Samsung issues urgent software update for Galaxy S8 and S8+, fixes small DQA error

Following a software update received by the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on April 21, some users started experiencing a minor, yet bothersome issue related to Samsung’s Device Quality Agent (DQA) on the two handsets. More exactly, S8 owners were seeing a “DQA keeps stopping” error that could’ve showed up every minute or so. Samsung took notice, and it’s now pushing another update to fix the problem.

The new software update, labeled by Samsung as “urgent”, is very small – about 1 MB – so it should be downloaded in no time. It looks like the update is available as of yesterday, …

Super Mario Run gets its first major update on Android

Nintendo’s first major hit in the mobile game industry, Super Mario Run made its debut on Android a while ago, but it’s already received a couple of minor updates.

Well, Super Mario Run players will be pleased to know that developers have just released the first major update for the Android version of the game. This update is not about repairing things, but about adding new features and improvements.

Among the most important new features added is the ability to find friends from your Nintendo Account, which wasn’t available until now. Also, the maximum number …

Update pushed out to U.S. Samsung Galaxy S8 improves performance of the phone's features

One of our loyal Phone Arena readers has just received an update for his Samsung Galaxy S8. As you can see from the screenshot that accompanies this story, the size of the update weighs in at 392.14MB. When the notification arrives on your Galaxy S8 announcing the arrival of the new files, make sure that you are on a Wi-Fi network before starting the updating process. Before installing the update, you should also make sure that the battery on the device is fully charged.

According to the changelist, the update will include:

Improved performance for face recognition.The camera’s UI …

Niantic made a critical update to Pokemon GO to put an end to certain types of cheating

Niantic made a critical update to Pokemon GO that all trainers need to be aware of. The stats of wild Pokemon are now randomized based on player levels, which has upset so-called spoofers, snipers, and other types of cheaters.

Before the update, they implemented bots to search the game world for Pokemon and generate reports for their stats. They include metrics like movesets, height, and weight. The beasts would always appear with the same stats, making hunting the right Pokemon too easy and systematic.

The game becomes more random, with the sizes and unique …

Leaked press render of the Moto Z2 Play shows a very incremental update

Although a drastic departure from the previous Moto X flagship series, Motorola and Lenovo’s Moto Z lineup offered some of the most interesting smartphones of 2016. Although not entirely modular like the now-deceased Project Ara, the Moto Z lineup’s ability to swap battery packs, speakers, projectors, and more on the back of the phones still remains incredibly futuristic and sleek.

Of all the Moto Z smartphones that were released last year, the most affordable was that of the Moto Z Play. The Z Play aimed to offer access into Motorola’s Moto Mod ecosystem for a low price, and …

This is why your Galaxy S8 display may be tinting red, software update to the rescue

Some of the units in the first batch of Galaxy S8 phones shipped over at the home turf in Korea, have shown red tint on their display. It’s pretty unusual for AMOLED screens, which are with cold and saturated colors by default, and turn blueish at the slightest tilt of the phone even in the Basic display mode that closely follows the standard sRGB color gamut, so users have noticed the discrepancy immediately.

Granted, all screens differ slightly from factory to factory, and batch to batch, especially OLED displays, where laying millions of light-emitting dots …

Galaxy S8+ April security update released in Europe, facial recognition feature gets an upgrade

Samsung is in the process of rolling out its first Galaxy S8+ update in Europe. The new OTA includes Google’s April monthly security update, which consists of fixes for 49 CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) found on Android and a patch for 16 issues which are specific to Samsung’s Galaxy devices. 
SamMobile obtained the entire changelog in Dutch, and the translated information suggests that the new update also brings improvements to the algorithms of the facial recognition feature on the S8+.  
As …

Google PhotoScan update allows for quicker scans, adds sharing options, misses the only feature we really want

Google is seeding a new update for its photo digitizer app PhotoScan, but if you didn’t like the app to begin with, the new features won’t make you magically fall in love with it.

The sole stand-out feature of the latest PhotoScan update is the option to scan photos without using your phone’s flash, which speeds things up quite a bit. Up until now, digitizing a printed out image using PhotoScan required the flash to be on during the entire process. This was not a bad method, as it produced evenly-exposed results, but also necessitated additional post-processing …

Google mistakenly releases confidential test build of next Android security update to Pixel XL

There appears to be no end in sight for Google’s update blunders. After recently releasing the fingerprint sensor-breaking Android 7.1.2 update and multiple other buggy patches in the last few months, the tech giant now somehow managed to accidentally push a “confidential Googlers-only OTA” to a number of Pixel XL handsets.

Android Police reports that some Pixel XL owners received a “Dogfood” test build of the planned security patch for May 2017. The OTA notification specifically reads that this is a “CONFIDENTIAL INTERNAL ONLY” update which Google employees are …

LG G6 on Verizon getting its first update with April's security patches for Android

The Verizon LG G6 is receiving an update that contains several improvements, in addition to April’s Android security patches. The handset is still on Android 7.0, but the update weighs in at 473MB.

Verizon’s change log only includes instructions on how to protect the SIM card tray from water damage, and a new notification for the charging port letting you know the LG G6 won’t charge if moisture is detected in the charging port or USB cable. There’s got to be something else going on with the update, but this is all we know.

To get the latest software, …