Here's why you can't use custom themes in Android P

One of the big draws of Android is just how customizable it is, and with the introduction of Oreo, many people were happy to find out that they could modify the look of their devices to a much greater degree and without root.

However, when the first Developer Preview of Android P rolled out, many users were quick to notice that the popular Substratum theming engine, which granted even non-root users the freedom to customize their devices under Oreo, no longer worked. Since then, over 11 thousand people have signed a petition asking Google to bring back the theming feature, 9to5Google …

Opera for Android updated with night mode, QR code reader, themes, more

Opera has just announced another major update is making its way to the Android mobile browser that long ago surpassed 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. Opera for Android 46 brings a couple of important new features, as well as small improvements worth mentioning like QR code scanning, copy, and paste.

The most important new features included in this update – themes and night mode, are now available to everyone owning an Android device and using Opera v46. The new UI themes announced today can be customized by users who can tweak the colors. If you want to take advantage of …

Sony launches God of War and The Sims themes for Xperia devices

It’s no surprise that Sony launches new Xperia Themes from time to time, but the latest releases are really top-notch. The PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War is one of the highest rated games on Metacritic and a major contender to the Game of the Year (GOTY) title.

So, the release of the new God of War Xperia theme makes perfect sense considering the hype built around Santa Monica Studios’ recently launched game.

Along with the God of War theme, Sony also released The Sims Mobile theme for those who love life simulation games. Both themes are available for …

Telegram receives major update that adds multiple accounts support, themes, quick replies

Telegram is one of the not so many messenger apps that are getting major new features on a regular basis. The last update of the year brings Telegram users themes, support for multiple accounts, as well as quick replies.

For iOS users, the developers have added a new Appearance setting, which allows them to choose between four different themes. Some of these themes even allow users to further customize the look of the app by picking an accent color.

Now, for Android users, Telegram has brought support for multiple accounts. Starting with version 4.7, Telegram users will be able to …

SwiftKey announces new Photo Themes feature and partnership with National Geographic

SwiftKey has just announced a new feature is now available for its Android and iOS keyboard – Photo Themes. Photo Themes enables users to upload their own images for the purpose of creating personalized themes on SwiftKey Keyboard.

To highlight the importance of the new feature SwiftKey has teamed up with National Geographic, more specifically with a contributing photographer, to inspire users with a gallery of 12 curated images exclusive to its keyboard.

For this purpose, SwiftKey has worked with Keith Ladzinski, a well-known professional adventure photographer …

Android Oreo gains support for custom themes via Andromeda add-on for Substratum, no root needed

A while ago, we reported that custom themes may be coming to Android 8.0 Oreo without the need for rooting your device. We are happy to report back that this seems to be the case, although the ability to do so is not quite “native”, in that it requires a third-party app and a PC connection.

Last month, the folks over at XDA discovered, while tinkering with preview builds of Oreo, that the new version of Android has support for Sony’s Runtime Resource Overlay (RRO) theme engine baked-in. This spurned the developers behind the popular custom theming …

Android Oreo may soon get support for custom themes without rooting

Image source: XDA

One of the biggest drawing forces for Android has always been customization. From custom launchers and icon packs to the much more in-depth and involved theming engines of OEMs like Samsung, OnePlus, and Sony, customization options have traditionally been abundant on Android. However, many enthusiasts were still not content with what was offered by stock Android and the variety of skins by different OEMs, so they opted to root their devices and make use of custom themes.

Developers tinkering with the developer …

Skype for Android update adds two new themes, activity indicators, more

One day after announcing its partnership with PayPal, the fine folks behind Skype released a new version of their Android app, which brings a few improvements and tweaks into the mix.

Among the highlights of the update is the addition of two new themes, as per user request. Those who use Skype on Android devices will now be able to choose between light and dark themes, assuming they update to the latest version of the app.

Furthermore, the developers included new activity indicators, which will allow Skype users to see who is currently active in their Chats list. Another nifty tweak …

SwiftKey for iOS updated with emoji prediction, new themes and languages

SwiftKey, the popular keyboard app, is getting new features in the most recent update released on App Store. If you own an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch, you’ll benefit from all the improvements added to SwiftKey today.

The newest SwiftKey app comes with several new themes, 8 to be more precise, 15 new languages, as well as a couple of improvements to 3D Touch. On top of that, the app should now allow users to find the emoji they want faster than ever.

Apparently, there’s a new emoji prediction panel available in SwiftKey for iOS, which shows up when you tap on the regular emoji key. …

OnePlus 5 may get UI themes and a blue light filter, new teasers suggest

Another day, another teaser for the OnePlus 5 has come out ahead of the phone’s official announcement. In fact, two new posts have appeared on the OnePlus Twitter page in the last 24 hours, both giving us hints about changes we can expect.

Te first clue comes in the form of the picture above, captioned “Software designed with style and refinement”, and is obviously pointing to updates in the OxygenOS interface. To be more precise, the various motifs in the background may be a hint at support for UI themes. Currently, OnePlus’s UI only lets you change the color …