Strava users can now track runs and biking sessions with the GPS-enabled Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 has been out for a few months at this point, and developers are still working on updating their apps to take advantage of one of the Watch’s most important features – GPS functionality. Being able to go out for a walk or run without your iPhone and still have the Apple Watch keep tabs of your route is a great addition to have for people that want to carry as little technology with them while getting fit and still tracking all of their activity, and Strava is the latest app to finally support the Series 2’s built-in GPS.

If you’re a user of the Strava …

Samsung Flow app to allow Galaxy smartphone users to unlock their Windows 10 PCs with fingerprint

Samsung Flow isn’t a great Android app judging by the 3.7 rating (out of 5) it’s got on Google Play Store. However, the application will soon expand its functionality to a wider range of products, which might boost its appeal among users.

At the moment, Samsung Flow allows Galaxy Tab Pro S users to unlock their tablet with a compatible Galaxy smartphone’s fingerprint scanner. Here are the supported smartphones confirmed by Samsung: Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy A5 (2016), and Galaxy A7 (2016).

The good news is Samsung …

T-Mobile's Galaxy S7 Nougat beta users start getting the official Android 7.0 update

While the unlocked Exynos versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in UK, Germany and other places have been receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update on their handsets, the US carriers are still dragging their feet a month after Samsung announced the official rollout. That’s to be expected, of course, as the local units are powered by a different chipset, and… carriers. 

T-Mobile, however, is almost ready with the update, it seems, as it has started pushing retail Nougat with the new Samsung UX overlay to its Galaxy S7 and S7 edge users who subscribed for the beta version …

Class Action suit says Apple forced iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 7 to save it money

You might recall that a patent infringement suit that was originally filed by VirnetX against Apple back in 2010 reached its most recent conclusion last October with a jury ruling that Apple had to pay the plaintiff $302.4 million. As it turns out, internal Apple documents that were released as part of that trial have lead to the filing of a Class Action suit against the tech titan. Apple is charged with breaking FaceTime on purpose in 2014 for devices running iOS 6 and lower, thus avoiding payments it would have to make monthly to Akamai for relaying data.

Some background information is …

New Instant Tethering feature will keep Android users online

Rolling out now to Nexus and Pixel handsets running on Android 7.1.1 is a new feature called Instant Tethering. With this new application, anytime one of your registered Google devices loses a cellular connection, it will automatically send a request to allow the device to tether with your other Android phone or tablet. No setup is required, thanks to Bluetooth. The screen will also show you the battery life of the other device.

Instant Tethering will be available first for Nexus and Pixel devices running on Android 7.1.1. The Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablets cannot send out a Wi-Fi signal and …

Vine Camera app goes live, gets obliterated by former Vine users

As promised, the new Vine Camera – all that’s left of the once thriving video sharing service – is live on Android and iOS. It’s a simple app that lets you make 6-second long looping videos and post them to Twitter or save them to your phone’s gallery.

Mind you, though, only videos posted from the Vine Camera to Twitter can be seen looping. The app can capture video from your device’s front and rear camera, or you can import a video from your phone. There’s a rudimentary Edit mode with a preview screens to get your video looping just right, along with a set of helpful tools – …

Instagram Stories has more than 150 million daily users, new update introduces ads

Since its launch back in August, Instagram Stories has grown considerably, as Instagram announced the application has now more than 150 million daily users. That many users in just five months is a great achievement, one that will most likely become even great in the coming months.

Along with the announcement that Instagram Stories has more than 150 million daily users, the company also confirmed a couple of new features that will be available in the coming weeks.

For example, the Instagram Business Tools will offer users insights on stories. Businesses converted to a business profile …

Pavtube Studio Releases Special Topic on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for New Users and Apple Fans

Pavtube Studio, provider of expert multimedia software applications, announces the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus special page. Since the new iPhones were recently released by Apple, users who want to become familiar with this new device can check this special topic to search for useful information about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This topic page will be useful for new users of the latest Apple smartphone, as well as fans of Apple and potential users of the new iPhones.

For new users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this new topic provides all of the information they need to get familiar with their new mobile phone. Information will include news on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, features of the phones, and useful and fun apps. The topic will also include valuable tips and solutions, and supported audio and video file formats for the new iPhones. This new special topic is the right place to help solve various kinds of video and movie playing and sharing issues, and makes it possible for iPhone users to enjoy their favorite movies at home or on the move.

For Apple enthusiasts and potential users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this new topic offers an opportunity to get more knowledge about these two new mobile phones. The abundance of information they can receive regarding the newest iPhones would allow them to see all of its capabilities such as watching videos, sharing photos, and enjoying their favorite movies on the go with Pavtube’s best seller Video Converter Ultimate – the all-in-one tool package integrates all the feasible solutions for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Potential users may then transition over to becoming new users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Pavtube Studio sales manager Anna Qian said, “With this topic release, Apple fans and newbies of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would learn more about these two devices, like hot news, useful tips, popular apps, etc. Later users would obtain much fun from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and fall in love with them. “

With the help of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus page, users will be able to maximize their digital entertainment on their new iPhones by getting the best applications and having the ability to move Blu-rays, DVDs, and various other video sources onto the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

About Pavtube Studio

Founded in 2007, Pavtube creates expert multimedia software applications that help consumers access, transfer and share their digital content across different devices that range from PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, to HD media players, game consoles, and home theatre systems.

