Instagram Stories has more than 150 million daily users, new update introduces ads

Since its launch back in August, Instagram Stories has grown considerably, as Instagram announced the application has now more than 150 million daily users. That many users in just five months is a great achievement, one that will most likely become even great in the coming months.

Along with the announcement that Instagram Stories has more than 150 million daily users, the company also confirmed a couple of new features that will be available in the coming weeks.

For example, the Instagram Business Tools will offer users insights on stories. Businesses converted to a business profile will be able to see the reach, impressions, replies and exits for each individual story within Business Tools.

Another new feature introduced in Instagram Stories is ads. The new Story ads will be rolled out globally over the coming weeks, but they will be tested with a group of 30 partners such as Capital One, General Motors, Maybelline New York, Quantas, Nike, and Netflix.

These ads will consist of a photo lasting up to 5 seconds or a video of up to 15 seconds. The good news is they are skippable, so Instagram users can either watch these ads to completion before heading to the next story, or they can swipe to skip it.


It’s unclear how bad the deployment of ads in Instagram Stories will impact the app’s accelerated growth since its launch, but it will certainly reach the next milestone a bit slower now.

How male allies can support women in technology

F 28, M 28, Climbing over wall, Munich, Bavaria, Germany There are so many reasons that men should get involved and be true allies to women in tech: It’s the right thing to do. It’s good for business. Diverse teams that reflect the end user create better results for customers. Male allies respect and appreciate their female teammates. They believe in equality. But you’re not a male ally until women in tech identify you as one. Read More

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BlackBerry Unveils self-driving car Division

BlackBerry has announced plans to open an autonomous driving division in Ottawa, Canada, to develop production-ready software for car manufacturers.


The unit will support the smartphone-maker’s new driverless pilot programme and work closely with the University of Waterloo, PolySync and Renesas Electronics to develop self-driving concept cars after Blackberry was given permission to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in Ontario.

Chief executive John Chen says the centre will create “middle-class jobs for Canadians” and “opportunities for university graduates”, with the aim of elevating Canada’s position in the global innovation industry.

While autonomous vehicles “attract more attention” than connected cars, the latter are “already a major market for BlackBerry”, says Alphr. The firm’s existing software powers infotainment and telematics systems can be found in around “60 million vehicles”.

Blackberry itself says “experts” predict “fifty per cent of all cars will connect to the cloud by 2020, and the wide range of ‘connected things’ could exceed 20 billion”, adding that connected cars could house “one of the highest concentration” of internet-of-things systems of any smart device.

The company joins a growing list of technology firms opening autonomous divisions, with Intel recently announcing plans to develop driverless infrastructure for car manufacturers. However, with their involvement with Tesla’s autopilot systems, Nvidia and Qualcomm have several years more experience in the industry than either BlackBerry or Intel.

Apple has also confirmed it is currently the possibility of developing autonomous vehicles[/4]. In a letter to US transport regulators, the tech giant said it was “excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation”.

Will technology prevent the next food shortage crisis?

Field of corn growing in Kentucky (Photo: Getty Images/Universal Images Group) According to scientists, the answer to an impending food shortage might be found in a new age of digital technologies that have proven their worth in different fields and have the potential to transform agriculture and food production and meet the consumption needs of the growing human population before we’re driven to eat cockroaches — or worse, each other. Read More

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Technology and today’s vast and immensely underserved mental health population

Photo: Getty Images/g-stockstudio/iStock Someone in your life is suffering from a mental disorder right now. You may not know it, but it’s there. Indeed, one in five adults suffers from a mental disorder. Society has trained us to believe mental illness is something to be ashamed of, so a majority of the afflicted hide it and go untreated. I’d like to say we’re becoming more accepting as a society, but … Read More

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Galaxy S3 – A Perfect Blend Of Style And Technology

As the anticipated summertime release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 draws nearer we may anticipate increased speculation pertaining to the exact spec of this gadget. For many months a few hazy reports have actually been circulating yet just recently a new leak is reporting the expected precise spec of this entertaining new model. We take a look at these most current reports as well as view what we can easily anticipate from the most recent Galaxy device.

