iOS users, rejoice! Waze's Spotify integration is no longer an Android-only feature

Looking back at all the new features Waze added to its mobile app, we can safely say that this is an iOS-first app. Usually, it takes up to several months until Android users get to benefit from the same new features that Waze users on iOS are treated with, but there are exceptions to the rule.

One of these exceptions is Spotify integration, a feature that was added by Waze back in March but only on Android devices. Well, it looks like the exclusivity time is over and iOS users will get to use Spotify integration very soon as well.

The developers have just announced that the integrated …

Latest update allows Samsung users to disable the Bixby button, customization – still a mirage

With Bixby being one of the highlight features of Samsung’s latest devices, many users have had a love-hate relationship with it. While it’s a rather good and capable virtual assistant, Samsung’s unwillingness to make the dedicated Bixby button user-customizable and the constant play of cat and mouse with app developers has proved that Sammy doesn’t want that hardware key to be used for anything else than launching Bixby. 

Yes, Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 users will either use it to open Bixby… or not use it at all!
That’s …

Google Maps is now Instagram, encourages users to upload food videos

In its never ending mission to map the world, Google is now encouraging Maps users to upload short, Instagram-style videos to the platform.

Users enrolled in the Local Guides program can record 10-second video clips from within Google Maps or upload the first 30 seconds of a video they’ve already taken. According to TechCrunch, the feature has been live for around two weeks, although Local Guides began receiving emails about it only yesterday. There’s currently no official announcement from Google, save for the “Tips” page that’s been linked in every …

Why did Verizon and AT&T networks slow down? Unlimited plan users went crazy with mobile data

T-Mobile has another reason to brag after the latest Speedtest results by Oookla – it has been pegged as the fastest US network in the first half of the year, mainly on account of the fact that the Verizon and AT&T speeds have slowed down significantly after the two big carriers introduced unlimited data offerings. 

In fact, according to Opanga Network analysts, the average mobile data consumption has increased twofold since the carriers went unlimited, which explains the enormous strain on Verizon and AT&T networks, which are the ones with the most customers. 
Verizon …

HDR playback going live for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ users in latest YouTube app update

The latest update for the YouTube
app (12.34.55) is enabling HDR playback on Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices worldwide.


The Galaxy S8 and S8+, as well as a
handful of other HDR-certified handsets, recently tapped into Netflix’s
expanding roster of HDR video content, but the latest YouTube app update seems
to have a more limited scope.


After installing the latest update
on our Galaxy S8/S8+ and LG G6 units, we discovered that the functionality is
available only on Samsung’s phone. Playback at 1440p60 HDR is not perfectly
smooth on either the S8 or S8+ at this point, but this will …

Apple starts promoting iOS 11 changes with pop-up messages for iPhone and iPad users

A new “Tips” pop-up found on certain iPhone and iPad models is showing users of the two iOS powered devices some of the new features to expect when iOS 11 is pushed out to compatible models. One big change with the new build of Apple’s mobile OS is that it supports 64-bit devices only. That is why iPhone models older than the Apple iPhone 5s are excluded from receiving iOS 11. It also explains why 187,000 32-bit apps will eventually be removed from the App Store.

The “Tips” pop up started showing up yesterday and highlighted several of the new features coming to the iPhone and iPad such …

Piper Jaffray: iPhone users not terribly excited about the new 2017 models

You would think that with the tenth anniversary iPhone offering several new features, fans of the device would be overly excited about upgrading to the phone that could be called the Apple iPhone X. According to Piper Jaffray analyst Michael J. Olson, people are no more excited about this year’s new models than they were for last year’s new product introductions, which included the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Olson pointed out that the securities firm took a survey of more than 400 iPhone users and 16% of them said that they plan on upgrading to one of the new models this year. …

YouTube Live now allows users to stream more easily from iPhone and iPad

Google announced its YouTube Live service has been updated with new features and improvements meant to further enhance user experience. Since most of the new features announced today are already available on Android, iOS users have the most to gain.

With the latest update, content creators will be able to interact much easier with their fans during live streams, thanks to a new ultra low-latency option. The new feature makes it possible to stream video with just a couple of second of latency, thus allowing you to answer fan questions.

Furthermore, thanks to the Apple ReplayKit, …

A water-resistant BlackBerry phone is coming this October to lure iPhone and Galaxy users away

Not long after hearing that two new BlackBerry smartphones were in the making, we can now confirm that at least one of them is coming soon.

Engadget has it that an all-touch, keyboard-less BlackBerry handset will be released sometime in October. This will be a dust- and water-resistant device (IP67-certified), in a first for a BlackBerry phone. The news comes from François Mahieu, Global General Manager at TCL – the company that’s now manufacturing BlackBerry-branded phones (in collaboration with BlackBerry itself, which takes care of the software side).

The idea behind this new …

Android 8.0 allows users to activate Google Assistant inside an app

XDA found some code on the Android Developers website that reveals a new feature that will apparently be available with Android 8.0 (Oreo). If developers choose, they can arrange to have Google Assistant open inside their apps. This way, users won’t have to leave an app in order to access the personal assistant. This could be a win-win for everyone involved. Developers keep users inside their apps even if they want to use Google Assistant. Google gets more users activating the Assistant, and users have the ability to find out answers to certain questions without jumping in and out of an app.

Because …