On the basis of computer OS, Pavtube products are divided into two categories – Windows solutions and Mac solutions, spanning across BD/DVD saving, video trans-coding, camera/camcorder footage, and DVR recordings (e.g. TiVo) conversion.

With creativity, expert knowledge as well as cutting-edge technology, Pavtube helps consumers throughout the world enjoy more in a digitally connected audio-visual world. See iPhone 6 (6 Plus) Tips & Solutions for more information.


Pavtube Studio Releases Special Topic on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for New Users and Apple Fans

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Smart Blackberry Applications for Smart Users

Mobile phone applications are hugely popular among people these days. People from every generation and from different corners of the world are widely using diverse range of mobile applications. Mobile phone applications make one’s life easy and fast. Earlier confined to games and entertainment, mobile phone applications have presently surpassed its boundaries providing the widest range of mobile applications possible. Ranging from health apps to banking apps and from sports apps to news apps, there are different applications available for different requirements. As the world is moving towards smart phones, popular mobile platforms like iPhone, blackberry and android launched huge range of applications to maintain their market standard. iPhone web applications, blackberry business apps, android health apps and games apps etc. are some of the most popularly used mobile phone applications.

Blackberry is one of the most popular business phones used by people globally. In the beginning, blackberry was launched as a business phone but gradually different blackberry models were launched and thus expanding their reach beyond the business world. Today, Blackberry phones are popularly used by business professionals as well as students and youths. Blackberry development for applications include diverse range of applications including Blackberry development for business apps, health apps, games apps, banking apps and many more. Business apps are designed for business professionals. These applications allow professionals to complete their business tasks using their blackberry phone. Health apps for Blackberry let people keep a track of health records and maintain health diary using the phone. Blackberry games applications give the liberty of play and fun to users while banking apps for Blackberry help people to perform bank transactions, balance enquiry and many more. Thus, there are different Blackberry applications designed to fulfill diverse range of needs. Also there are wide ranges of Blackberry entertainment applications that include games apps, music apps, jokes apps and more. One can easily download Blackberry apps and install in their Blackberry mobile phones.

Interested users can avail Blackberry application development services from TechJini. TechJini is one of the leading mobile phone application development service providers in India. Over the years, it has catered mobile application development services to some of the biggest clients from all over the globe. At TechJini, they have specialized application developers. They hire iPhone apps developer for iPhone web applications development and Blackberry apps developers for Blackberry app development. TechJini also provide services for android app development. Explore the wide range of mobile phone application development services provided by TechJini and choose the best service for your Blackberry phone.

iPhone web applications, blackberry business apps, android health apps and games apps etc. Blackberry development for applications include diverse range of applications.

Blackberry Phones Are Useful For Every Smart Business Users

BlackBerry mobile phones are 1 of essentially the most ideal and also sought after mobile phones throughout the globe. Across the world you’ll be able to uncover faithful BlackBerry mobile phone addicts as well as die-hard followers. The features of BlackBerry can just outclass every other model of mobile phones. These units are really effective and therefore are extremely sophisticated. Furthermore, the apps present on the mobile phone can supply all your private at the same time as expert wants, for instance web browsing, observing documents, perform audio as well as video, and taking image and enjoying a number of connectivity choices etc. Click the link to find out about BlackBerry in South Africa.

Among the best items of BlackBerry cell phones is the fact that they enable you to multi-task, meaning you are able to open many applications at 1 time without scaling down the overall performance from the mobile phone. Another feature that’s desired byBlackBerry users may be the Push technology. This technology makes it possible for you to instantly download your e-mails, newest news and also improvements without manually going through the course of action of saving it. By doing this it is possible to get real time changes about something on-line via your Blackberry mobile phone. The Push technology is exclusively offered for BlackBerry cell phones so few othermobile phones have this feature. This establishes BlackBerry apart from the audience of all of the other competitors.

The BlackBerry Messenger is definitely an instant messenger that permits you to talk to many other BlackBerry mobile phone customers. You may do group chat, send and obtain files plus share images. 1 cannot picture BlackBerry mobile phones without its user-friendly QWERTY keyboard. This can make it really at ease for you to type text messages and also e-mails without troubles. Web browsing on BlackBerry smartphones are just wonderful. The trackball present about the handset allows you to easily browse through to diverse areas from the web site effortlessly. BlackBerry Internet Service characteristic enables you to add as much as ten e-mail accounts across each of the different email service suppliers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so on.

You need to understand that BlackBerry devices never appear low-cost; hence the best way to lay your hands on BlackBerry mobiles is via purchasing unlocked BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry telephones are provided by different cellular service providers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and so on. When the Cellular phone is labeled to a specific carrier, this means you don’t have a choice to change to a different provider. Even when you want to do it, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. Unlocking the cell phone permits you to utilize more services providers.

On the internet, you can discover loads of unlocked BlackBerry cell phones accessible at drastically low prices. Because there are manyfeatures available on different BlackBerry touch screen phones, you are able to surely state that BlackBerry cell phones are the best ones in the business to make simpler your way of life.

Zackary Hampton has been writing computer and technology articles online for nearly 3 years now. Find more about the newest, useful and interesting samrtphone news such as the BlackBerry.