List of Top 10 downloaded apps in Q1 shows our supercharged smartphones are basically Facebook machines

The smartphone you are reading this on might not be the latest and greatest model. It could cost $100, or $1000 – doesn’t matter. It’s guaranteed to be at least several hundred times more powerful than the computer in the Apollo 11 that took mankind to the Moon over 40 years ago. So, how does humanity make the most of this immense computing capacity?

In SensorTower’s Top 10 most downloaded apps in Q1 for Google Play and the Apple App Store, the Facebook app is the #1 download on Android; Messenger tops iOS downloads; WhatsApp is the most popular app overall, and …

Kuo: Dual camera setup on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to top the dual snappers on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

NOTE: Photo on left shows what is alleged to be a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a dual camera setup. Some believe that it is actually a prototype of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

KGI Securities reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo just might be the best analyst following Apple. Over the years, he has been uncanny at telling clients exactly what features to expect on the next-gen Apple iPhone. Now, turning his attention to Samsung, Kuo has passed along a pair of notes to clients. The first note says that market response to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been better …

The Galaxy S8 preorders top a million in Korea, the highest on record for a new phone

Samsung has unleashed the preorder season for the Galaxy S8 at its home turf in Korea for a good while now, since April 7, and those who have reserved the right to be the first in purchasing the handset have now surpassed the one million mark, tips local media, based on carrier reports. 

This is the highest preorder amount on record for a new phone over there, which bodes well for the total Galaxy S8 sales numbers. Samsung is expecting to ship about 60 million S8 units overall, and analysts predict that 50 million of those will be purchased this year alone. 
The …

Top 5 smartphones with curved screens and edgeless displays coming in 2017

With “curved screen” and “edgeless display” designs becoming distinguishing features of truly modern smartphones, odds are good that we’ll be seeing plenty of such specimens pop up throughout 2017. The technology is available, Samsung and LG’s flexible OLED screen factories are firing at full capacity, and people seem to love the sleek, futuristic look of smartphones like the Galaxy S8, the LG G6, or last year’s Xiaomi Mi Mix.

The path is clear for all manufacturers willing to update their flagship phone designs, and that’s a great thing! This year, we are very …

Top 5 Wear 2.0 designer smartwatches to expect in 2017


Last month was a big month. Not that it had 31 days, but because it saw some major gadget unveils that have stirred a lot of talk and spirits. Obviously, we are referring to Samsung Galaxy S8’s official announcement, but also to the Baselworld event, which turned 100 this year and brought some fantastic smart timepieces.

A bunch of designer wear manufacturers showed off truly irresistible smartwatches that we should look forward to in 2017, giving us only a carrot stick of details. One theme was kind of central to some of them, though – Apple’s high-end wrist clocks …

Android game deals bonanza: top free and discounted games of the week!

The universe of apps and games that is the Google Play Store is expanding by the minute. With some estimates pointing to close to a thousand new entries being added to the vast market place every single day, and with developers discounting their products on a regular basis, there is no shortage of either content or sweet deals on the Play Store. However, at a certain point, finding the quality stuff in this seemingly infinite hodgepodge of software, becomes a rather tedious exercise in trial and error.

That’s the reason we decided to go hunting for quality and discounted games on Google …

Android is the top web-browsing OS for the first time in history

Remember when the Internet was only accessible from a personal computer? This has not been the case for a long, long time, but most of the browsing was still done through Windows-based devices. Up until last month, that is.

According to data from the research company StatCounter, Android has just overtaken Windows, when it comes to browsing the web. In March, Android generated 39.93% of all web traffic, while Windows accounted for 37.91%. This marks the first time Windows has been dethroned as the lead OS for accessing the Internet.

This trend has been going for quite a while, but …

Google Play turns 5 today, reveals all-time top five download lists in the U.S.

One this day five years ago, Google opened its digital store that would become one of the largest places to shop for mobile games, apps, movies, TV shows, music, and books. Since March 2012, Google Play Store has grown to more than 1 billion active users in 190 countries.

The store now lists millions of apps, 40 million songs, 5 million books, as well as movies. In celebration of the 5th birthday, Google has decided to reveal the top five most downloaded books, games, apps, songs, albums and films in the United States since the Play Store was launched.

These tops only list installed …

For the first time in five years, the iPhone wasn't the top selling smartphone in China

Expanding iPhone sales in India has suddenly become a major priority for Apple. That is because sales of the handset are slipping in China. According to a new report from Counterpoint Research, Apple did not have the best selling smartphone in the country in 2016 for the first time in five years. The Apple iPhone 6s was not the top selling smartphone in China last year. That distinction belonged to the Oppo R9. The latter sold 17 million units in China in 2016, accounting for a 4% share of the market. The Apple iPhone 6s sold 12 million units.

What makes this a difficult time for Apple …