Beautiful ultra high-res wallpapers, perfect for your Galaxy S8/S8+, LG G6, Pixel XL, HTC U Ultra, Xperia XZ Premium, and others

Getting tired of your current wallpaper every time you unlock your device? Well, good, for it’s time for yet another installment of our weekly pick with high-quality, extremely high- resolution wallpapers! Just how high-res, you wonder? Well, today’s largest wallpaper is actually over 50 (that’s right, fifty) megapixels in size, which is darn impressive even by the standards set by this column. In fact, you could probably make a huge print out of it and put it on your wall, if you wanted to.

Anyway, not all of the backgrounds included in this selection …

Beautiful ultra high-res wallpapers, perfect for your Pixel XL, Galaxy S8 and S7, LG G6, LG V20, HTC U Ultra and others

High-resolution, and high-quality wallpapers are not the easiest thing to find, especially if you have as many as 1440 x 2560 pixels to fill with information – as would be the case if your smartphone has a QHD display.

The reasons for that are several. Perhaps most importantly, however, it’s just exceedinly easy for wallpaper repositories to simply upscale lower resolution content to make it appear as if it would fit perfectly on your fancy screen, but the reality is that stretching the image takes a ton from the quality. And that’s not what you want if you’re looking …

4K UHD wallpapers mega collection: stunning backgrounds, perfect for your LG G6, Galaxy S8/S8+, Pixel XL, HTC 10, Xperia XZ Premium, and others

With smartphone display sizes and resolutions on an upwards spiral of constant growth, finding a wallpaper that looks good and fits well on whatever crazy aspect ratio phone makers come up with next, becomes a rather annoying exercise in trial and error.

Aaaaaand that’s where we step in to save the day bring you an awesome collection of ultra high-res images that can automatically transform the home screen of any smartphone in existence into something utterly amazing! We kid, we kid! The part about providing you with copious amounts of top-notch wallpapers is still …

Download the original Galaxy S8 high-resolution wallpapers here!

The stock Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers are now available for download in 2960 x 2960 resolution, courtesy of SamMobile. Mind you, the .png files are large, at 9MB to 14MB each.

There was supposed to be 18 of them, but the archive containing the high-res download fails to unzip two files (CRC won’t check out). No biggie, as 16 is still plenty to work with!

As you can see from the low-res preview of reasonable file size in the slideshow below, these are particularly pretty, without being obnoxious or distracting. Tasteful!

To get the Galaxy S8 wallpapers, pay SamMobile a visit …

Beautiful Infinity Display wallpapers that are a perfect fit for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

A day after Samsung made the bold new Galaxy S8 and S8+ official, we are here to bring you a collection of beautiful backgrounds that have been custom-tailored to fit the new Infinity Displays gracing both Galaxies perfectly!

If you somehow haven’t caught up with the news yet, with the S8 and S8+ Samsung ditched the standard screen aspect ratio of 16:9, opting instead for a still-unorthodox, but promising either way, 18.5:9 display that beautifully and efficiently fill up the fronts of both devices, leaving almost nothing in the way of bezels on the …

Behind-the-scenes video reveals how LG G6 wallpapers were made

The LG G6 has new wallpapers. Big deal, right? Who cares? Well, I do, but not many geeks will confess to you that they obsess over their wallpaper too much. Benchmarks and performance? Much more important. What might be surprising to you, though, is that posts about wallpapers consistently rank as one of the articles that get the most views here on PhoneArena. It seems that there is a secret fascination – well, maybe at least not an explicit one – with new wallpapers.

It took days to make the LG G6 wallpapersThat’s why I was not terribly surprised to see …

LG G6 stock wallpapers: Get them here!

LG just unveiled the G6 at MWC, and it sure is one impressive device! It’s compact footprint is made all the more impressive by the 5.7-inch display, while its sleek design is emphasized by the rounded aesthetic that permeates G6’s new user interface.

The consistent visuals are further complemented by the stock wallpapers included on the G6 – some of them garbed in vivid colors, punctuated by soft and elegant curves, while others relying on minimalistic imagery and subtle textures.

It’s a nice selection of images, and they all look very stylish on the LG …

How to Get and Change iPhone 6 Wallpapers HD in iOS 8

iPhone 6 Wallpapers: Where I got best iPhone 6 wallpapers? iPhone 6 HD Wallpaper help!? Anyone suggest change live wallpapers for iPhone 6/6 Plus? These are the most common questions posed by iPhone 6 users on Yahoo Answer. Given many a user has trouble in finding and changing iPhone 6 wallpapers, here I would like to present the solution on searching and changing wallpapers for iPhone 6/6+ as well as iPhone 5S/C/5, iPad, iPod, iOS 7, iOS 8 devices with a desire to let you customize your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with the easiest way.