One of many significant phone manufacturers not present at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was Samsung. This is since a different release occasion has been planned for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This has actually not stopped these brand-new reports rerouting a ton of attention away from new styles being revealed in Barcelona as well as onto Samsung’s approaching gadget. Maybe by far the most impressive factor of this spec listing associates with the display screen quality that this brand-new model will certainly flaunt. A 4.8 inch monitor is specified to be suited on the mobile which is capable of showing Full HD resolution. This suggests that the display will have the ability to reveal 1920 x 1080 pixels at a screen ratio of 16:9. Not simply does this suggest that the design will certainly provide the highest high quality display on the market yet it’ll likewise have the ability to showcase movies and TELEVISION shows in their correct format so they may entirely load the screen.

It seems as though the display quality is only one area that will enthuse on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung have actually been hard at work on developing their great Exynos chipset and also this brand-new model looks set up to include one of the most effective cpu that Samsung have ever before created for a transportable device. A 1.5 Ghz quad primary chip should make certain that the model performs at remarkably quick speeds with noticeable improvements when performing numerous jobs. When the Galaxy S2 was introduced it was one of the slimmest cell phones available and also we may expect this brand-new design to assess simply 7mm in depth rendering it the slimmest device on the market. Exactly what caught our eye more than this however was the truth that Samsung look set to switch out the plastic back panel that has been made use of on previous devices with a brand-new ceramic panel. This ought to offer the component a more choice feel regardless of the reality that the style will probably be larger than its predecessors.

Only time will certainly tell whether or not this hole shows correct but it undoubtedly looks one of the most promising of all the rumors that we have encountered. If it does verify right then there is no uncertainty that the Samsung Galaxy S3 could possibly verify one of the most exciting cellular device ever before discharged.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on its way soon and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are obtainable currently.

Galaxy S3 – A Perfect Blend Of Style And Technology

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The Coming IPhone Rage: IPhone 6 Rumors, Architecture And Modern technology

The launch of iPhone 5 late last year was most certainly a phenomenon; a great deal of testimonials were released on exactly how the product was supposed to be the most effective smartphone model yet. However, it seemed that while everybody was examining the latest version, Apple was already gearing up for the next design which is the iphone 6.

In the past couple of weeks, a lot of iphone 6 rumors have begun to appear. People from the mobile device industry have begun to publish rumors about iphone 6 which involve feasible iPhone 6 style, along with so called iPhone 6 modern technology. There are additionally those that have actually started to hypothesize when the iphone 6 launch date is.

The New phone

What are individuals claiming about this new line of iPhone? Exactly what is the difference between the iPhone 6 style, iPhone 6 modern technology and previous models? What will make this design stand out? Right here are four of the most prevailing iphone 6 rumors today:.

* iPhone 6 Design. A main focus of rumor gives away that the new model is going to be larger than its predecessor. It is reputed to have a display screen that is around 4.2 to 4.8 inches with the same pixel resolution as the latest model at 1136 x 640. If rumors are on the money, the product is reputed to be lighter compared to iPhone 5 at 104 grams along with 108.5 x 55.7 x 7.1 millimeters in dimension. One of the most faddish iphone 6 rumors is the idea that the product is expected to do away with the home button which is apparently to make the design more attractive to the general public.

* iPhone 6 Technology. In addition to rumors about iPhone 6 design, rumors about the new iPhone’s technology were also disclosed to the public in the past few days. Some purported iPhone 6 technology modifications involve iOS 7. This phone is additionally thought to finally feature an infrared sensing unit that uses sound for distance detection. This implies that the phone can now notify its owner of its location as well as find an incoming things.

These are several of the things that make this highly anticipated item worth the wait. Apple has always specified the standard for mobile devices with regard to ergonomic style, impressive programs and applications. The brand-new iPhone 6 design will surely continue to change the course of various other brand styles and technology.

The Apple iPhone Craze.

Before Apple confirms the various rumors surrounding the iphone 6 release, yet another model has to first be launched. This is the Apple iPhone 5S which is reported to be available in the stores by the summer of 2013. Why are individuals anticipating the iphone 6 launch if the 5S has not been released yet? And exactly what makes Apple items so unique?

