can select your preferred calendar items and click “Recover” button. Then the deleted calendar will be saved on your computer.

[b]Way 2: [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]Recover calendar from iTunes Backup[/url][/b]
If you used to sync your device with iTunes before deleting calendar, you could also try this method. Please make sure you have not synced device with iTunes after you deleted that data.

[b]Step 1.[/b] Choose the iTunes backup version
This FoneLab will list all iTunes backups on your computer. You need to select the correct one and click the “Start Scan” button. Then the software will start scanning your iTunes backup.

[b]Step 2.[/b] Recover the deleted/lost calendars
When the scan finishes, all contents will be extracted. You can preview all scanned contents. You need to select the calendar items and click “Recover” button.

[b]Way 3: [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]Recover deleted calendar[/url] from iCloud backup[/b]
If you have made backup files with iCloud, you can recover the lost calendar from iCloud backup.

[b]Step 1.[/b] Select Recover from iCloud Backup File
Launch the program and select Recover from iCloud Backup File.

[b]Step 2.[/b] Sign in to your iCloud account
Sign in to your iCloud account and choose the file you need to download. Click the Download button and wait for minutes until it’s downloaded.

[b]Step 3.[/b] Recover calendar
Scan the downloaded file and all the contents will be scanned out. Click Calendar on the left, choose the ones you need and click Recover. The selected calendars will be recovered in seconds.

[b]Tags:[/b] [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/images/guide/fonelab/recover-icloud-calendar.jpg]iPhone Calendar Recovery[/url], [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/images/guide/fonelab/recover-icloud-calendar.jpg]recover deleted calendar from iPhone[/url], [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/images/guide/fonelab/recover-icloud-calendar.jpg]recover iPhone deleted calendar[/url]

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How to [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com]transfer iPhone to Mac[/url]?
[url=http://www.samsung-galaxy-contacts-recovery.org/]Samsung Galaxy Contacts Recovery[/url]
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[url=http://www.swesoft.com/android-data-recovery/Recycle-bin-on-samsung-galaxy.html]Recycle bin on Samsung Galaxy[/url]
How to [url=http://www.transfer-contacts-from-blackberry-to-iphone.org]transfer contacts from blackberry to iphone[/url]?

channethan, editor of tptm studio

Fool proof Ways to Hire the Ideal Mobile Application Developer

Do you turn to your mobile phone every other minute? Do you rely on your smart phone apps to satisfy most of your needs as a consumer? If yes, there are no surprises there. Studies suggest that an average American spends a minimum of 48 hours on their mobile phone and a major section of this time is spent browsing through mobile applications.

Smartphone applications are currently available for everything and anything. Groceries, clothes, banking, health; name your need and there is a smartphone application for instant gratification of it. The easy usability, handiness and proximity of a mobile phone or tablet when compared to your PC or laptops are what make these applications so popular with the tech savvy generation.

Mobile application design and development is unraveling itself to be a field of much demand with the rise of small sector business industries that rely on technical innovations. It is apt for every enterprise to develop mobile apps in order to generate easier access to the consumers. There are a handful of points to be taken into account before you rush to a mobile application developing company.

There are various platforms available like android, iOS, Blackberry where the apps can be innovated and stylized differently. Therefore instead of merely porting a design it can be enhanced and standardized based on the platform. A mobile application is distinct from a website as it has features unavailable on a pc, an application developer must exploit this aspect efficiently. The design must be easily accessible to various kinds of users; Old, young; tech savvy or not. The app has to be tested even on a trial run on a device for which it is designed rather than on a laptop or PC. The design of the application must not be overly simplified. It should attract the attention of the users on the first usage itself.

Before you employ a mobile application company, ensure that you flip through a few of their previous works and get a gain an idea of the clients they have catered to. Confirm the mode of communication and whether there is going to be follow-ups to track progress of the work. The design and the practical usability of the app go hand in hand, therefore it is essential that due importance is given to both.

There are a number of globally renowned mobile application development companies with years of experience and a number of popular applications to its credit. The quality and quantity of work, pricing, experience and reputation need to be studied. When you choose an app developer, keep in mind your specific and personal needs and also the type of users you aim to cater to.

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Ways to unlock your IPhone

Since then the iPhone has been launched in the market, there are many searches going on regarding unlocking an iPhone. Hackers and technical professionals are trying to find ways to unlock the iPhone and accordingly Apple is trying to close the loopholes. Smart hackers are keep trying to find new loopholes and creating loophole to provide unlocking services in terms of money.

