Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR experience hands-on

Stepping aside from the usual suspect of mobile devices we cover at IFA 2017, we stopped by the Lenovo booth to check out one new gadget that had a ton of people enjoying themselves. It’s the Star Wars: Jedi Challenge AR experience, which leverages the power of your smartphone to deliver a Star Wars AR experience like no other! That’s because you get to wield a powerful lightsaber and duel against enemies, all in full augmented reality glory.

Available this coming holiday season, sometime in the November time frame, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an AR bundle consisting …

Search wars: Google may pay Samsung $3.5 billion in license fees

Google is on a licensing renewal spree, and Korean analysts today are chiming in that it may be on the hook for up to $3.5 billion in fees paid to Samsung for carrying its search engine as default, and featuring it prominently on its phones. One look at our Galaxy S8 photo above will tell you why – the Google search bar sits right smack in the middle of the home screen, and there are millions of Samsung phones out there that do the same.
Needless to say, Google hopes to recoup the investment by its ad earnings from its stock search and browsing apps Samsung has …

Lenovo and Disney teaming up for immersive Star Wars VR experience

At a company event, Disney unveiled a VR system it has been developing with Lenovo to create an immersive Star Wars experience. For example, you can be playing HoloChess with movie characters, or engaging in lightsaber battles using a dedicated controller peripheral – that kind of cool stuff!

The Star Wars Jedi Challenges system comprises a special VR headset, a lightsaber controller, and apps ran on your smartphone. The headset is of the type where your smartphone is mounted in the front, so nothing too revolutionary here. But then again, this would help for a manageable price …

'Star Wars Battlefront II' multiplayer looks glorious


Star Wars Battlefront II spent a long time in the limelight during EA’s E3 press conference today, showing off intense multiplayer battles on the planet Naboo and teasing a new single player story mode.

Battlefront II will feature battles that span the entire series including the battle of Naboo from The Phantom Menace featuring Darth Maul and a fight between Rey and Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. The battle of Naboo includes multiple phases between the clones and separatists.

You can see all the action here (the Star Wars stuff starts about 1 hour and 15 minutes in): Read more…

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OnePlus celebrates Star Wars day with a picture of a giant number 4

OnePlus’ Twitter account is celebrating May 4, also widely known as Star Wars Day, with a curious graphic: a large number four positioned between a couple of crossed lightsabers OnePlus 3Ts. But could this actually be a teaser for something else? Say, a new flagship that’s coming out soon?

Really, who knows at this point: the company’s marketing team has, historically speaking, been very good at building up hype, as it knows just how to scratch that tech journalist itch. So this might not really be an admission that, unlike what we’ve previously …

Nokia uses Star Wars Day to tease the release of its Android phones

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you probably know that today, May 4, is Star Wars Day. 

Similarly, even if you’re not a Nokia fan, you’re likely aware of the fact that that the Finish company (once the indisputable leader of the smartphone market) is back this year* with a trio of Android-based handsets: Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3.

Nokia Mobile found a way to use Star Wars Day as a reminder that its new phones are almost ready to be released around the world. As you can see in the video below, Nokia is celebrating the 4th of May by readying its handsets, which …

Star Wars Celebration is over, but these costumes will live forever


ORLANDO — The Force fest known as Star Wars Celebration went the way of the Death Star Sunday night. And for still-mysterious reasons, Lucasfilm has said we won’t get another gathering until 2019. 

So Star Wars fans, many of whom relied on Celebration as their only means of getting together, will have to content themselves with heads full of memories — and cameras full of cosplay snaps. 

You see, Celebration isn’t just about getting hot new details on The Last Jedi or surprise appearances by George Lucas and John Williams. It’s also about putting together minutely-detailed and often incredibly silly costumes, the kind that will spark smiles of delight and recognition in fellow fans. Read more…

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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars updated with mighty new warriors, theater mode, combat adjustments

Publisher nWay has just announced that Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has been downloaded more than 12 million times since its launch on Android and iOS platforms three weeks ago. Moreover, no less than 60 million matches have been played by those who downloaded the game.

Along with these impressive achievements, developers announced a major update is now available for both Android and iOS players. The new update brings new powerful warriors, a new league, theater mode, as well as game balancing and bug fixes

Among the new fierce warriors added to the game, it’s …

Star Wars: Force Arena gets Replay feature and four new characters from the Rogue One movie

The folks over at Netmarble have just announced Star Wars: Force Arena is getting a major update on both the Android and iOS platforms. The main highlights of the update include four new character cards, new features in Guild, Replays, and a newly balanced 2vs2 play.

The four new characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are now available in the game including the Imperial Death Trooper and the TX-225 Assault Tank from the Galactic Empire, as well as Keredian Partisans and Rebel Demolitionists from the Rebel Alliance.

Developers have also added a new …

Google debuts PAX program to avoid patent wars and bring peace among Android OEMs

Patent lawsuits in the smartphone industry have become something of a pattern in the last couple of years, as companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and other major players have been fighting each other for supremacy.

Believe it or not, Google wasn’t to stop all this non-sense with a cross-license agreement that will have to be signed by all its Android partners. The initiative is called PAX (“peace” in Latin), and it’s been created with the help with Android OEMs.

Under PAX, companies that sign will grant each other royalty-free patent licenses …