Verizon offers up to $450 off certain high-end Android phones for new customers with a select trade

If you’ve been thinking about leaving another carrier and making the move to Verizon, the nation’s largest carrier has a great deal on certain top-shelf Android handsets. Port over your existing number, activate a new line on the carrier’s unlimited plan, and purchase your new handset using the Device payment plan to qualify. Verizon is giving you the opportunity to save as much as $450 on the purchase of a new Android phone. If you qualify, you will receive a $150 gift card and as much as $300 in credit for an eligible trade. The latter will be credited to your Verizon account over 24 months ($12.50/month).

The …

Own an old BlackBerry phone? You'll soon be able to trade it for a KeyOne or Motion

BlackBerry today announced plans to launch a trade-up program
that would make it easy for owners of old BlackBerry handsets to buy a BB device released in 2017. Thanks to this program, folks who still use
smartphones running BlackBerry OS 10 (or older) will receive “a
significant discount and incentive” to upgrade to the BlackBerry KeyOne or


Owners of the BlackBerry Priv (released in late 2015 as the
first Berry
to ditch BB OS in favor of Android) will be able to trade-up their device for a
new model, too. 
Speaking of the Priv, since the handset is now over 2 years
old, …

Sprint offers a $350 discount on the iPhone X if you trade in your old smartphone

Apple’s iPhone X will be available for pre-order starting this Friday, but some carriers will probably jump the gun and announce their special deals on the flagship a few days earlier – just like Sprint did today.

Since the iPhone X’s price starts at $999, any discounts would help make it a better deal. Sprint announced today its iPhone X promotional deal, which allows customers to save up to $350 when they buy Apple’s upcoming flagship.

The deal is only available through Sprint Flex leasing and implies customers to trade in their old smartphone for the iPhone …

Save up to $300 when you buy the iPhone X and trade in your old iPhone at T-Mobile

T-Mobile revealed last month its $300 off iPhone launch promotion, but if you missed it, here are a couple of details that will help you choose the best deal on the upcoming iPhone X.

First off, you’ll be able to pre-order the iPhone X from T-Mobile beginning 12:01 a.m. PT Friday, October 27th online and at participating stores the following morning. Keep in mind that the iPhone X will be available in stores starting on November 3, but there won’t be too many units available.

The iPhone X will be available for purchase at T-Mobile for $279.99 down and $30 …

Samsung will give you $200 to $350 off the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ with trade

How would you like to save $200 to $350 on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+? Samsung currently is offering such a deal. Trade in the smartphone that you currently use, and as long as it is in working condition, Samsung will give you up to $200 toward the purchase of either flagship model. The deal is available in the U.S. only, and once you trade-in your phone, you can not get it back under any circumstances.

If Samsung has some doubt about the trade-in, it will give you only $25 toward a Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ purchase. On the other hand, trade in a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or …

Switch to Verizon, subscribe to Unlimited, get the phone you want for as low as $15/mo. with trade

Verizon has some new phone deals for those subscribing to the carrier’s Unlimited plan. And Big Red is including some of the hottest top-shelf models with this promotion, which runs for a limited time only. Switch to Verizon, subscribe to the carrier’s Unlimited plan, and you can purchase the phone of your dreams for a price as low as $15 a month with a qualified trade. Agree to Total Mobile Protection for your new phone, and a cracked screen will be repaired locally. The plan costs $11 monthly for a single line, and protects your device from theft, loss or damage. In most cases, you’ll have a …

Trade in any smartphone to get a Cheaper iPhone

It’s no longer a question: Apple will now officially accept certain Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices in exchange for credit toward new iPhones.

The original rumor only mentioned Android phones, but 9to5Mac confirms that BlackBerry and Windows devices are also now accepted.


Apple made no formal announcements, but the company’s individual retail store pages in the US, UK, Canada and other regions now state that users can “get credit when you recycle your eligible iPhone, iPad, or select smartphone from another manufacturer.”

TechRadar contacted an Apple Store representative in the UK who confirmed you can trade in any smartphone to receive the discount on an iPhone or iPad, but you can only trade in one smartphone for each purchase.

Once you take it into the store, Apple will run a diagnostics check to make sure there isn’t any damage and to test out the battery before offering you a price for it.

You’ll then get an Apple gift card to the quoted value and be able to use it on either the purchase of an iPhone or an iPad – but sadly there are no MacBook or Apple Watch purchases here.

Despite the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus earning Apple a mind-blowing amount of money since their launch last year, the company is still coming up with new ways to boost sales.

Its latest ploy? Courting disillusioned Android users with the allure of discounted new iPhones, according to 9to5Mac.

Is the iPad Pro still happening?
Just like it already does with old iPhones, Apple will soon begin offering gift cards for use toward new iPhones in exchange for non-Apple phones, including Android devices, the site says.

The program will reportedly begin in a matter of weeks, following training for employees.

Take the sting out

Apple is no stranger to trade-ins, but with this promotion the company could potentially attract Android users put off by the relatively high price of new iPhones.

It makes perfect sense, although we haven’t heard anything official about the program yet.

Apple let us know that it has nothing to share about the program at this time, but we’ll keep an ear to the ground.