LG V30S ThinQ gets another price cut in the US

Back in April, when the LG V30S ThinQ first became available for pre-order in the US, it was quite expensive, costing $929. Fortunately, the phone’s price was cut to $729.99 before launch, and, as of today, the device is even cheaper.
B&H is currently selling the LG V30S ThinQ for $679.99 – that’s $250 off the handset’s initial price. At this moment, B&H is the only retailer that offers the official US variant of the V30S ThinQ (which obviously comes with US warranty, including 1 extra year of coverage for free). The smartphone is unlocked and compatible …

LG V30S ThinQ is now officially available in the US

After a couple of weeks in which it’s been available only for pre-order (with no proper release date mentioned), the LG V30S ThinQ is now finally in stock in the US. The new smartphone – announced back in February – is priced at $729.99 and can be purchased via B&H (see the source link below). 
This is the official unlocked US variant of the V30S ThinQ and is offered in two not too different color variants: Matte Moroccan Blue, and Glossy Moroccan Blue. LG itself is listing the handset on its website and provides links to B&H, as this is the only …

LG V30S ThinQ gets a pre-launch price cut

Earlier this week, we discovered that the LG V30S ThinQ was available for pre-order in the US via B&H, costing $929.99 unlocked. With the brand new LG G7 ThinQ coming soon, and the V30S ThinQ not being too different from last year’s LG V30, that price may seem too high for what the phone is offering.
Fortunately, B&H now lists the V30S ThinQ at $729.99, thus taking $200 off its original price. The handset – already available in South Korea – still doesn’t have a proper release date for the US, but it’ll likely start shipping soon. …

LG G7 ThinQ vs Galaxy S9 vs LG G6 vs LG V30S: Preliminary selfie comparison

LG’s latest flagship device, the G7 ThinQ, was just yesterday announced and is bound to take off the forerunner mantle from the LG G6. With top-notch hardware inside and overall design that feels quite fitting for 2018, the device is undoubtedly and naturally LG’s best phones to date.

As all devices these days are mostly the same and do similarly good job at almost all of their main features, one of the few truly defining aspects of a good phone remains its camera. Any phone lets you access Facebook and play Candy Crush Saga, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to share photos …

LG V30S ThinQ priced at $929 in the US, pre-orders open now

Back in February, LG announced an upgraded version of its V30 smartphone called V30S ThinQ. After being released in South Korea for almost $1,000, the LG 30S ThinQ is now available to pre-order in the US for about the same price.
Retailer B&H is asking $929.99 for an unlocked LG V30S ThinQ, offering it in two color variants: Glossy Moroccan Blue and Matte Moroccan Blue. This is the official US variant of the phone that’ll work on most carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. For now, it’s not clear exactly when the …

New LG V30 update adds all the AI camera features of the V30S ThinQ

When LG officially introduced the LG V30S ThinQ at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 last month, it promised to bring its unique camera features to the LG V30 and V30+ at some point.

Well, it appears that an update that contains most of AI camera features of the V30S ThinQ, so praised by LG, is now being rolled out to the LG V30. Although LG started the deployment of the update in South Korea, we can safely assume it will be expanded to more markets in the coming weeks.

The full changelog (translated) has already been posted by someone who captured the update, so here is what you’ll …

LG V30S ThinQ goes on sale for close to $1,000

LG introduced two new top-tier smartphones last month at Mobile World Congress – the LG V30S ThinQ and V30S+ ThinQ, although the South Korean company did not unveil another flagship. The announcement of the LG G7 is still one of the mysteries that we have yet to unravel, but rumor has it LG scrapped the development of the device at some point.

Until another LG flagship smartphone arrives on the market, fans of the brand may consider the two high-end devices announced at MWC 2018: LG V30S ThinQ and V30S+ ThinQ. While you can find more about these smartphones reading our previous report, we …

LG V30S ThinQ is announced: LG's first AI phone

A day before the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LG announced an improved version of its best smartphone from 2017. The LG V30S ThinQ, as it is called, is here to introduce us to LG’s approach to artificial intelligence on mobile and to show us how AI can make a good smartphone an even better one. 
The LG V30S ThinQ is the company’s first AI-powered phone
Sounds cool and all, but what can the LG V30S actually do? A primary use for the phone’s AI algorithms is to recognize various scenes and objects. When taking photos, for example, the …

LG V30S ThinQ

The LG V30S ThinQ is here to introduce us to LG’s approach to artificial intelligence on mobile and to show us how AI can make a good smartphone an even better one. A primary use for the phone’s AI algorithms is to recognize various scenes and objects. Right now there are 8 scenes that can be recognized by the LG V30S: Portrait, Animal, City, Flower, Sunrise, Sunset, Food, and Landscape. QLens is another AI feature built into the phone’s camera app. It is designed to let you search for a particular product on Amazon by taking a photo of it using the LG V30S. On the hardware front, the LG V30S is nearly identical to last year’s LG V30 despite the “S” in its name.

LG V30S ThinQ appears in promotional image (UPDATE)

A promotional image disseminated today via tweet by tipster Evan Blass, shows off the LG V30S ThinQ. Expected to be introduced during the MWC trade show that gets underway on Monday, there is nothing subtle about this phone. Even the specs are aggressive as the handset comes with 256GB of native storage right out of the box. AI/AR powered LG Lens is on board. Similar to Bixby Vision and Google Lens, this feature allows the device to recognize the subject of a photo and passes along information about it. For example, if you snap a photo of the Mona Lisa from a book, you’ll know who painted it (Leonardo …