Telegram 4.5 adds iPhone X support, albums and saved messages

Telegram is getting a major update that brings some important changes. First off, starting with version 4.5, users will be able to group multiple pictures and videos they want to send into albums.

Obviously, you won’t be able to group too many pictures or videos in an album, but you can include up to 10 of those, arranged in the chat as thumbnails. More importantly, the person receiving the album will get just one notification for the album instead of ten for each item.

The update also adds the ability to choose the order in which the photos are sent. You’ll also notice that each …

Telegram blocks “thousands of ISIS-related” channels every month

The subject of heavily encrypted chat apps is a rather controversial one. Unlike regular phones and other more conventional forms of communication, such messengers are often impossible to “wiretap” even by the companies that provide the services.

Such is the case with Telegram, that has been under fire by a lot of governments worldwide. The latest case involves the Ministry of Communication and IT of Indonesia, which blocked the web version of Telegram on Friday and threatened to do the same with the app itself. The Indonesian government claimed that Telegram has been used by terrorists …

Telegram 4.1 released with Android Pay support for bots, new admin tools

The team behind Telegram is not worried about politics and continue to focus all its resources on making their messaging app as appealing as possible. The latest version of Telegram includes new features and improvements for admins and regular users alike.

The highlights of Telegram 4.1 are the new admin tools like the option to partially ban members from a supergroup, as well as the “Recent Actions” section that prevents confusion between multiple admins working with one group.

On iOS, Telegram 4.1 adds an improved sharing extension, which allows users to …

Russia goes after Telegram once again, after St Petersburg bombing

The relationship between Russia and the Telegram messaging app has been shaky at best, and now the Russian government is on its case once more after the country’s main security agency, FSB, said that the app was used by the suicide bomber who killed 15 people in St Petersburg in April.

The Russian government has already threatened to ban the app before, when Pavel Durov, its founder, refused to cooperate with regulators after a new law was accepted in the country. According to said law, all personal data sent by Russian citizens on the Internet must be stored on servers that are physically …

Telegram 4.0 released with video message support, Telescope and Bot Payments

The team behind Telegram has just announced a range of new features that are now available in the latest version of the application. Telegram 4.0 has been recently released to include important new functions like video messages and Telescope.

Once you download Telegram 4.0, you’ll be able to send video messages to your contacts. Simply head to any chat on Telegram and tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode. Then, tap and hold the camera icon and record your video message.

The application compresses video messages and sends them even as they are being …

Telegram scores end-to-end encrypted voice-calling, uses emoji for key verification

Popular messaging app Telegram, which is often lauded as one of the more secure messaging platforms out there, has just scored an oft-requested feature that will likely appeal to its numerous fans – voice calls. Well, at least in some parts of the world: the feature is currently out in Western Europe, but the rest of the world will be getting these very soon. 

Similar to Telegram’s messaging philosophy, voice calls also heavily rely on the end-to-end encryption that aims to eliminate man-in-the middle attacks and gets employed in Telegram’s Secret …

BlackBerry Hub update brings dual-SIM support, integration with Kik and Telegram, more

BlackBerry recently kicked off the roll-out of March security update to its Android smartphones. Along with the patch, the Canadian company released a couple of updates for some of its Android apps like Hub, Contacts, and DTEK.

Of the three, BlackBerry Hub is getting the most important update, as we reported a few days ago. The new version of Hub adds dual-SIM support for BlackBerry smartphones like the newly announced Aurora. It will allow users to switch between them just like you would with multiple emails.

The newest version of BlackBerry Hub features support for Kik and Telegram, …