T-Mobile user gets separated from his bitcoins, sues for carrier negligence in a phone number heist

The ongoing identity theft fraud, where scammers get a hold on your personal details, including your phone number, and try to access bank and other payment accounts you might have connected to it, has resulted in at least one lawsuit so far. One Carlos Tapang of Washington state is now blaming T-Mobile that it has “improperly allowed wrongdoers to access” his wireless account, ultimately resulting in a drain of his cryptocurrency stash after initiating a password change request.

The scam has been around for a few months already, and carriers have put warnings in their support …

Apple admits it was questioned by the U.S., says it would never degrade the user experience

Yesterday, we told you that the SEC and DOJ were reportedly investigating Apple’s decision to throttle CPU speed on certain models. These units have weak batteries that might not be up to powering an iPhone through a complex task. And that could lead these handsets to shutdown, requiring the user to reboot the phone. Those with a tendency to reach for a conspiracy theory to explain everything, say that Apple slowed down these older models on purpose in order to generate sales of its newer handsets.

Today, Apple admitted that it has been questioned by the U.S. government in reference to its …

Sonic games on Android platform may have leaked user location data, SEGA investigating

Last week, security company Pradeo issued a statement that claimed many of SEGA’s Sonic games listed on Google Play Store are leaking user location data and device info. Among the mentioned titles – Sonic Dash, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, and Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom are said to have security issues that could have affected between 120 million and 600 million users.

Those numbers are mostly based on the number of downloads each of these games have accumulated on the Google Play Store, so their accuracy might be a bit off.

According to Pradeo, each of these games have 15 vulnerabilities …

User spots OnePlus 3T sending their clipboard data to servers in China

OnePlus gets in hot water every now and again over privacy concerns, and now, there’s another little controversy brewing. A keen OnePlus 3T user who happened to be monitoring the traffic that goes in and out of their network noticed something weird when they updated to the latest beta build for their device. Apparently, the handset was sending clipboard information directly to AliBaba Group servers.

So, basically, anything you hit “copy” on — web addresses, contacts, photos, etc. — can be sent over to AliBaba, which is one of the biggest e-commerce sites to come out of China.

OnePlus …

Every Apple user needs these three accessories in the new year


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While some of you unicorns out there may have been wishing and praying to find a baby mop or a selfie drone under the tree this year, the vast majority were probably thinking AirPods or bust. And if someone really loves you, you may have even scored a new iPhone X or MacBook Pro — and are preparing to be the envy of the office (naysayers be damned).

But like any new Apple device owner, you’re likely discovering some inconvenient changes those sneaky Apple developers popped into their machinery. No USB-A port on your MacBook? No headphone port on your iPhone X? Yep. No turning back now. Read more…

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Keeping the user informed: Apple to update iOS with detailed battery stats and diagnostics

Apple’s latest #gate scandal has definitely ticked people off, and rightfully so. After a collection of users and an independent developer of a benchmarking app did a series of testing and experiments, it became apparent that older iPhones are slowed down intentionally. Only then did Apple come out and confirm that the company does it, but said there’s a good reason for it — the performance throttling occurred when an iPhone’s battery was old and unable to hold as much charge as it should. Slowing down the phone ensured a stable operation with no random shutdowns, reboots, or battery percentage …

Microsoft Launcher receives major update, adds Home App Grid, new user experience, more

On its way to the 50 million downloads achievement, Microsoft Launcher scores yet another update that brings some important improvements and new features.

If you’ve been using Microsoft Launcher, then you’ll notice the new version comes with a Home App Grid, which allows you to create a grid with up to 12 columns and 12 rows. Also, you’ll be to move apps and widgets to half of the grid cells.

Furthermore, the update adds a new user experience, so you’ll notice that on the welcome page you’ll be able to import the layout from another launcher, or even restore …

it's the little things: Google Play Music ditches swipe-to-delete gesture after user backlash

A few days after a vocal minority of users voiced their complaints in a Reddit thread, a recent update to the Google Play Music app for Android finally resolved one of the more annoying features of the app that ‘allowed’ users to accidentally delete songs from by swiping.
Apparently, version 8.5.6542-1.Y of Google Play Music does away with the quite annoying gesture-based song deletion, which has also been a cornerstone of the majority of negative reviews for the app in the Play Store. 
What makes things …

Lifelong Apple iPhone user switches to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in clever commercial

In what might be Samsung’s most endearing commercial since the days of the barista and the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III, a clever ad shows an lifelong iPhone user making the switch to the Galaxy Note 8. The ad starts in 2007 with a look at a long line wrapped around an Apple Store in 2007 for the launch of the original Apple iPhone. We see a young gentleman taking the phone out of the box. “Guess what I just got,” he says to someone on his new iPhone.

We then jump ahead to 2010, and our young man is now sporting an Apple iPhone 4. He tries to take a photo with the device …

Political correctness strikes again: Experimental Google Maps feature ditched after user backlash

User backlash has forced Google to do away with an informative test feature of iOS’ Google Maps. Said feature informed to give users a general estimation of how many calories got burned during walks, which is a rather standard feature of many a fitness-oriented apps like Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo.
Yet, what really fixated the sights straight onto Big G was its benevolent decision to compare said calorie expenditure with… mini cupcakes. By doing that, the otherwise vague and abstract calorie sum gets directly juxtaposed against something …