Motorola's newest patent is a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet

Motorola, or better say Lenovo, doesn’t want to be left behind in the race for the first foldable smartphone, hence the new patent the company filed recently. Although the patent that shows a smartphone that unfolds into a tablet was filed back in September 2016, it was approved in March 2018.

Designing a truly foldable smartphone is definitely a tremendous task, not to mention that developing one that’s ready for mass market is even harder, so Motorola working on a device that can switch from a smartphone to a tablet factor seems close to impossible.

The …

Apple AirPower Qi pad seen in Vienna airport turns out to be a fake

A traveler arriving back home in Vienna, snapped photos of what looked like Apple’s multiple device Qi charging pad on sale at the Vienna Airport arrival hall. The gentleman, a man named Peter Allan, tweeted the photo and stated that the AirPower Qi charging pad was priced at $200 at the airport. As it turns out, it was a fake. According to a report published on Sunday afternoon, some of the packaging on other Apple products seen in the photo appears off, which indicates that the products inside them are not legit. For example, the Chinese label on the box for the Lightning to headphone jack adapter …

Smartwatch prototype turns your arm into a touchscreen

A prototype smartwatch called the LumiWatch has been created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. The timepiece has a feature that allows it to project images on the user’s arm that can be swiped and tapped. In other words, the LumiWatch turns the user into a touchscreen. The watch can project an image of up to 40 square centimeters, five times the size of a typical smartwatch display.

The researchers say that skin happens to be an attractive surface for projecting such an interactive display. Despite some physical and color distortions, the team working on the device says …

Huawei turns to LG for the curved OLED display on its "Ultra-Premium" phone

Huawei is now apparently turning to LG to source OLED panels for certain models. The very first Huawei-branded handset to feature an LG screen is the Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS. The ultra-premium handset carries a 6-inch OLED screen with curved edges and an under-display fingerprint scanner. Priced at €1,695 (equivalent to $2,103 USD) for the 256GB model and €2,095 (equivalent to $2,599 USD) for the 512GB version, this is obviously not a phone that will end up in many consumers’ hands.

For LG, providing the display for the Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS could be a way to get its foot in …

Apple turns 42 today

42 years ago today, April 1st, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple Computer. The following January 3rd, the business was incorporated. Surely the two Steves couldn’t have imagined that Apple would be on its way to becoming the first public company valued at $1 trillion (current market cap is $850 billion). Along the way, Apple would become known for a number of things that would turn the company and Steve Jobs into household names.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane starting with the introduction of Apple’s most important and world-changing product, the iPhone. To paraphrase …

Huawei's folding phone patent shows how a phone turns into a tablet and vice versa

Last October, Huawei CEO Richard Yu revealed that the company has a working foldable phone that could be released in 2018. The timing of that comment is important, because just one month prior to Yu’s statement Huawei filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent was published today by that organization, and includes images of what Huawei has in mind.

In the open position, the foldable Huawei device is a full-sized tablet. It appears to fold in the middle to become a smartphone. Back in October, when he discussed the foldable phone that Huawei …

Turns out a terrifying H.P. Lovecraft poem can be sung perfectly to the tune of Billy Joel's 'Piano Man'


Who knew the pride of Long Island and the creator of Cthulhu had so much in common?

Something snapped in some dank corner of the internet this past week as our collective subconscious gradually realized that a vivid, terrifying poem by the old Victorian master of horror H.P. Lovecraft can be easily sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

Nemesis” is a 101-year-old poem that tells the haunting tale of a shadowy supernatural being beset by other ancient evil things. It’s told in Lovecraft’s recognizable way, where he says a lot of creepy things but doesn’t actually tell you anything. What better replacement lyrics for Joel’s jaunty song about some tavern performer? Read more…

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Insta360 Nano S turns your iPhone into a 360-degree camera

A new 360-degree camera for the iPhone promises ease of use and very good quality of 360 photos, videos, as well as a few other fun effects.

The Insta360 Nano S is the newest product by Insta360, a company that has already made a few well-received 360 iPhone cameras. This latest one plugs into the Lightning port of your iPhone, so you basically have to hold your phone upside down when you shoot with it.
The Nano S itself is a tiny, pockatable 360-camera that records 4K video and takes 20MP photos.
The new camera comes as the successor …

Clever artist turns Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' into a hilarious pop-up book


It’s common knowledge by now that Donald Trump isn’t much of a reader.

That fact alone suggests he probably won’t get through a full read of Michael Wolff’s explosive, new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Fortunately, one talented individual came up with the perfect solution.

An artist who creates under the name HappyToast rebuilt the broad strokes of Fire and Fury as a pop-up book, using 3DS Max modeling software. He then shared each page of on Twitter in an ever-more-hilarious thread. Read more…

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Edward Snowden's new app turns your old Android device into a stealthy security monitor


If you happen to have an old Android device lying around and a reason to worry about people messing with your business, Edward Snowden has an app for that.

Haven is an open-source project that Snowden developed in conjunction with Freedom of the Press Foundation and Guardian Project. You can find directions and links for downloading and installing it on the latter organization’s Github page.

This isn’t your typical security app. 

Haven doesn’t lock down a single device or prevent tampering; instead, it repurposes an Android device — an old, unused one, preferably — and, using an assortment of built-in sensors, turns it into a multi-functional security gadget. Read more…

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