Apple takes on the Kremlin, approves new update for Telegram

Russia has been trying to get Apple to remove messaging app Telegram from the App Store. A day after Telegram founder Pavel Durov called out the tech giant for failing to update the app globally, Apple allowed it to go through. Durov disseminated a tweet earlier today, thanking Apple and its CEO Tim Cook for “letting us deliver the latest version of @telegram to millions of users.” Allowing the Telegram app to be updated angered the Russians, who say that Telegram won’t help the Kremlin intercept messages that are sent using the platform.

While Apple did not comply with Russia’s …

Moscow orders for the immediate ban of Telegram in Russia

After months of back-and-forth between Telegram and Russia’s telecommunications watchdog, a court in Moscow has ruled for the immediate ban of the messaging app in Russia.

Russia in 2016 implemented a sweeping anti-terror law that mandated all messaging services to provide authorities with the means to decrypt messages. Telegram had until April 4 to hand over the encryption keys used to scramble messages, but the deadline was missed with Telegram claiming the the service was built in a way preventing the company itself from obtaining the keys.
Moscow’s …

Telegram announces impressive 200 million monthly active users milestone, releases new update

Telegram has been gathering followers from other messenger services since its release and it looks like the number has reached an impressive milestone. The company behind the chat app has just announced that within the last 30 days, Telegram was used by no less than 200 million people.

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