VLC media player for iOS updated with iPhone X and 4k videos support

It’s been less than a week since VLC, one of the most popular media players for mobile devices, received an important update on Android, and the iOS version is getting the same treatment.

As expected, the new update brings support for iPhone X, but also some fixes that should prevent the app from acting erratically on devices powered by iOS 7 and iOS 8. On top of that, the update adds support for HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding ) 4K videos. Some general bug fixes have been implemented too, so you should have a smoother experienced now.

If you haven’t yet …

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL use OIS and EIS to take "the shake" out of videos

The Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL can produce videos with images that are so steady, they appear to have been shot using a tripod. But the truth is, you can just hold your Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL in your hand and even if you are jittery, the phone uses what Google calls Fused Video Stabilization. Essentially, this is a combination of optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS).

Besides a shaking camera that can cause videos to look like you shot them in a hurricane, other things can cause your videos to appear jumpy. Moving the camera too fast can create …

The magical selfie cam: Ego Cam creates videos that are stabilized and always centered around your face

What’s the most annoying thing when watching a video taken with a phone’s selfie camera? Well, besides the contents of your everyday vlog, it’s usually the shakycam — the inevitable shakes, trembles, and flutters that happen when a user is trying to keep a camera on their face and move around. The frontal snappers on our handsets don’t have optical image stabilization, and even the ones that do aren’t exactly Gimbals.

Ego Cam is an interesting new app, which looks to remedy this. Using advanced face-detecting algorithms, it will figure out where your mug is in every …

More problems: Pixel 2 XL owners report terribly tinny, distorted audio recording in videos

The Pixel 2 XL has been off to quite a bumpy start. From clicking sounds to faulty displays, the hits appear to keep on coming. Fortunately, the latest reported issue — distorted audio quality in video recording — should be easily fixed with a software update.

First reported among owners on Google’s Pixel Community website, the audio quality in video recordings is described as “tinny”, “overly compressed”, and “unusable” among many other descriptors from a growing number of users. Some describe it as a sometimes intermittent issue, leading many …

You can now record Snapchat videos on your iPhone, but it won't be a secret

The new iOS 11 iPhone operating system comes with a ton of new features, among which a very useful screen recording functionality. And then there is Snapchat: the app that made a name for itself thanks to the disappearing, in-the-moment photos and videos that you can send with it.
But what if you really, really want to save a video sent to you on Snapchat?
Well, we tried using the iOS 11 screen recording functionality with Snapchat and it worked! All videos are promptly saved to the Photos app, but just don’t expect …

Pixel, Pixel XL owners have unlimited free storage of original photos and videos for life

When the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL models rolled out last year, Google promised owners of the two devices unlimited free storage of original quality photos and videos in Google Photo. No expiration date was ever mentioned. So when the word came from Mountain View that Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL owners will get the same treatment of their photos and videos, but only through the end of 2020, beads of sweat started to drip off owners of the first-gen models. Would their unlimited storage of original quality photos and videos also expire after three more years?

According …

YouTube is testing autoplaying videos in its Android app

Don’t you just love it when you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and you keep being bombarded with random, autoplaying videos you couldn’t care less about? No? Something must be wrong with you, then — after all, it’s not just Facebook that’s doing it; there’s also Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and every other second-grade social media platform. So it must be what the consumers want, otherwise no one would be doing it — right?

That appears to be the line of thinking over at Google, at least — not content with falling behind the curve with annoying app design decisions …

New Google Photos update allows you to share videos faster, here's how it works

Google Photos has received a neat new functionality. Version 3.6 of the app now enables faster video sharing for users living in areas with poor network coverage. 

Here’s how it works. Photos will first backup videos in a low-res preview quality. Naturally, the smaller size of the files will allow for quicker upload times. As soon as you’re in an area with good coverage or a solid Wi-Fi connection, all low-res copies will be replaced with the original high-quality versions. 
Of course, this feature will also be useful even if you’re …

Google Maps is now Instagram, encourages users to upload food videos

In its never ending mission to map the world, Google is now encouraging Maps users to upload short, Instagram-style videos to the platform.

Users enrolled in the Local Guides program can record 10-second video clips from within Google Maps or upload the first 30 seconds of a video they’ve already taken. According to TechCrunch, the feature has been live for around two weeks, although Local Guides began receiving emails about it only yesterday. There’s currently no official announcement from Google, save for the “Tips” page that’s been linked in every …

Apple ARKit app lets you record Mannequin Challenge style videos with virtual objects


While some developers working with ARKit are trying to figure out how to make augmented reality apps for productivity, even more are using it to let us have fun in new ways. 

That’s definitely the idea behind a new app from Ataru Tou called MagicMovieCamera, which lets you place various virtual objects in real spaces and then record yourself reacting those objects. 

What is this good for? Why an enhanced version of the Mannequin Challenge, of course. Or maybe even pretending you’re Neo in The Matrix.

MagicMovieCamera with ARkit! Real time Time stop!!just like DIO’s THEWORLD!! #MagicMovieCamera #ARkit #jojo #Iphone8 #CG #vr #IOS11 #AR pic.twitter.com/7ynh5zgs8B

— ATARUTOU (@ADARUTOU) August 28, 2017 Read more…

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