Tips: supposing you yearn for converting your JPG, JPEG, BMP, etc iPhone 6 backgrounds to a vivid photo slideshow video, here humbly suggests you to use a solid video converter to convert your iPhone 6 wallpaper images to a wonderful photo slideshow video with various dynamic effects offered and fair-sounding music added as you prefer.

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Where to Find out Varied iPhone 6 Wallpapers (HD or Live Wallpapers) ?

There are loads of ways to get beautiful images as your iPhone 6 wallpapers, including:
*Take photos with the inherent iPhone 6 camera;
*Transfer photos from your computer to iPhone 6;
*Stream photos to iPhone 6(partly from iCloud);
*Save images from the iPhone wallpaper website;
*Apply apps (iTunes) to download wallpapers for iPhone 6.

Here we shift our focus to the last two approaches since you should have an acquaintance with the first three ways. So let’s access to the online website and iPhone wallpaper apps to garner the one-of-a-kind wallpaper for iPhone 6 (Plus).

The 1st wallpaper for iPhone 6 (Plus) is a HD iPhone wallpaper which can be easily captured on professional HD wallpaper site for iPhone to offer you with sorts of iPhone 6 HD wallpapers, such as abstract iPhone 6 backgrounds, animals wallpapers for iPhone 6, cute iPhone 6 wallpapers, etc. You can get whatever wallpapers for iPhone 6, iOS 8 free of charge.

The 2nd and 3rd iPhone 6 wallpapers are the 3D dynamic wallpapers for iPhone 6/6+ as well as iPhone 5S/C/5, iPad mini retina/Air, which will make your iPhone 6 look much more vivid and interesting. Go to or download an award-winning app called 3D Dynamic Wallpapers from iTunes to enhance the look and feel of your iPhone 6 by selection of specially designed iPhone iPad iPod backgrounds, blurred iPhone wallpapers, funny live wallpapers for iPhone iPad and many other eye candies.

For those who usually edge themselves into the bandwagon that closely follow the fashion trend of iPhones iPads HD wallpapers, the last two stunning wallpapers for iOS 7 & iOS 8 shouldn’t be missed. Eager to know the best wallpapers of the day, the most popular daily top 24 wallpapers for iOS 7&iOS 8 devices? Log in freeiOS7 or free download Wallpapers HD for iOS 7& iOS 6 and then you can free download the amazing yet coolest wallpapers for iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad, iPod with sharp image from their ranking lists.

Note: In the event that you want to download and extract the cute image from YouTube as your iPhone wallpaper, here the all-round MacX Video Converter Pro cuts the buck at this point that after fast downloading YouTube videos, it can authorize you to capture any desired image with crisp image in just a click way while playing back on its built-in media player.

How to Resize and Change iPhone 6 Wallpaper in iOS 8?

After obtaining the fascinating HD wallpaper for Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, whether you can’t wait to sync it to your iPhone 6 as your wallpaper (home screen or lock screen) ? Well, now let’s change the wallpaper for iPhone 6 (plus) and get it customizable. Yet, before we call it started, it might as well take a close look at the right size for iPhone 6 as well as its siblings.

Tip for resizing iPhone 6 wallpaper: Providing the background you consider to use as your iPhone 6 wallpaper is not suitable with your iPhone 6 due to the improper size, then do your wallpaper manipulation elsewhere in, Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop or whatever other preeminent image editing apps you utilize.

Here is How to Change iPhone Wallpaper (for iPhone 6/6+):

With limited time and energy, here just illustrates you the specific process of how to change wallpapers for iPhone 6, but remember: to change wallpapers for iPhone 5S/C/5, iPads, iPod and iOS 7, iOS 8 devices, it’s much of a muchness.

Step 1: Get the image on your iPhone 6 and go to your home screen and tap the Settings app.

Step 2: In Settings, tap Wallpapers & Brightness and then press the images under Choose Wallpaper.

Step 3: Choose the image you desire to use from Apple Wallpaper (Dynamic backgrounds included); Camera Roll; My Panoramas and other photo folders.

Step 4: Hit Set after selecting the wallpaper or Cancel if you change your mind.

Step 5: Decide whether you want the image for your home screen, lock screen, or both. Click the option you prefer, or tap Cancel as you like.

How about Making iPhone 6 Ringtone?

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