For the past few years, Apple has supplied the world with products that are top of the line mobile devices which address all the demands of consumers. Although there are products that are specifically known for interface, video camera or applications, only the Apple iPhone line of phones includes the very best of each feature without losing any other part. This is the reason individuals so hotly anticipate every Apple iPhone launch.

The Coming IPhone Rage: IPhone 6 Rumors, Architecture And Modern technology

Apple reportedly wants to use changeable E Ink keyboards

Apple’s plans for advanced laptop controls may extend beyond that rumored OLED touch strip. Both 9to5Mac and TrustedReviews report that Apple has been in talks to use a laptop version of Sonder Design’s dynamic keyboard technology, which uses E Ink to change key labels on the fly.


Just how Tim Cook and company would implement the hardware isn’t clear, but it might work the way these keyboards have operated since the days of Art Lebedev’s Optimus Maximus. If so, you’d get handy labels on keys as you switch contexts, such as brushes in an image editor or different characters when you switch languages.

Although Sonder has confirmed that talks have taken place, it’s not saying whether or not it has a deal. It only adds that it’s “closing B2B procurement contracts” with three laptop makers, and that Foxconn (which helped get Sonder off the ground) and E Ink are helping.

Given the timing, you probably aren’t going to get a MacBook with this keyboard any time soon. Even if Apple has a contract in place (there’s no guarantee that it has), you probably wouldn’t see these livelier keyboards until 2017 at the earliest.

XiaoMI is Working on FleXible Screen Technology

A few days ago we reported on a new patent from LG that appears to show a transparent, foldable display to work on a device similar to a book. That news wasn’t new for LG, as we knew at CES this year that the company expects to be producing flexible screens by 2017.


Both Samsung and Lenovo have showcased similar technology, but now it looks like Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has the same idea.

A concept from the company has leaked that appears to show a display that bends in all directions, not unlike paper. Two separate renders were leaked on Baidu.

The screen appears to be flexible and can be bent up or down, left or right.

While these bendable and foldable concepts are interesting, it isn’t something you should expect to see anytime soon. It’s one thing to spend tons of money and time to produce an awesome proof of concept, but if there’s no way to bring that technology to mass production in a cost-effective manner, it’ll remain out of the hands of the general public for a while longer.

Apple New Technology to Change the World Forever – iPhone and IBeacon Powered Future

As we know apple announced new technology iBeacon last year and built it into the apple iOS7 operating system and devices. Hands-on with the iPhone and iBeacon powered future of shopping. The new definition of shopping that sends notification to your iPhone when you are in the close proximity of the small wireless sensor in a store. iBeacon can invoke location based marketing messages and push out general notification because of its proximity based location awareness and context aware technology for the next generation of shopping experience.

According to Apple’s “made for iPhone” program, Apple has recently started iBeacon product certification. iBeacon specification is now available for the members of MFi program. MFi is a licensing program that allows developers and accessory maker to access hardware components. But the thing is that, developers and manufacturers will have to sign NDA to read the specification. Few companies are going to provide innovative solutions for retailers. The Apple iBeacon trying to achieve all shops would be powered by iBeacon Technology and mobile retails app platform as well as some new interesting product that could soon completely revolutionize the way, by which we do shopping by mobile device.

Shoppers and retailers are now also interested to make their own customized App that works with iBeacon. Now in market Third Shelf and some other mobile platforms are also available that does not need any technical aspect because Third Shelf type of services lets small and medium size businesses quickly build an app that interact with iBeacon and easily create and manage promotions and loyalty program.

iBeacon, the heart of Bluetooth low energy system, allows about 150 meters of range to send notification and personalized messages of item and offers during the shopping for instant purchasing and payment by barcode scanning. The reason behind using Bluetooth Technology instead of GPS Technology is to determine your accurate position when you are indoor. Using iBeacon, your advertisement is sent only to those customers who are present 150 m in proximity to the beacon. It opens doors to a modern more efficient micro-location targeting.

If you want to use iBeacon in apple grand central store, you still have to download and install app in your iPhone5. Through the app you can access whole central control dashboard. It includes Barcode based “Easy Pay System” for instant shopping and make payment whenever push message comes and you select to purchase and item.

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