Deal: Samsung Gear VR (2nd-gen) on sale for just $50 on Amazon

ProductLocationItem ConditionCurrent PriceOffer ExpiresSamsung Gear VR (2015)AmazonNew$49.89 ($69.99)
29% offN/A
If you’re interested in entering the trendy VR niche but don’t want to break the bank on an Oculus VR or an HTC Vive, you might want to check out Amazon’s latest offer for the second-gen Samsung Gear VR. 

The e-commerce site has the headset on sale at just $49.89, down from the usual retail price of $99.99. Samsung itself sells the same device for $69.99, so a discount of 29% compared to the best alternative price is something …

The first IMAX VR arcade is a huge hit—and I can see why


Virtual reality may have just got the shot of confidence it needed to break into the mainstream. 

On Friday, IMAX held its latest earnings conference call and it came with an unexpected bit of news: the company’s virtual reality arcade experiment in Los Angeles has been a success.

Of course, for anyone who has visited the facility, as I did last week, the news is hardly a surprise. 

“Our LA facility, which has been opened for roughly 3 months now, has seen over 20,000 unique visitors,” said IMAX CEO Richard Lewis Gelfond during the earnings call. “From a revenue standpoint, the center is pacing at roughly $15,000 a week over the last month or so, including our highest grossing week to date, this past week, and continues to exceed expectations.” Read more…

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Mark Zuckerberg posts Oculus VR film profiling prison inmates changing their lives


Mark Zuckerberg made a big splash last week with Facebook’s dive into social VR in the form of Facebook Spaces. But Zuckerberg knows that social media is just part of the VR picture, and on Sunday he demonstrated that by posting a short VR film called Step to the Line. 

Shot using the new Nokia OZO camera, directed by Ricardo Laganaro, and produced in partnership with Defy Ventures, the film is part of the Oculus VR For Good program. The Oculus initiative was launched last year to support VR film projects that encourage positive social change.  Read more…

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Sir David Attenborough comes in VR to tell you about rocks and minerals

When you think of a person with deep, soothing voice that resonates with everything inside of you, you either think of Morgan Freeman or your father. Unless you grew up in Britain. In the UK, ‘God’s voice’ person would be Sir David Attenborough, hands down. This man has talked about more rocks than there are rocks on this planet, on more media platforms than most contemporary pop stars, with voice – certainly more beautiful and dreamy than most of said stars’. Iconic British naturalist, Sir Attenborough is now also going to star as a hologram in a VR experience, called ‘Hold …

SpaceVR, SpaceX to launch VR camera into space, bringing the astronaut experience to all


A couple of years ago we told you about a future project from startup SpaceVR that would send virtual reality cameras into orbit in order bring back immersive space video to VR users on Earth. 

On Friday, I held that future in my very hands, and it felt like most space bound objects — surprisingly clunky, but packed with all the mystery and promise of the universe.

During a meeting in Los Angeles, SpaceVR’s CEO, Ryan Holmes, allowed me hold his space baby, a large thermos-sized device that houses eight cameras (four cameras on each end). Those cameras will capture two to three hours of 360-degree footage per month over the course of nine months. After nine months, the device will fall back to Earth and burn up during re-entry.  Read more…

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Google launches a new home for web-based VR experiments (compatible with Daydream and Cardboard)

“Become a donut and try to wrap your fashionable scarf around hungry enemies.”

We’ll just let that sink in…
Okay, so this is the wacky tone that Google is going for in its latest mobile VR experiments, and frankly, we’re not complaining!
Google launched a new page for mobile VR experiments that run on the now-WebVR-enabled Chrome. There are not that many available right now, and the page is more of a showcase of what’s to come, but what’s lacking in numbers at this point is more than made up for in delightful …

AccuWeather hits the Samsung Gear VR with scary 360-degree tornado close-ups

All weather apps are real in that what you see on screen is (usually) what you get outside. AccuWeather, though, is going next-level real. One of the most popular weather apps in the world – if not the most popular – has launched on the Samsung Gear VR, bringing 360-degree video and weather information in ways we haven’t seen before. Okay, hold up… how do you make a freaking weather report exciting enough to be worth blasting your retinas up close for?

It looks like AccuWeather had this sensitive question figured out well before boarding the VR hype train. For starters, …

HTC sells factory to fund its VR operations

The HTC Vive VR headset got off to a good start for the company when 140,000 units sold in the first seven months ended last November. Each unit retails for close to $800. For all of 2016, it is estimated that 450,000 Vive units were sold, bringing in $360 million in gross revenue. While handsets still bring in the majority of HTC’s cash,  last year CEO and co-founder Cher Wang said that VR is more important to HTC than its lumbering smartphone business. 

Even though the HTC 10 was well received, it did not sell all that well. And as gorgeous as the HTC U Ultra looks, the company …

YouTube and Daydream partner up to improve the look of VR videos

While YouTube has been trying to accommodate VR video, it has been looking for ways to make the VR experience more realistic. So the company announced on Tuesday that it is teaming up with Google’s Daydream VR platform to make VR feel more immersive. According to YouTube, matching human visual acuity is the key to producing realistic 360 degree VR videos. That means delivering these videos at 60 pixels per degree of immersive content.

YouTube says that its ability to deliver quality VR footage depends on the speed of one’s internet connection and the device employed. To make VR look realistic …

Let this wicked infographic show you how much fun the US military is having with VR

Virtual reality is still a bit of a novelty thing among consumers, but for the military, it’s just another tool for whipping boys into the shape of men. Let Luminous Group’s awesomely detailed infographic clue you in on the various creative uses for VR that military forces have come up with. For starters, there’s a rad flight simulator used to attract “tech-minded” talent to the U.S. Air Force. If manning a virtual jet fighter isn’t your thing, there’s a live fire exercise complete with Challenger 2 tanks.

Meanwhile, the US Navy recruits soldiers with a high-speed water …