LeBron fires back at Laura Ingraham after she told him to 'Shut up and dribble'


As America veers toward a Constitutional crisis, Fox News host Laura Ingraham is placing the blame not on Donald Trump but on … LeBron James?

On Thursday, Ingraham dedicated a whole segment of her show to James, enjoining the player to “shut up and dribble” on the grounds that he wasn’t “educated” enough to speak about politics. Last night, LeBron finally responded on Instagram with a pithy and forceful photo.

“#Wewillnotshutupanddribble,” Lebron wrote in the caption below.


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on Feb 16, 2018 at 7:47pm PST Read more…

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T-Mobile calls were getting nasty static, so the FCC told a Brooklyn bitcoin miner to shut it

You can’t make some stuff up, and the FCC putting a Brooklyn bitcoin miner on notice to prevent static noise from interfering into T-Mobile subscribers’ calls there, is one of those. Yes, T-Mo customers in southern Brooklyn have been ranting about weird static (read: hissing noises) emanating from their earpieces with each phone call, to the extent that the Federal Communications Commission had to be involved to figure it out.

The FCC agents rolled up their sleeves, and fired up their digital sniffers to narrow down where all that interference might be coming from. Hopping from …

J.K. Rowling uses kindness to shut down a mansplainer who told a woman she didn't actually write a book


The term mansplaining came from an author who had a man explain her own book to her. Now, men are explaining not just the contents of books … but the act of writing a book itself. 

Author Laura Kalbag shared on Twitter on Saturday that her new book Accessibility for Everyone, about the accessibility of websites to users, was coming out soon. 

If you missed it:

I’ve written a book! It’s coming out very soon, sign up to get it firsthttps://t.co/y0sMW97Xyjhttps://t.co/sWWrIFzQub

— Laura Kalbag (@laurakalbag) August 18, 2017 Read more…

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Daenerys told Jon Snow she's the 'last Targaryen' and 'Game of Thrones' fans couldn't hide their disbelief


Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally met during tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones and we still have a bunch of questions about their lineage. 

During a big, posturing speech, in which Dany presents herself to the King of the North, she lays out her whole claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros and demands that he kneel before her. At the end of her speech, she lays out one fact that she might believe, but fans are less than convinced. 

“I am the last Targaryen,” she proclaimed. 

Wellllllll………….. Here’s the thing. 

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The Rock tells us what he told early doubters in Instagram video for 'The Defiant Ones'


The Rock might seem like an obvious Hollywood action hero success story now, but even he had moments when the world doubted him, and he shares some of that struggle in a brief Instagram video he posted on Sunday. 

But The Rock isn’t alone, also appearing in the video are NFL star Cam Newton, NBA champion Kevin Durant, and Mashable’s own founder Pete Cashmore, among others. 

They all tell brief parts of their stories of defying the odds to achieve success in a promotional video for the four-part HBO docu-series called The Defiant Ones. When it comes to The Rock, when he met doubt about his prospects in Hollywood, sports, and pro wrestling, he simply said, “Fuck that.” (Remember that steely resolve the next time you see him flash that warm, mainstream-friendly smile.)  Read more…

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Donald Trump told Theresa May he does not want to visit the U.K. if there are large protests against him


President Trump told British Prime Minister Theresa May that does not want to go forward with a planned state visit to the U.K. until the public supports him coming.

According to The Guardian, Trump told May in a recent phone call that he did not want to make the trip if there were going to be large-scale protests.

The source of The Guardian‘s report claims that May was surprised by Trump’s statement.

If he’s waiting for large public support from U.K. citizens, Trump may be waiting a long time. In February, Parliament debated a petition calling for the government to prevent Trump from making his state visit. The petition was signed by more than 1.8 million U.K. citizens. Read more…

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Woman drives her car into a T-Mobile store after being told she would have to pay for a new phone

A 26-year old woman was arrested by police on Thursday after driving her car into a T-Mobile store in Palm Springs, Florida. The day before, Shinobia Montoria Wright had appeared at the same T-Mobile store demanding a new iPhone to replace her own model, which had a cracked screen. Wright had told the store manager that it was her birthday and that she was going to “bug out” if she didn’t get a new phone. The manager said that she appeared to be under the influence of a substance.

Shot down in an attempt to score a new handset, the next day Wright drove her 2005 Nissan Armada SUV …