Microsoft to bring Mobile View mode to Office for iOS

Mobile View is the new feature iOS users will benefit when using one Microsoft’s Office apps, specifically Word. The developers have just announced that a couple of new features and improvements will be added to the Office package on the iOS this month.

The most important, Mobile View is supposed to adjust a document to the iPad screen so that you won’t have to pinch and zoom whenever a document doesn’t fit the size of tablet’s display.

Word app will also receive Learning Tools, which enable users to adjust text spacing, column width, and page color. Keep …

Live Photos for all! Google Photos now lets you share and view your moving pictures over iOS, Android, and PC

A couple of years ago, Apple introduced its “Live Photos” — a feature, which has the phone’s camera record a short video that spans the time just before and just after you press the shutter button. Photos are viewable as normal, but force-pressing (or just long pressing if you don’t have 3D Touch) makes them “come alive” with the frames that were captured just before and just after. A neat little feature, great for capturing family moments with that fidgety little one, pets, fireworks, and other unpredictable stuff.

For quite a while, Live Photos have been an exclusive club. If you wanted …

Microsoft's upcoming Mixed Reality app (formerly View 3D) is Android bound according to video?

Microsoft posted a job listing the other day, apparently seeking developers to build a 3D scanning and augmented reality app for mobile devices. One question not answered by the listing is which platform(s) will be the recipient of this work. It appears that Microsoft might have given away the answer with a promotional video it released back in May. The video, which we’ve embedded at the stop of the story for your viewing pleasure, shows a preview of Redmond’s View 3D app. The upcoming app will now be known as Microsoft’s Mixed Reality viewer when released.

At the 1:33 mark in the …

Google Daydream View (second-gen) hands-on

Quietly announced alongside Google’s other new devices that are slated to come out this holiday season, the company decided to upgrade its mobile VR headset after a year of first being introduced. Dubbed simply as the second-generation Google Daydream View, which will cost $99 when it’s released on October 17th, it features new changes that’ll hopefully deliver on more compelling mobile VR and AR experiences.

The biggest change we noticed is the addition of a pink colored version, supplementing the existing monotone colors we’ve seen before. Beyond that, they’ve added …

Google Contacts for Android update adds lots of changes to view and suggestions

Google has just announced new features for its Contacts app for Android devices. A major update was recently released in the Play Store as Google Contacts 2.2, so make sure you get it if you want to benefit from all these improvements.

But let’s start with the most obvious changes that you’ll see at first glance. First off, the large photos have been brought back, although Google dropped them a few iterations ago. Following user feedback, Contacts will now display a larger, more vibrant contact photo.

Furthermore, action buttons under the photo will now make …

Microsoft's Outlook gains full screen view on iPad, many Calendar improvements

Microsoft has just released a new version of Outlook for iOS devices. Among the few important improvements included there’s one aimed at iPad users. The rest of the changes apply to all iOS devices running Outlook app.

With the latest version of Outlook, iPad users will have an easier time reading emails since the app now offers a full-screen view. The rest of the changes include performance improvements and bug fixes meant to make Outlook better than ever.

Finally, the Office team added a small change to the calendar icon, which is now moving as users are scrolling through their days …

Man refuses to let his fear of heights ruin this breathtaking view


Taking in the view is the best part of vacation for some people. For others, it’s a nightmare.

So what does one do when visiting Dún Aonghasa in Ireland while suffering from acrophobia? Take the belly approach.

With some encouraging words from his daughter, this terrified dad managed to belly  his way right to the edge of the cliff. It took some coaxing, but we applaud this man for crawling all over his fear.  Read more…

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Google Street View now lets users take a trip into space aboard the ISS

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Earth from space? Not many people can make such a dream come true, which is why Google is lending a helping hand to those with near impossible dreams.

Starting today, Google Street View lets you explore the ISS (International Space Station) and have a peek at the Earth from the outer space. You’ll be able to “float” through all the modules that form up ISS while receiving detailed information about what you see directly from Google.

The imagery you see via Street View was gathered by astronauts when one of Space X’s …

Google Maps updated with Street View thumbnails for directions

Although it may appear as a work in progress judging by the almost unlimited numbers of updates it gets each year, Google Maps is arguably the best navigation app for mobile devices. Without making any official announcements on the matter, Google is rolling out a couple of new features for the Maps app.

The most important (and visible) is the addition of thumbnails for directions, so Google Maps users will now be able to see images of the places they are routed through.

You can see these Street View images next to each turn whenever you’re following a path. Clicking on the images …

Google announces Street View program with 20 new 360-degree cameras coming in 2017

Google has just announced a new Street View-ready certification program, which will be integrated with 20 new 360-degree cameras coming to market throughout 2017. All the cameras that will be released in the coming months will meet one of four new “Street View ready” standards, Google confirmed.

The new certification program will allow Android and iOS users to publish Street View directly from a mobile application via 360 cameras, without having to use a desktop workflow.

But the new program has three other tiers with functionality in other fields like VR, …