Slap a skin on it: Fabuwrap will add grip and unique style to your iPhone X

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When it comes to smartphone protection, there are plenty of cases out there to pick from. What 90% of them have in common is that you have to sacrifice your phone’s slim profile in order to get the benefits of protecting it from drops and bumps.

But there are a lot of people out there that don’t want to ruin their phone’s profile. Especially …

How to get Galaxy Note 8's unique features on your Android phone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphones released in 2017. Its futuristic design and powerful hardware are certainly impressive, but they aren’t exactly unique in the heavily-saturated mobile space. 

The things that make this towering handset truly stand out are a collection of intriguing pre-loaded features, apps, and, of course, the creativity-inducing S Pen stylus. 
Some of these functionalities are going to remain exclusive to Samsung’s latest and greatest. However, there’s a good amount of apps …

The best iMessage sticker packs can be unique and wonderful

A crack here, a split there, and a whole fracture appears in Steve Jobs’ closed iOS ecosystem concept. CEO Tim Cook opened the floodgates with the invitation for third-party keyboard makers to port their creations over to iOS 8, but with iOS 10 came a veritable gasp-inducing storm of proprietary APIs, like those of Siri or iMessage, being partially opened to developers to work their magic into the innermost sanctity of the iOS code.

This is, of course, a good thing, at least in general principle, as there has never been such an abundance of choice for iPhone users, …

4 things that make the Nokia 8 unique

Announced by HMD Global earlier this month, the Nokia 8 is a high-end Android phone that’ll try to take on some of this year’s flagships once it hits shelves come September. Its weapons? The Nokia brand, excellent build quality, and a very attractive list of specs – comparable to what you’re getting from other expensive flagship handsets of 2017.

Now, the Nokia 8 might not look too different from the mid-range Nokia 6 or Nokia 5 (both already available to buy), but the new aluminum-made smartphone is unique in several ways. Join us below to discover them, will …

The unique thrill of vintage shopping on Instagram


In an effort to buy less, buy thoughtfully, and — let’s be honest — look cool, I have turned more frequently toward secondhand and vintage shopping. So far, it’s great. Each piece I buy is more likely to be well-cut, breathable, and of high quality. Basically, I wear a lot more linen now. Score!

My personal epiphany is nothing new. People have been digging through bins and combing through racks (and searching eBay and Etsy for #finds) long before I decided to stop shopping at H&M. What’s a little newer is where people are searching for vintage pieces — on Instagram.

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Uptime for iOS offers a fun and unique way to watch YouTube videos with friends

Google is a company that’s become famous and infamous at the same time for throwing tons of services and platforms at the wall in an effort to see what sticks and what doesn’t. The search-engine giant launched something called Area 120 back in 2016, and the main purpose of the project was to provide a space for Google employees to create and launch their own side companies. Uptime is a new video sharing app that’s the latest brainchild of Area 120, and it aims to create a new way to watch and share YouTube videos.

Uptime is essentially its own little social network that’s centered …

Unique features of the LG G6 that set it apart from the current competition

LG finally lifted the veil on the G6 at MWC earlier today, and it sure was a sight to behold! The LG G6 has an amazingly compact footprint with almost bezel-less design, as a spacious 5.7-inch display occupies its front in a strikingly efficient manner. It boggles the mind how a device with almost the same dimensions as the 5.3-inch LG G5 can have such a big screen and remain adequately usable with one hand at the same time. But there’s more to the G6 than skin-deep beauty – the entire phone has been cleverly devised to utilize the new screen aspect ratio to its fullest, …

BlackBerry KEYone (Mercury): New and unique features

The BlackBerry KEYone, best known until now under the codename “Mercury”, is here and it is one of the most peculiar Android devices bearing the name of a big phone maker you’ll see in 2017. The KEYone bets heavily on classic BlackBerry staples, such as the iconic QWERTY keyboard and the enhanced security features, while trying to somehow fit in with the smartphone standards of today. It’s a difficult task, no doubt about that, but make no mistake about it – although the BlackBerry KEYone is “current” in many aspects, it is not a smartphone with mass-market appeal …

