Google releases an official $15 Home Mini wall mount

The smart speaker market is rapidly growing. Are you a new owner of a Google Home Mini? Are you looking for a place to put your new, donut-shaped smart home speaker? Well, until now—unless you went for a third-party solution—the Home Mini was destined to occupy a flat, horizontal surface in your home.

However, Google has somewhat surprisingly partnered with mobile accessory maker Incipio to bring an official wall mount for the Mini to the Google Store. The mount itself is a simple plastic build with a slot for the tiny device to snap into place. It comes …

Wall Street analyst says iPhone X sales are below expectations

Karl Ackerman is an analyst with the Wall Street securities house of Cowen & Co. Ackerman has penned a note to clients that says initial demand for the Apple iPhone X “has been below initial expectations as users appear to have gravitated toward the previous iPhone models.” The analyst adds that all three 2017 iPhone models, which include the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone X are selling at a decent clip, but sales are not strong enough to say that Apple is in the midst of a supercycle.

Ackerman estimates that in the current three month period that ends this month, …

Qualcomm turns down Broadcom's takeover bid; this could be the start of an epic Wall Street battle

As expected, Qualcomm this morning said no to the largest tech takeover bid in history. Fellow chipmaker Broadcom had offered $60 in cash and $10 in stock for each Qualcomm share, a transaction valued at $105 billion. Qualcomm told stockholders to reject the tender offer, stating that it amounts to Broadcom trying to buy it on the cheap. Despite the rejection, there are still ways that Broadcom can execute an end around past its target’s board.

Broadcom is said to be considering a proxy contest, asking Qualcomm stockholders to vote on replacing the latter’s current board with a slate of …

Google Wallpapers brings fresh new wall art, but the best is Pixel-exclusive

The Google Wallpapers app is getting fresh new wall art, but most of it is exclusive to the Google Pixel series.
There are 3 new categories added to the Google Wallpapers app: you have geometric shapes a la Nexus 4, the photo-realistic Underwater section and a cool and artistic new “Keep Looking” section. The Geometric Shapes one is available on all Android devices. There are also new additions in the existing categories, including that Rainy day wallpaper that we saw on the Pixel 2, but that’s again a Pixel exclusive.
There …

Wall Street analysts predict when the Apple iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 will launch

There have been a number of rumors suggesting that the tenth anniversary iPhone model, dubbed the Apple iPhone 8, will arrive late. One report had the device launching late in the calendar fourth quarter as Apple tries to decide whether it can place Touch ID under the front screen, or put a button on the back of the handset. As it turns out, a facial recognition system using 3D-scanning seems the most likely answer to keeping the model free from buttons on the front of the device.

After reporting its fiscal third quarter earnings report yesterday, Apple released some estimates about its …

Margot Robbie slapped Leonardo DiCaprio at the 'The Wolf of Wall Street' audition


Trying to forge a career in Hollywood? Maybe try slapping your way to the top.

Time’s The Most Influential 100 People has been released, a regular feature in which profiles of the honorees are written by other famous people.

In the case of Australian Margot Robbie, the actress was praised by director Martin Scorsese, the director of The Wolf of Wall Street — the film in which Robbie made her Hollywood breakthrough.

Scorsese tried to answer the question on what Robbie is like by waxing lyrical about her “comedic genius” and “all-bets-off feistiness,” reminiscent of classic Hollywood actresses. Read more…

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No joke; BlackBerry beats Wall Street expectations for the fourth quarter

BlackBerry, in the midst of transitioning from a hardware to a software company, topped Wall Street expectations with its latest earnings report announced this morning. For the fourth fiscal quarter which ended on February 28th, the company grew its top line by 12.2% to $193 million. BlackBerry has turned over design, production, marketing and sales of BlackBerry phones over to companies like China’s TCL. BlackBerry provides the software and collects a royalty based on sales.

The company also is involved with providing software to the IoT. It sells industrial software to manufacturers, and …

You can actually hang this Google-synced Magic Calendar on your wall… some day in the future

Calendars are a thing of the past, a thing of the present and a thing of the future. Those paper things we hand on our walls? Past. The cool, colored and event-packed calendars in our phones. Present. A mix of the two? The future.
At least this is what this conceptual product coming from a Japanese Android Experiments campaign is all about.

A calendar that looks like paper, but automatically syncs with your Google CalendarA simple idea, it brings what looks like a perfectly usual, traditional wall-hanging calendar, but …

Sports betting is starting to look a lot more like Wall Street


Your March Madness office pool is like the Charles Schwab of sports betting. Beyond those hastily chosen brackets, there’s an entire cottage industry of sports betting that’s increasingly resembling Wall Street.

In 2016, total sports wagers in Nevada were $4.5 billion, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. With that much at stake, gamblers are turning to more sophisticated tools that involve complex data analysis to achieve better odds, real-time wagering during games, fund managers who pool bets and risk management practices. The result is something akin to day trading. Here’s how: Read more…

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