There are some techniques which are easy to use and can be done by yourself, as well as there are some techniques which can only be done by experts, where some of the techniques are no more working. As it is legal to have your iPhone unlocked in US, but there are some techniques which can void your phone’s warranty. Here, the techniques are listed below, among which you can judge, which method is easy and devoid of risks. Let’s get started with some knowledge of technical jargons used.

Baseband: Baseband is the firmware embedded in a chip that is responsible for functionality of cellphone signals, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Baseband and iPhone Firmware (OS) are two separate components. The SIM lock is installed in the baseband chip.

Firmware: It is the OS (Operating System) software installed in the iPhone. To know your iPhone firmware version, connect it with iTunes and you can see the its version and every other details in the summery TAB.

Unlocking: iPhone provided by the service providers are SIM locked. It means you cannot use the phone in any other network. Unlocking the iPhone enables it to use other carriers.

Jailbreaking: You can only install apps and games only from Apple’s app store through iTunes. Jailbreaking refers to reprogramming your iPhone’s firmware to install applications from third party sources. Jailbreak is basically done by using third party applications.

Unlocking Using Ultrasn0w

If your phone is jailbroken, then you can easily SIM unlock your iPhone using ultrasn0w. Ultrasn0w is a third-party application developed by iPhone Dev Team that is free and is used to unlock network locked iPhone. However, this is software based unlock where a series of steps to be followed in order to unlock using Ultrsn0w with a condition that it should be jailbroken before unlocking. The guide to unlock using Ultrasn0w can be found in their blog.

For those business persons who regularly visit different countries and like to use local SIM and don’t want to carry on with a long term contract of their carrier, it is good to install ultrasn0w and have their phone unlocked. The only limitation to ultrsn0w is that, it cannot unlock CDMA-based cellular phones provided by Verizon and Sprint.

Also who have unlocked their iPhones from AT&T to T-Mobile using ultrasn0w, cannot use T-Mobile 3G services as it uses different frequencies than AT&T. However it supports T-Mobile 2G EDGE network. Unlocking CDMA iPhones are different from that of GSM phones. If it’s iPhone 4S – then it supports both CDMA and GSM and thus can be unlocked. To unlock CDMA phones, IMEI unlock method and GEVEY Ultra S unlock method can be used.

GEVEY SIM unlock

There are certain basebands which Ultrasn0w will unable to unlock such as Baseband 02.10.01, 03.1.01, 04.10.01 etc. GEVEY SIM based unlock is also known as hardware unlock, another iPhone unlocking technique that does not need jailbreak. However, in this way you can never update your handset as well. The reason is that hardware unlock is attached inside your handset, and they can sometimes damage your iPhone SIM holder voiding its warranty. Still it’s good unlocking techniques that unlock iPhone from any carrier without voiding its warranty.

IMEI unlock method

It is one of the simplest, safest and inexpensive IPhone unlocking solution also known as factory-unlock or permanent unlock method. IMEI unlock can be done by yourself in just few steps without having any expert knowledge and without voiding the iPhone warranty as it don’t need any software changes. There are a few IMEI unlocking service providers who charge a minimum amount of unlocking fee and can guide you to factory-unlock your iPhone.

You just need to provide your iPhone IMEI and the carrier name and after a couple of hours, you can be able to permanently unlock your iPhone through iTunes. These guys contact Apple server that take care of the entire iPhone IMEI database through a secure connection. In contrast, if you find IMEI unlocking method quite expensive, there are other alternative such as hardware unlocking namely GEVEY SIM unlock.

A Word of Caution
Unlocked/ Jailbroken iPhone are considered warranty lost by the Apple customer service. If you have unlocked or jailbroken iPhone, you must restore its original firmware before going to any customer service center. Any software or hardware hack applied to the phone can make it (sometimes to the PC) useless if mistaken in the process. So, choose wisely which way you can safely unlock your iPhone. Do share your experience with us to let know the people the successful way of unlocking.

Rajkishore is an excellent content writer From India, currently working for thefoneshop.net. Are You Looking to Iphone Unlock Unlock iPhone-Unlock your iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 easily, safely and permanently with the FONE Shop. Explore our website for details information about unlocking service. For more information visit our site http://www.thefoneshop.net/

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