Sci-fi clicker Spaceplan coming soon to Android and iOS, but you can watch a 40-minute trailer now

Devolver Digital is a well-known publisher of games, but the company rarely activates in the mobile industry. However, when they do launch a mobile game, it’s always something special.

The new title soon to make its way to Android and iOS platforms is called Spaceplan. If the name rings a bell, you’re not mistaken. Spaceplan started as a web-based game, but Devolver Digital claims the mobile version is much better.

Spaceplan is a clicker type of game with a sci-fi theme. Humorously, the publisher claims it’s “based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen …

Apple celebrated Earth Day by awarding special badges and stickers to certain Apple Watch users

Saturday was Earth Day and Apple celebrated the event through the Apple Watch. Those who spent at least 30-minutes on Saturday by exercising, received a special achievement badge found in the Activity app. To qualify for the badge, users had to “run, walk, cycle, wheelchair or swim” for at least 30-minutes using the Apple smartwatch, or a third party app that sent the workout data to Health Kit.

This continues a trend that saw Apple offer special achievement badges to Apple Watch users during Thanksgiving. Keep in mind that it is always good to exercise away all of that turkey consumed on …

Nokia unveils the Withings Steel HR Leather Special Edition watch just in time for Mother's Day

Nokia has just released a special version of its Withings Steel HR connected analog health watch. The Finnish company believes that the Special Edition Leather of Steel HR would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.

Unlike the regular version, the Steel HR Edition Leather comes with a state-of-the-art gift box. The box contains the watch, a leather wristband, a charger, as well as a silicone wristband that makes it perfect for sports, swimming, or wet weather.

Also, the watch comes with an Italian hazelnut leather wristband and a free silicon wristband. …

You can finally save and listen to podcasts on your Apple Watch via the Overcast app

While some people prefer to use smartwatches as nothing more than a simple gadget to view and interact with notifications on, there are others that much rather take full advantage of their wrist-mounted computer and use it to its full potential. The Apple Watch is still one of the most feature-rich wearables around, and if you’re someone who tries to do as many things on your watch as possible as opposed to on your smartphone, you’ll be pleased to hear that the latest update to the Overcast app is bringing support for downloading and listening to podcasts on the Apple Watch.

This …

Apple and Nike to start selling Apple Watch Series 2 NikeLab Edition – should you care?

Among the many Apple Watch Series 2 choices is the Nike+ variant, which comes with the Nike+ Run Club app, a Siri command that lets you bark “Start a run!” at the watch, and two sports-type watch faces with running metrics.

Nike and Apple are about to start selling the same thing with a new “neutral-toned” perforated elastomer band, calling it the “Apple Watch NikeLab Edition”. The NikeLab Edition will go on sale April 27, sold exclusively at Nike and NikeLab stores. The price hasn’t been formally announced, neither the amount of units to be made.
However, …

Did you know: women watch more porn on their smartphones than men! (SFW)

No one’s better equipped to quantify humanity’s insatiable naughtiness than PornHub, and the website has consistently put this to its advantage with public insights into matters highly private. Apparently, 72% of worldwide traffic to PornHub comes from phones and tablets, and mobile use is much more prevalent across women. No kidding – check the graph!

With this into account, ladies are estimated to be 16% more likely to be using a smartphone to gaze at naughty pixels. This gap also increases with age. Women over 55 are almost 40% more likely to be using phones, and 66% more likely when …

How to watch the 2017 NBA Playoffs on your iPhone, iPad or Android device

The 2017 NBA regular season has come to an end and it was quite the roller-coaster for a few teams struggling to make it in the playoffs. There was even a surprise shuffle at the top in the East with the Celtics taking over the first spot after the Cavs struggled in the last few games. It’s all over now, though, and the 8 best teams from the East and the 8 best from the West are now known and ready for an even tougher challenge: the 2017 NBA Playoffs.
But how can you watch the 2017 NBA Playoffs on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google …

Watch a man build his own iPhone 6s from spare parts bought on the street

You can buy pretty much everything in China, provided you know exactly where to look – and youtuber Scotty Allen wanted to prove that. So he decided to go on a quest to build his own iPhone 6s entirely from spare parts bought from Chinese street vendors.  The end result was – spoiler alert – a like-new device at a cost of about $300, so you might say that the journey was… a 6s.*
Clocking at almost 24 minutes, the video starts entering documentary territory, but is nonetheless a fascinating look into the country’s blooming business …

Spotify is finally coming to the Apple Watch as a third-party app named Snowy

Spotify is finally making its way onto Apple’s smartwatch, thanks to a partnership with a third-party company. Although not an official app, per se, the upcoming Snowy app, formerly known as Spotty, will provide Apple Watch owners a means of using Spotify on their smartwatches.

Snowy started out as a project by developer who was frustrated with Spotify’s reluctance to launch an official Apple Watch app. After catching a bit of heat from the company’s legal team, which lead to the app being renamed from Spotty to Snowy, there is a happy end to the story in sight, …

Your next AirPods case could be waterproof and also charge your iPhone or Apple Watch

Late last month, the United States Patent and Trademark Office release a bunch of patent applications, assigned to Apple. Among them, there was one covering a next-gen AirPods case.

There are two main features that stand out in the application, and the first is that the case is waterproof, or at least one embodiment of it. Fig. 28 and Fig. 29 in the patent application show a liquid-tight circuitry, that’s supposed to be “resistant or impervious to liquid penetration.” This, hopefully, means that future AirPod cases could come with some sort of certified water and dust resistance.

The …