Google says fix is coming for slow to wake Pixel 2 XL and offers a workaround

You might remember than exactly a week ago, several Google Pixel 2 XL owners complained that after installing the June OTA Android security update, their devices would take two to three seconds longer to wake. At the time, a Google employee on the company’s Issue Tracker started sniffing around, which was a hopeful sign for those with sleepy Pixel 2 XL units.
Sure enough, this morning Google posted a statement on a Reddit page that focuses on the aftermath of the June update on the Pixel 2 XL. It says that Google is aware of the issue and has already “identified …

After the June OTA update, some Pixel 2 XL owners say the phone takes longer to wake

Yesterday, we told you that the four Google Pixel handsets and two Nexus models had received the June Android security patch via an OTA update. And while the update tightened security of these phones and fixed some functional issues with Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi connectivity, it did leave a nasty side effect for some Pixel 2 XL users; their phones are taking longer to wake up.
Now let’s be honest about what these Pixel 2 XL owners are experiencing. The device is taking an extra one or two seconds to wake, according to those who posted about the problem on the Google …

Update: OnePlus disables credit card payments on its website in wake of reported security breach

Update: OnePlus has now disabled credit card payments on Customers will still be able to shop via PayPal. The company is still investigating and also looking for alternative payment options. If you’ve done any credit card payments on, it’s advised you keep an eye on your payment history and statements. Original story follows:

OnePlus is well-known for offering awesome devices at unbelievably low prices and the company does a few things to make sure its corner-cutting doesn’t come from the actual hardware. Since it started …

The Essential Phone is getting double tap to wake, EIS and Treble for fast updates

Riding on his creator-of-Android clout, Andy Rubin reportedly raised $300 million from investors for his Essential undertaking, which has so far resulted in a phone with a very promising ideas, but ho-hum execution, as most initial efforts turn out to be. While Essential doesn’t disclose sales numbers, analysts back in September mapped its uptake to be just 5000 units, as the handset was plagued by poor camera reviews and other mishaps, and it was unfortunate to come to market when “all-screen” phones from the most popular manufacturers hit the tape as well. 

In addition, …

Four ways to wake up the iPhone X screen. No home button? No problem!

So, the iPhone X is coming out in just under a month, and you may be one of the many waiting at the edge of their seats. And for good reason — the X is a long-awaited design evolution and a technological marble by Apple. But, being so drastically different, it also comes with slight differences on how you are going to physically the device.

For example:
There is no home button? How can I conveniently wake my iPhone now?
The little circular pad, which has been a signature feature of the iPhones ever since the original launched is now gone. Users have long been …

Rich guy Leo DiCaprio surrenders priceless art in wake of embezzlement scandal


Leonardo DiCaprio may have received some very expensive paintings in a super shady way.

According to artnet, DiCaprio, a known art collector, is reportedly in the process of surrendering a $3.2 million painting and a $9 million collage to U.S. authorities in the wake of a huge embezzlement scandal.

Red Granite — the company that produced DiCaprio’s movie The Wolf of Wall Street — was co-founded by Riza Aziz, the stepson of Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak, and reportedly received illicit financing from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad fund (also known as 1MDB fund). The fund was initially created for the purposes of economic development, but now allegedly has a hand in less noble dealings. Read more…

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Brave 4-year-old uses unconscious mom fingerprint to wake her phone, call emergency and save her life

What do you do if you are four years old and you find mummy lying unconscious on the floor at home?

If you are brave 4-year-old Roman from London, you waste no time: the little kid found his mom unconscious, but did not panic. Instead, he was clever enough to use mom’s finger to unlock her phone, then immediately called emergency using Apple’s Siri voice assistant in a serious of actions that saved the life of the mother of the little boy.
Roman lives in the south London district of Kenley and he dialed 999 (the British equivalent …

Samsung to implement 8 step battery testing in wake of investigation

While Samsung is going to work on repairing its reputation following the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, one way to get the public to feel better about the company is for Samsung to tell the world how it plans on improving the testing of batteries to be used on its handsets. After all, whatever testing procedures were in place last year were not enough to catch the problems that led to the explosions of several Galaxy Note 7 units.

Samsung has announced a new eight-point battery safety check which includes a durability test. That includes driving a nail through the battery to see if it survives. It …

Phil Schiller says Apple is working with Consumer Reports in wake of MacBook Pro battery issues

MacBook Pro In a year that’s been largely lackluster for Apple and downright bizarre for battery technologies, Consumer Reports’ refusal to recommend the new MacBook Pro feels like a too perfect microcosm of the past twelve months. In the wake of online complaints surrounding the recently refreshed laptop line’s longevity, the review stalwart handed the 15-inch version of the laptop… Read More

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