“Gold-copper” Nokia 8 version allegedly leaked from production line

The Nokia 8 leak storm intensifies, which makes us believe that the handset will indeed be unveiled by the end of the month. The latest scoop allegedly comes straight from the production line, and if it’s true, it means that the Nokia flagship is already being manufactured.

The leaked photos are of a new “gold-copper” color, which has not made it to an officially sold smartphone just yet. But this is not the only difference between the device and the renders Evan Blass leaked a few days ago.

The handset doesn’t sport the Zeiss logo under its rear cameras, …

Here is the silver version of the upcoming Nokia 8 flagship

HMD Global, the owner of the Nokia phones license, is expected to unveil at least one high-end smartphone by the end of the year. There has been much talk around HMD’s first Nokia-branded flagship smartphone, but we didn’t quite get a better look at the device until recently.

If you’ve been following our news feed, then you already know about the Nokia 8, a high-end smartphone that will feature dual Zeiss camera and top-of-the-line specs. Thanks to Evan Blass, we now know what the Blue version of the Nokia 8 looks like.

Today, he decided to publish yet another …

Samsung SM-G9650 hits Geekbench; this could be a lite version of the Galaxy S8+

Earlier today we told you about a new Samsung phone that surfaced on Geekbench. The model number of that handset is SM-G9600, and as we told you in the earlier story, the device is powered by the sdm840. This could be the Snapdragon 840 SoC. With four cores, the chip could be more closely related to the Snapdragon 820 than the Snapdragon 835 chipset. The latter, which comes with an octa-core CPU, is currently being used by the current generation of top shelf phones.

Now, another Samsung model apparently related to the earlier discovery was also found on Geekbench. This time, the model number …

Chinese version of Nokia 6 (TA-1000) gets official support for Google services

Nokia 6 made its debut on the market back in January, but the phone remains China-exclusive. Starting this month, Nokia 6 will be available for purchase in the United States, while Europeans are expected to get it later.

However, the Chinese variant of the Nokia 6 does not come with support for Google services, whereas the international model has them installed by default. Well, it appears that HMD Global was concerned about the issue and decided to allow Nokia 6 owners in China choose whether or not they want to install any of Google’s apps on their phones.

The …

What version of Android are you on?

So, the distribution speed for every new major Android build has always been the punchline for a now tired (though, still relevant) joke. Today, Android’s most recent distribution stats have been posted and they show that the newest build, Android 7 Nougat which was officially released at the end of last year is only installed on about 11% of devices. Most of the devices out there (32%) rock the 2-year-old Android 6 Marshmallow build, but there are almost as many (30%) on the 3-year-old Lollipop.

Still, this does take into account absolutely every Android device on the planet which gets …

HMD decides to remove the notification LED from the global version of Nokia 6

Here is something that might be of interest to Nokia fans anxious to get their hands on the latest smartphones introduced by HMD Global earlier this year. Nokia 6, the first handset HMD made available on the market (China only), will have different global variants that are supposed to hit the shelves in early August.

Even in China, two Nokia 6 models are available for purchase, but they’re not different when it comes to hardware. The only difference between the TA-1000 and TA-1003 versions is the fact that the latter comes with Google services, whereas the former …

HMD made some software and hardware changes to the international version of Nokia 6

Although HMD promised to release all its Nokia-branded smartphones globally by the end of June, it looks like many markets won’t be getting two out of the three Nokia handsets until July.

The Nokia 6 is the first Android smartphone launched by HMD, but the device was a China exclusive for many months. The international variant is supposed to hit European markets very soon, while customers in the United States will get the Nokia 6 in early July.

However, there are differences between the Chinese and global variants of the Nokia 6, and one of them is the amount …

Rovio launches Angry Birds Evolution, a “more adult” version of the smash hit

Finnish developer Rovio is trying to breath new life into its Angry Birds franchise, as their latest game promises “naughty humor, pop culture references galore and classic turn-based RPG combat.”

Rovio has teamed up with German studio Chimera Entertainment for the development of Angry Birds Evolution, and the results are on the positive side. The game has more than 1 million downloads in the Google Play and a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating.

Unlike any of the previous Angry Birds games, Evolution features console-quality graphics and Eastern-style RPG turn-based combat …

HMD requests FCC change model number for the Nokia 9, cancelling version with 4GB RAM

FCC documents reveal that the Nokia 9, which already was certified by the regulatory agency with the model number of TA-1004, will now be known as the TA-1012. In a letter to the Feds, manufacturer HMD requested the change noting that the previous FCC results for the TA-1004 are representative of the TA-1012. HMD holds the license to use the Nokia name on its handsets.

Geekbench benchmark tests for the Nokia 9 have revealed versions of the phone with both 6GB and 8GB of RAM. Both of those models tested were powered by the high-end Snapdragon 835 chipset. Another Geekbench test of the now …

Verizon optimized CDMA version of BlackBerry KEYone to arrive soon at Best Buy

So you’ve been dying to buy the BlackBerry KEYone. Who could blame you? With the fretted QWERTY Keyboard that makes typing so easy also doubling as a touchpad, and the fingerprint scanner embedded in the Space Bar, the KEYone is all about making the most out of a well-designed handset. And since the phone is powered by the energy sipping Snapdragon 625 chipset, battery life is fantastic.

The BlackBerry KEYone in its unlocked CDMA form will soon be available in this incantation from Best Buy, “optimized for Verizon network support.” The unit is priced at $549.99, matching the cost of the …