HTC One X – An entirely unique Smartphone

HTC One X is a new Smartphone in HTC series. It is called as X because it largest and next one is HTC One S, it is medium in size and the smallest one is HTC One V. It is the smallest and cheapest also. As X is the largest, it is the most powerful phone also among all the three. They all become available in market on 2nd April 2012. It is equipped with an exceptional camera; with the help of it you can take picture while shooting HD videos. It is the best camera to keep the memories of your special moments.
It weighs just 130 grams. It is touch screen area of 4.7 inches that gives you entirely new pleasure of using touch screen phone. It is USB port on its side; you can use that with both USB and HDMI. It body can be made either of glass, metal or plastic. If you have used Nokia N9 and Nokia Lumia 800, then you will find that both of these use same material.
It uses super fast quad-core processor, which is best to give you quite nice experience. Because of it super fast processor; you can switch between two applications very fast. If you love browsing then it is best for you because it support both HTML5 and Flash. You can easily read the contents of whole website very easily because of the availability of scrolling facility. It is one more unique feature i.e. “Read Later” features. With it, you can save a copy of any of the website’s page and then you can use it afterwards even in the absence of internet connection.
It also supports Android 4.0, because of its so many features if you are thinking that it will be complex to use then you might be wrong as it is very user friendly and easy to use. All the three that is HTC One X, HTC One V, HTC One S can easily come into your budget. Even when you get almost everything and all features then you will definitely not feel bad to pay a little bit more cost. It just cost 4,999 which can be afforded by almost everyone who wants to take the pleasure of camera and this much faster processor. So don’t wait just order it today itself and if you have any queries regarding HTC One V then you should log on at

No other phone can have this much features in this much less cost but HTC One or HTC One X is just about to come in market. So just order it at

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Take Care of iPhone 3gs with Unique iPhone 3gs Cases

If you are looking for iphone 3GS accessories, you need look no further. This site gives you access to the largest variety of iphone 3GS accessories. Some of the accessories that you will find include mount for the phone in the car. Attachments allow you to choose the best position to enter the phone while driving. They are able to satisfy all tastes and preferences of many drivers to their specific and unique or requirements.

Get the first iPhone is a long procedure. To become one of the most intelligent men, iPhone / owners, you need to get not only a phone, but you should also get a variety of accessories and iPhone cases. These accessories have been designed and built in smart phones to keep it safe and to expand their capabilities and skills. These accessories can greatly help your iPhone, be more unique from other similar iPhones, plus they also represent yourself as something that you people. IPhone accessories items that you end up looking for more. Discussed below are examples to help you understand more about the different types of iPhone accessories.

Have you ever wondered why you always have to buy the iPhone, even if almost every year? Did you know that even the simplest iPhone 3 Accessories to improve constantly, until you run into something much different variations, such as Unique iPhone 3gs Cases? You can purchase a variety of colors, textures, fabrics, it can be made of plastic or be skin type, etc., or perhaps difficult cases, to protect, to keep your iPhone in a long time and still be fashionable. As we all know, Apple is a leading brand must carry a wide selection of iPhone and typical decorations that you want to seriously or more of these cases to show or part of a person, or simply to protect your iPhone from any danger.

To think that you could probably buy another type of iPhone 3 Accessories, iPhone Bluetooth-headset can be your choice. This allows you to take your calls wirelessly, fast, fashionable and more affordable; do not forget that he has a charger with you. The charger allows you to charge iPhone, when and where you are. If you find all of these products, you may be fascinated by the fact that other things hot in the market today to improve your Smartphone.

There are many things that are available for your iPhone, to match, and more cool items to try, too. Even now, iPhone 3 Accessories huge variety to choose from. Such other accessories that you can try mini wiper for your iPhone. This accessory is dirt on your iPhone cover. Having to organize iPhone fingers in unusual size that will fit your finger patch, using the touch screen and end up looking quite clear. You can also try the iPhone travel pillow with built-in speakers; this material will allow your ears hear more convenient than headphones.

All iPhone accessories is very easy, but it is not necessary that you should have all the necessary accessories for your iPhone, for example, those mini-wipers for your screen a bit less necessary than the usual case, travel pillow, and should not be necessary if you are not the adventurous type of person. Why buy a travel pillow when it’s not so important for you to have, and try to capture the most useful accessory in the first place. However, getting iPhone, typically initiates you into the world of surprise for iPhone accessories.

CaseBuzz has captured web world as one of the world’s largest online market place for Tablet and iPhone 3 Accessories, CaseBuzz, with its head office located in Florida-USA, is a leading provider of ecommerce and interactive online marketing services Unique iPhone 3gs Cases.

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