Deal: Save $120 when you buy the Huawei Watch 2 at Amazon

Besides the Mate 9 bundle that we’ve already told you about earlier today, Amazon has another limited time offer on a Huawei product. For a very limited time, the Huawei Watch 2 is available for purchase for 40% off.

So, instead of getting the smartwatch for around $300, Amazon offers the Huawei Watch 2 for just $170. The bad news is the deal is only available for about 5 hours or so. It’s also worth noting that the two other versions of Huawei’s smartwatch are on sale at Amazon (Titanium Grey and Concrete Grey), but they are more expensive than the Carbon Black …

How to watch OnePlus 5T event livestream

The OnePlus 5T event livestream starts on Thursday, November 16th at 11:00am ET and you can watch it right above.
The OnePlus 5T is the company’s next flagship phone, coming about half a year after the release of the recently discontinued OnePlus 5. The OnePlus 5T will come with a new, 18:9, “bezel-less” OLED display and will feature an improved camera that will take better low-light photos. Having an all-screen front has also forced OnePlus to move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone, in a convenient to reach central position.

OnePlus …

Watch the top 5 carrier ads: T-Mobile spent $30 million for the Netflix spot, still couldn't beat Verizon

Hot on the heels of T-Mobile giving away Netflix streaming to its subscribers came the rumor that Sprint may offer Hulu in its turn, and Verizon might be exploring free content, too. Well, T-Mobile made this a big selling point last quarter, so how much exactly has it spent on popularizing its generosity with the “Netflix on us” spot? No less than $30 million, it seems, judging from the recap of the wireless ad TV spending for last month.

That’s still just a chunk of the total estimated $271 million that 18 brands gave for advertising in October, up …

Apple Watch saves kitesurfer from potential shark encounter, Tim Cook reacts with 'wow'

Apple’s smartwatch ads are full of feel-good stories about how the wearable changes people’s lives for the better, mainly on the physical activity side of the everyday spectrum, but this next story is something else, and forced even Tim Cook to react.

Armed with his kitesurf and Apple Watch 3 on his wrist, one John Zilles took against the waves on a new underwater hydrofoil wing, but about a mile in, he wiped out, and couldn’t get his heavy kit airborne again. Thus, he had about two hours of slowly swimming against the current with all the kite …

Apple and Nike team up for the launch of a limited edition Watch Series 3 with LTE

Apple and Nike have just announced a new partnership for the launch of limited edition Watch Series 3 with LTE. The new wearable device is called Midnight Fog and it’s supposed to match Nike’s new Air VaporMax running shoes that will be launched later this month.

The limited edition Nike Apple Watch Cellular will be available for purchase starting November 14 for $400 via Nike’s online, as well as brick and mortar stores. Customers interested in Nike’s new Midnight Fog Air VaporMax running shoes will be able to buy them on November 24.

The smartwatch comes …

Apple Black Friday deals: best prices on iPhone X, 8 Plus, iPad and Apple Watch

Looking for the best Black Friday deals on Apple products?
We have rounded up the best Apple Black Friday deals available at various retailers in the US, and bring them all together in one place here.
Before we start, though, let us clarify that Apple does not traditionally have huge savings on its devices at the official Apple Stores. The best Apple Black Friday deals are currently found at retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target. Keep in mind that most deals will start on November 23rd, Thanksgiving Thursday, …

Watch a weather observer struggle to stand in 105-mph winds


New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory is home to some truly treacherous weather. In 1934, the summit even played host to the fastest wind gust ever recorded on the surface of the Earth: 231 miles per hour.

Now, 105 mph isn’t quite that fast. But, as you’ll see from the video above, it’s no picnic to walk in.

On Friday, weather observer Tony Padham ventured outside in those gusts — as well as the summit’s coldest wind chill of the year thus far (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) — for what he called “a bit of fun.”

Is struggling to stand in frigid mountain gusts my definition of fun? No. Is this video still extremely fun to watch? Yes. Please enjoy. Read more…

More about Wind, Mount Washington, Science, and Climate Environment

Apple will hold a special Apple Watch activity challenge for Veterans Day in the US

Apple has a special Apple Watch Challenge planned for Veterans Day on November 11th in the United States. On Veterans Day, Apple Watch users will be able to unlock an exclusive badge and an iMessage sticker by completing a special challenge.

And what’s the challenge? As you probably expected, and in typical Apple fashion, the idea is to get you moving, and in order to unlock the special badge and sticker you’ll have to clock up 11 minutes of workout on Veterans Day. To record your time, you’ll either have to use the stock Workout app, or any other third-party app that uses Apple’s …

Several Apple Watch Series 3 devices crashed when asked about the weather

If you own the Apple Watch Series 3, both the LTE and non-LTE models, be careful about asking Siri about the weather for the current day. Several owners of the timepiece have had the device crash on them simply by asking Siri for a forecast covering that day’s weather. Curiously, inquiries about the weather for future dates won’t take down the Apple Watch; only requests for “today’s weather” will cause the wearable to crash.
On Reddit, a number of people complained about the same problem, and one Reddit user figured that the issue might be related to the end of …

How and where to watch the Razer keynote livestream (Razer phone incoming?)

We don’t know how you feel about it, guys, but we are always excited when a new company enters the smartphone scene. Today, the latest to join would be gaming accessory maker Razer, judging by the leaks and teasers that have appeared so far. 
What is Razer going to announce exactly? Well, we are not entirely sure at this time, but rumors are pointing at a new smartphone – one made for gaming enthusiasts, as one familiar with the brand’s identity and background would expect. In other words, we’re expecting one beast of a phone to be unveiled …