iPhone 8 3D face recognition system will be faster than current tech, to work in ‘millionths of a second’

Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to ditch fingerprint identification in favor of 3D face recognition, and now we learn that the new feature will work in a millionths of a second speed, according to a report by the Korea Herald citing insider info.
The Samsung Galaxy series were among the first mainstream devices to feature iris recognition, but the speed and accuracy of the current technology leave a lot to be desired, and maybe that is why current phones ship with an eye scanner AND a fingerprint reader.
The iPhone 8, …

Eyes off my screen: Apple patent outlines display tech with adjustable viewing angles

Usually, a wide viewing angle on a smartphone screen, or any screen for that matter, is generally a desirable thing. It makes the viewing experience much more comfortable as parts of the display don’t distort or go black if you skew your device by an inch. But, for some situations, you really don’t want your display to be visible from extreme angles — when you’re chatting with your significant other while commuting, for example, or when viewing sensitive data like your bank account or company documents.

There are, in fact, “privacy screen protectors”, which severely …

Lenovo's foldable tablet makes a second consecutive visit to Tech World

You might remember how Lenovo grabbed the attention of the tech world on June 9th last year during the company’s Tech World  gathering. YouTuber Meghan McCarthy displayed a bendable phone that was folded into a contraption that she wore around her wrist. She also presented a tablet that was folded into the size of a phablet, and put up to her ear in order to simulate a phone call.

Today, the company continued the conversation by introducing the Lenovo Folio concept during Lenovo Tech World 2017. The device features a flexible touchscreen that grows from 5.5-inches to 7.8-inches …

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech giants take Apple’s side in its months-long legal dispute with Qualcomm

Apple and Qualcomm have been stuck in a legal deadlock since the start of the year, without any indications of a looming resolution, whatsoever. A few days ago, Qualcomm’s CEO made a comment that he would expect an out-of-court settlement, which kind of made us think that the two sides might soon talk out an agreement, but we haven’t seen anything further to those comments. If anything, Reuters has reported today that representatives of other tech companies are jumping in on the ‘fun’ by siding with Apple in its dispute with the chipmaker.

A lobbying group, called the Computer & Communications …

Apple has ‘fundamentally changed’, while the smartphone market is now ruled by design trends, rather than raw tech innovation

To many people around the world, innovation and gadget-induced adrenaline have plateaued in the last few years, as new smartphone models seem to offer little exciting new stuff that their predecessors didn’t have. Nowadays, silicon inside handsets is relatively standard for most brands, and customers’ purchases are largely based on a phone’s image, looks and feel, rather than on a new piece of tech it rocks. According to a recent WSJ report, smartphone design accounts for up to 50% of a customer’s decision to buy or not to buy, while it was previously believed that the figure …

Facebook and other tech giants unite against ‘1984’-like governmental gag practices

Almost seventy years ago, as he wrote the ‘1984’ bestseller, British author George Orwell described an anti-utopian form of existence, where every move and word are monitored by an ever-aware government. The novel tells of a scenario where the state knows of what and when you eat, where and with whom you go, when or where you sleep – and obtains such info at its own will, without any notification. The only happening that Orwell did not manage to predict in the book was a wave of independent commercial bodies that have the scale and influence to challenge large scale unconstitutional …

Nokia and Xiaomi sign a mystery patent exchange agreement, hint at future partnership in AR and VR tech

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you might have heard a fresh rumor that upcoming Nokia devices could be equipped with a Xiaomi-designed Surge chipset. But this isn’t the only recent piece of news regarding Xiaomi and Nokia, as the two companies have just announced a strategic partnership, consisting of the latter licensing a number of patents to the former, buying others, the two collaborating on building network equipment, and also opening up to the possibility of future partnerships in areas such as augmented and virtual reality.

…Which is a completely misleading …

Vivo is showing off a working in-screen fingerprint scanner prototype, courtesy of new Qualcomm tech

We were wrong – Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo won’t, in fact, be the first to put out a device with an in-screen fingerprint scanner, though it most certainly is the first to openly display a prototype. At this year’s MWC Shanghai, which taking place right now, the company showed off the first implementation of Qualcomm’s just-announced in-screen ultrasonic scanner technology.

Vivo demonstrated the new tech with a couple of prototypes, one based on the current Xplay6 (seen above) with the scanner embedded under the screen, and another with it behind …

Qualcomm alleges its tech made iPhones possible, Apple updates its claim, as the case between the two drags on

The months-long legal saga between Qualcomm and Apple, which started in January this year, has been gathering more and more momentum, rather than moving towards calmer waters. This Tuesday, Cupertino updated its claim against Qualcomm, alleging that the business practices of the last harmed not only Apple, but also “the entire industry”.

At the core of the legal battle between the two whether Cupertino should pay the chipmaker licensing fees on tech it uses in the production of iPhones. Apple has condemned the practice and subsequently withheld due payments to Qualcomm, with the last responding …

Elon Musk's Father's Day was all sci-fi and tech, of course


Like many dads around the world, Elon Musk is spending his Father’s Day making bad dad jokes and receiving the gift wrapped fruits of being a good parent. 

First, Musk took to Twitter to let his kids (who must be sci-fi fans, too) know that he’s not just a space and electric car mogul, he’s also on the dark side of the Force. 

It’s time they knew … pic.twitter.com/wt7XfXqTM6

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 18, 2017

Later, Musk seemed a little giddy when he posted a photo of a gift he received for Father’s Day: a luxurious, personalized iPhone case.  Read more…

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