It's official: T-Mobile to bump monthly unlimited throttling limit to 50GB (from 32GB)

Although it’s started as a rumor based on a screenshot of a T-Mobile document, the increase of the monthly unlimited throttling limit has been recently confirmed by the carrier.

The said document suggests T-Mobile’s “Fair Usage threshold” will be increased to 50GB. The last bump operated by the Uncarrier dates from May when the deprioritization threshold was increased to 32GB.

T-Mobile confirmed via Twitter that it will implement the new change on September 20, so starting later this week, customers shouldn’t be throttled down if they exceed the old 32GB threshold.

Even though …

Why did Verizon and AT&T networks slow down? Unlimited plan users went crazy with mobile data

T-Mobile has another reason to brag after the latest Speedtest results by Oookla – it has been pegged as the fastest US network in the first half of the year, mainly on account of the fact that the Verizon and AT&T speeds have slowed down significantly after the two big carriers introduced unlimited data offerings. 

In fact, according to Opanga Network analysts, the average mobile data consumption has increased twofold since the carriers went unlimited, which explains the enormous strain on Verizon and AT&T networks, which are the ones with the most customers. 
Verizon …

"T-Mobile Unlimited with Netflix On Us" is the next Un-carrier move by the nation's third largest carrier

T-Mobile had hinted that it would be introducing its latest Un-carrier plan on September 6th. Sure enough, the nation’s most innovative wireless operator has once again addressed a pain point and figured out a way for consumers to relieve the pain. This time, the agony comes from carrier bundles. Trying to get consumers to spend extra on mobile bundles explains why Verizon and AT&T have been seeking to buy companies that provide content such as AOL, Yahoo and DirecTV.

Starting on September 12th (hmm, something else is supposed to happen on that date), if you have a T-Mobile One account …

Amazon offering Music Unlimited at 50% off to students, Prime Students only pay $1 per month

Amazon’s Music Unlimited is getting a lot cheaper… for university students, that is. The e-commerce site is slashing 50% off its subscription fee for the music streaming service, provided that you can verify your enrollment in a degree-granting college or university. 
This means that eligible users will only have to pay $4.99 per month, down from the usual rate of $9.99. Students that are on Amazon Prime can get it for even cheaper – $6 for 6 months, much less than the regular Prime rate of $7.99 per month.
Such …

Virgin Mobile adds current iPhone users to Inner Circle, offering one-year of unlimited for $1

Pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile announced its new iPhone-only plan back in June. Called the Inner Circle, customers purchasing an iPhone from Virgin receive one-year of unlimited talk, text and high-speed data for $1. After the year is up, members of the Inner Circle pay $50 a month to keep the unlimited data plan going. This includes receiving streaming video at 480p (DVD quality), and streaming music at a rate up to 500 kbps. Cloud gaming streams at 2 mbps. During periods of heavy traffic, these speeds can be throttled. 

Today, Virgin is extending the offer to include customers of …

Verizon splits its unlimited data plan into 3 new ones with more caveats and restrictions

Verizon Wireless has just announced that it is splitting its current unlimited data plan into three new plans: Go Unlimited (starting at $75 for one line), Beyond Unlimited (prices start from $85 for 1 line), and Business Unlimited.
Verizon introduced its original Unlimited plans back in February, and it was a plan with simple and straightforward conditions, but these new plans bring us back to more complicated rules, fine print details and caveats.
“These plans give you the best unlimited choices, but you also get …

Deal: Get 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free with purchase of HTC U11

HTC U11 is probably one of the most underrated flagships launched this year. Moreover, not many deals on the smartphone were available since the U11 made its debut on the market, and they certainly did not look so good as those offers on other flagships like the Galaxy S8/S8+.

Nevertheless, if you’re still waiting for a better deal on the HTC U11 that might or might not come, here is a promotional offer that’s aimed at music lovers.

For a limited time, customers in the United States who purchase the HTC U11 will receive 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited. …

Get your unlimited on with MetroPCS; $50 a month for all the high-speed data you can eat

It is hard to believe that it was all the way back on May Day 2013 when T-Mobile made its play for MetroPCS. At the time, T-Mobile wasn’t the fearless Un-carrier that it is now. And MetroPCS was your typical pre-paid carrier, hoping to pick up business from consumers who couldn’t afford postpaid service. But things have changed. You no longer have to put up with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge from your friends because you use a pre-paid carrier.

Think of the changes that have overtaken T-Mobile since 2013 started. In January, the wireless operator was about to turn on its 4G LTE network in …

Unlimited service helps Verizon top expectations for the second quarter

For its first full quarter offering an Unlimited data plan, Verizon returned to a growth pattern. From April through June, the nation’s largest carrier added 358,000 net new postpaid phone subscribers. This is a giant improvement from the 86,000 net additions added during last year’s quarter. Overall net additions came to 614,000. While that is less than the 615,000 added in the second quarter of 2016, it greatly topped estimates of a 115,000 increase predicted by JP Morgan. The Wall Street consensus was for a small 70,000 gain. Wireless revenue slipped 1.9% to $21.3 billion during the three month …

Cricket's Hot Summer Deals: 2 lines with Unlimited Data for $80, and new phones on sale

Sure, summer is now winding down as we get close to the waning days of July. Soon, it will be August and then September brings the start of fall. Before you know it, the holiday shopping season will be here. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. It is still hot outside. How do we know that? Well, there is first hand experience, but also Cricket Wireless is holding its Hot Summer Deals. That means that it still has to be summertime, right? After all, when the cricket sees its shadow, that means we have several more weeks of hot weather ahead.

So what exactly is Cricket offering you for the …