Qualcomm alleges its tech made iPhones possible, Apple updates its claim, as the case between the two drags on

The months-long legal saga between Qualcomm and Apple, which started in January this year, has been gathering more and more momentum, rather than moving towards calmer waters. This Tuesday, Cupertino updated its claim against Qualcomm, alleging that the business practices of the last harmed not only Apple, but also “the entire industry”.

At the core of the legal battle between the two whether Cupertino should pay the chipmaker licensing fees on tech it uses in the production of iPhones. Apple has condemned the practice and subsequently withheld due payments to Qualcomm, with the last responding …

Elon Musk's Father's Day was all sci-fi and tech, of course


Like many dads around the world, Elon Musk is spending his Father’s Day making bad dad jokes and receiving the gift wrapped fruits of being a good parent. 

First, Musk took to Twitter to let his kids (who must be sci-fi fans, too) know that he’s not just a space and electric car mogul, he’s also on the dark side of the Force. 

It’s time they knew … pic.twitter.com/wt7XfXqTM6

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 18, 2017

Later, Musk seemed a little giddy when he posted a photo of a gift he received for Father’s Day: a luxurious, personalized iPhone case.  Read more…

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Check out the best tech deals for Father's Day here!

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday! The day in which we show our gratitude to our fathers is traditionally accompanied by sales and discounts from various different retail stores in the US. Naturally, this means that it’s a pretty good time of the year to gear up on some tech, regardless if you’re buying it for dad or yourself (we won’t judge). 
Over the last several days, we’ve informed you on some of the better bargains that we managed to locate online, but we realize that keeping track of every separate article might not be …

This hackathon wants to help destigmatize the sex tech industry


In a pitch presentation that capped off hours of collaboration at New York’s first SexTech Hackathon, the subject turned to a decidedly unsexy scenario: Parents talking to their kids about sex.

“How can we foster a safe environment at home for children having conversations about sexual education with their parents?” asked one of the hackathon’s more than 40 participants during a pitch presentation for what would become the event’s winning project. 

Better communication would emerge as a theme as hopeful entrepreneurs — many of them new to sex tech — considered how tech can be used to enrich human sexuality. Read more…

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Google to cease Pixel and Pixel XL on-device tech support after October 2019

Although flagship smartphones are the most expensive on the market, they usually don’t get more than three years of tech support, but that may vary depending on the brand. Google is making sure that consumers won’t have to change their flagships for at least three years if they don’t want to.

The search giant has just confirmed that the Pixel and Pixel XL will be getting on-device tech support until October 2019, three years after the smartphones were launched on the market.

After that date, Google will no longer support on-device tech support for the Pixel …

North Korean tech company rips off Apple's trademarks by marketing the Ryonghung iPad

The powers that be in North Korea don’t seem to care about international conventions, so perhaps it is no surprise that they would stick their tongues out at trademark and patent violations. This time, the target is Apple. A tech company in the country, Ryonghung, has launched a tablet that it calls the Ryonghung iPad. This is obviously a rip off of the branding used by Apple for its tablets, right down to the use of the lower case “i” and capital “P.” Considering that Apple introduced the tablet category back in 2010, there is no question which company used the name first. And of course, Apple …

Tim Cook, Zuckerberg and 12 other tech bosses oppose the “Bathroom bill” in a letter to Texas’ Governor

The piece of legislation that is currently in the legal pipeline in Texas, more famous as the “Bathroom bill”, has received strong opposition from the heads of the top 14 tech companies in the country. The CEOs of Google, Amazon, Apple and others expressed their concern over the potential enactment of a ‘discriminatory legislation’ in a letter, addressed to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, dated May 27th.

The bill seeks to regulate the access of transgender people to restrooms in the state, obliging them to use the baths designated for the gender they have on their birth certificates. The legislative …

Wozniak says that the next big thing in tech will come from Tesla, not Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Woznikak might know a thing or two about innovation. He also might know a thing or two about innovators, and for now he is betting that the next big thing in tech will be coming from Elon Musk and Tesla, not from Apple. Talking about the success of the Tesla Model S, the Woz said it worked because Musk built the device for himself. “When things come from yourself, knowing what you’d like very much and being in control of it…that’s when you get the best products,” he said.

Apple’s size and age apparently puts it at a disadvantage. When discussing the names of some …

Mother's Day best tech deals round-up

May 14th is the time when we celebrate Mother’s Day, a family holiday that honors the mother in every family. It’s a beautiful occasion, and also a great time to save on some great technology.
Whether you are buying something for your mother, or you just want to make use of the deals that are offered these days, we have summed up the best currently available deals on phones, tablets, wearables and others.
This Mother’s Day, you get some great savings on Apple products: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can be had for significantly …

So much for phones ruining our sleep – Apple acquires sleep tracking tech maker Beddit

Apple likes to buy smaller companies from time to time, and its choices are always interesting. This time, it acquired Beddit, maker of the sleep monitor going by the same name. It’s probably the most technologically advanced of its kind, employing ballistocardiography techniques to measure the mechanical activity of the heart, lungs, and other body functions. With it, the device is able to track each individual heart beat and respiration cycle through the night and provide detailed analysis.The tracker is also sold in Apple stores, clearly indicating strong rapport between …