Best Apple Watch apps: have your Watch achieve its full potential

The Apple Watch is not only the best-selling smartwatch in the world right now — it has outsold the entire industry of Swiss “normal” watches in Q4 2017! That’s huge and Apple’s timepiece doesn’t seem to be slowing down, not one bit.

Now, one of the coolest things about smartphones and smartwatches are the apps — the imagination of thousands of 3rd party developers and creators around the globe has no bounds, and their software enhancements truly flesh out our favorite gadgets. So, what can you get for the Apple Watch?

Well, tons of apps, really. Most of them serve as enhancements …

Take $60 off the Huawei Watch 2, $102 off the Huawei Watch 2 Classic via Amazon

Amazon has a couple of Android Wear powered smartwatches on sale for a limited time only. The Huawei Watch 2 is now priced at $239, a savings of $60.99 or 20% from the online retailer’s normal price. The Huawei Watch 2 Classic is $267.21, a savings of $102.78 or 28% from Amazon’s everyday price. Both watches are powered by Android Wear 2 and will be updated to Android Wear Oreo. Their specs are mostly identical with both carrying a 1.2-inch circular AMOLED display and the Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform. Both run on a 420mAh battery and have an IP68 certification rating. That means that both timepieces …

'I blacked out': Apple Watch pulls mother and baby out of a nasty car accident

The Apple Watch, the world’s most popular wearable, is at it again, after fighting potential shark attacks or not-so-potential heart attacks. This time around, it’s the SOS function that kicked in, when Kacie Anderson and her 9-year-old son were hit by a drunk driver. The mother’s car was hit so hard, that she suffered a concussion, brain swelling, torn neck muscles, and herniated discs, so the accident left her rather battered:

The moment he hit us everything inside the car went airborne. My face took a horrible blow to the steering wheel, headrest, back …

The 10 best movies to watch if you're doing Valentine's Day solo


Valentine’s Day can be a tough one for the newly or perpetually single, but it doesn’t have to be

Now free of the district-mandated cards passed around in grade school, most of us don’t even have to interact with the holiday beyond some excellent chocolate sales at the local pharmacy (embrace these, by all means). But if you do start to feel some feels, that’s okay, and the best way to indulge yourself is with some carefully curated movies about women kicking ass (and the aforementioned sale chocolates). 

So, because we care, here are the best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day solo. Or honestly, any day. These are good movies! Read more…

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Six new smartwatches receiving Android Oreo, including Huawei Watch 2 and Casio WSD-F20

The list of Android Wear smartwatches that are supposed to receive the new Android Oreo update is quite long. Some of the wearable devices on that list have already received the update, while others should get it very soon.

Today, Google confirmed that six smartwatches are now getting the long-awaited update: Huawei Watch 2, Casio WSD-F20, Casio WSD-F10, Polar M600, ZTE Quartz and Mobvoi Ticwatch S & E.

All these smartwatches were part of the initial list of wearable devices pursuing the Android Wear Oreo (8.0) update, but not in the first wave of smartwatches to receive it. Only …

Apple will now sell you a refurbished Series 3 GPS only Apple Watch for $50 off

Want a Apple Watch Series 3 GPS only model at a discounted price? Apple has added the timepiece to its offerings of refurbished devices with $50 knocked off the price. That takes the price of the 38mm version of the timepiece down to $279, while the 42mm model will cost you $309. The discounts amount to savings of up to 15% off the price of a brand new watch. And in case you’re concerned about buying a previously owned device, all of these watches go through “Apple’s rigorous refurbishment process” and are sold with a 1-year limited warranty. Buyers have 14-days to return their watch if they are …

Apple shareholders hear Tim Cook discuss the Apple Watch and Apple Pay

Today, Apple investors from all around the world assembled in the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino for the annual stockholders meeting. What they heard was CEO Tim Cook bemoaning the fact that Apple Pay has not completely replaced cash as the method of payment for all sorts of transactions. The executive said that even though Apple Pay’s usage hasn’t lived up to  his expectations,  he hopes “to be alive to see the elimination of money.” Cook did say that a large increase in Apple Watch sales could help generate more use of Apple Pay.

The Apple Watch has become the leading wearable …

Canalys says Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry in Q4 2017

Besides luxury chocolates and a neutral geopolitical outlook, Switzerland is known for its precision timepieces. But in this day and age it would appear that smartwatches beat out Swiss watches when it comes to units sold. In fact, based on fourth quarter stats computed by market researcher Canalys and the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, the Apple Watch alone outsold Swiss watches in the three month period that ran from October to December.

Since Apple doesn’t release Apple Watch sales, Canalys had to estimate that over 8 million units of the Apple Watch were shipped during the final …

How to watch the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic games live on your Android/iPhone or in VR

The Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are currently the biggest sports event in the world and this won’t change until the closing ceremony of the games that will take place on February 25. Until then, however, the Olympics will be one of the hottest topics in town. But how to watch the interesting events and disciplines while you are away from home and want to cheer for the 244 athletes that make up the U.S. Olympics Team or your local representatives on the games?

Well, as you likely know, NBC has the exclusive live rights to the major sports event in the US, …

A battery in your smartwatch strap? LiBest makes it possible, launches Apple Watch battery strap!

So, one of smartwatches’ biggest weaknessess is battery life. With the exception of Samsung’s amazing 3-day battery life on the Gear S3 variants, wearables will usually last you about a day, if not less.

Many have toyed with the idea of having a battery inside the watches strap, but few have developed a product out of it. Well, meet LiBest — the company that made a full range flexible battery to be fitted in a watch strap.

The first product to come from LiBest is the LiFlex strap — a battery strap for the Apple Watch that can be charged wirelessly and, in turn, charges the Watch while …