Apple is having a hard time with its competition on the vast Chinese market, latest IDC data reveals

Apple is slowly but steadily deciphering the mysteries of the saturated and rather competitive Chinese smartphone market as the latest quarterly data from IDC shows Cupertino growing 0.6% year over year and claiming some 7.7% of the market in Q3 2017. With 8.8 million iPhones sold for the time period, Apple is currently the 5th key player locally, trailing behind Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. One thing that could make a difference is the iPhone X, which is already being sold in China and will affect Cupertino’s next quarterly results.
Huawei continues its …

PornHub adds AI to help users navigate the site's vast video library

Steaming Streaming adult video site PornHub is adding AI to its platforms which includes its mobile site. Right now, the company is using the tool to tag its performers and certain physical features that they have (such as hair color). 500,000 videos have been scanned thus far and PornHub’s entire video library will be scanned beginning sometime next year. Soon, AI will be used to tag various sex positions and categories making it easier for visitors to navigate the site’s large video library.

Currently, PornHub has over 5 million videos, and Face Recognition will be used at first to …

Technology and today’s vast and immensely underserved mental health population

Photo: Getty Images/g-stockstudio/iStock Someone in your life is suffering from a mental disorder right now. You may not know it, but it’s there. Indeed, one in five adults suffers from a mental disorder. Society has trained us to believe mental illness is something to be ashamed of, so a majority of the afflicted hide it and go untreated. I’d like to say we’re becoming more accepting as a society, but … Read More

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