Valerie Jarrett on Roseanne Barr's racist tweet: 'I think we have to turn it into a teaching moment.'


Just hours after Roseanne‘s cancellation, Valerie Jarrett is weighing in.

After Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet about Jarrett, a former aide of President Barack Obama, ABC moved quickly to cancel her show, noting that the tweet was “abhorrent, repugnant, and inconsistent with our values” in its official statement

Now, in an MSNBC town hall titled “Everyday Racism in America,” Jarrett’s responded, calling the experience “a teaching moment.”

A clip from the town hall – which airs in full on Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. ET – shows Jarrett’s take on Barr’s racist tweet.   Read more…

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Sony hopes 5G will turn its Xperia brand into a sustainable business by 2020

Sony has announced plans for its mobile unit to be a sustainable business by 2020. After a recent report hinted at Sony moving away from the smartphone business entirely, it appears this is not the case. During the unveiling of the brand’s mid-term update for 2018, the company’s new CEO detailed the future of the Xperia line, admitting that product improvements have not been fast enough in recent times.

Highlighting the company’s recent sales decline, the Japanese brand noted that these have often missed expectations, ultimately affecting the mobile unit’s revenue significantly. And, …

How to turn your old Android phone into a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker

Smart assistants are all the rage these days, and rightfully so – all of the major players on the market have either released a couple of these or revealed their plans to enter the smart assistant territory with a loud bang. The likes of Apple’s HomePod, Google’s Home, Max, mini, and most importantly, the wide range of Alexa-powered Amazon speakers quickly made the scene pretty congested.

But why bother buying a dedicated smart speaker when you can easily make yourself one, recycling an older Android device in the process?

Yes, we know you’re probably raising your eyebrows …

Turn left at Taco Bell? Google Maps tests landmarks

Google is now testing several new methods to improve turn-by-turn navigation. It turns out utilizing fast food restaurants as landmarks is one of them. Users began reporting some interesting directions while navigating via Google Maps in the New York City area. These are test features and as such may never be expanded. They would most likely prove to useful though, especially when driving in an urban or suburban environment. Fast food restaurants often have the brightest and biggest sign out there, so it is easy to see how they may be even more helpful than street signs in some areas.
Google …

Android P will turn your phone into a Bluetooth powered keyboard or mouse?

According to a report published on Monday, the next-generation Android P version of the open source OS will add support for the Bluetooth HID device profile service. This will allow your Android P powered handset to be used as a QWERTY keyboard or mouse using Bluetooth. The feature got its start back in 2014 when a member of Qualcomm’s CodeAurora forums submitted a patch for Bluetooth HID.

The next step took place in December 2016 when the patch was added as a commit. Despite that, the feature was disabled on Android releases up through now; it will finally become enabled on Android P after …

4 ways to turn the Oscars' promise of equality and inclusion into reality


Until Frances McDormand took the stage to accept her Oscar in the ceremony’s final minutes, the show featured a parade of good-looking, extravagantly dressed celebrities paying important lip service to equality and inclusion in Hollywood. 

With an empowering gesture toward all Oscar-nominated women in the building and two words (“inclusion rider“), McDormand forced the audience to consider what needs to happen in the wake of the heady awards celebration: real action. 

It was a moment beyond Stacy L. Smith’s wildest dreams. As the founder and director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California, Smith has spent more than a decade studying what she calls Hollywood’s “epidemic of invisibility.”  Read more…

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Apple previews iOS 11.3: Update will let you turn off iPhone throttling, see all the changes here

Apple has just revealed all of the major new changes that will arrive with the upcoming iOS 11.3 update. This will be a crucial patch, as it will give users the option to disable the battery management features that can decrease performance in iPhones with older batteries. 

A slew of other important functionalities will also be included in the update, here’s a list of all the changes mentioned in Apple’s press release:
1. New features will display battery health and recommend if the power cell needs service. These can be accessed …

Fun idea: this gadget can turn your smartwatch into a smartphone

Smartwatches are a neat little gizmo but are very often dependent on the smartphone that they pair with. Very few wearables out there have a SIM card slot and can be an autonomous communications device on their own, freeing you from a lumpy smartphone when out on a jogging session or hitting the gym.

Shell is a startup that wishes to change that. The flagship product — due to start Indiegogo funding near the end of January — is the Shell independent smartwatch. It’s a rather bulky timepiece that holds expandable “wings”. Stretch them out and they will act as antennas …

LG changing strategy in a bid to turn smartphone fortunes around, will release new models "when it is needed"

Yesterday, we reported on LG’s apparent plans of delaying the announcement of its G7 flagship model to mid-March. Today, the Korean company revealed its intentions of changing its entire smartphone strategy in order to try and bring its mobile division back to profitability. 
Jo Seong-Jin, CEO of LG Electronics, disclosed some interesting information when speaking to Korean media at CES 2018. When asked for a potential ETA of the announcement of the G7, the chairman said that LG will unveil future handsets “when it is needed” and won’t necessarily do announcements …

Some Galaxy Note 8 phones won't charge or turn on when battery reaches 0%

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users report that their phones will not turn on or charge after they’ve let the phone’s battery drain completely. Samsung is aware of the problem and is replacing the affected phones on a case per case basis. It’s not yet clear how many devices are affected by the issue.
Users have reported that their Galaxy Note 8 phones refuse to accept a charge or turn on after the battery level goes to 0% and the phone turns off. Users have tried different cables and chargers to make sure that this is not a problem with the charger, …