Another dream shattered? Leaked Lenovo Z5 render reveals it's not as bezel-free as it was teased

Lenovo has been teasing a new flagship since early last month. Supposedly named Lenovo Z5, it was suggested that the phone would have a 95% screen-to-body ratio. In other words, it would have razor-sharp bezels. We’ve also seen a few images teased by Lenovo themselves — renders and promotional materials showing us bits and pieces of the handset and then a concept sketch, which portrayed a phone with a true all-screen front, no bezels and no notches.
However, a supposed official render of the device has just leaked and it bares the whole truth. The Lenovo Z5 appears …

The truly bezel-less phone: Lenovo's next flagship teased in a sketch, impressive looks raise questions

Earlier this week, we saw a new teaser by Lenovo — the corner of a smartphone with an extremely thin bezel, which also appeared to not have any sort of notch. According to Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng, the handset would have a screen-to-body ratio of about 95%. That’s incredibly impressive and, if true, would truly feel like an “all screen phone” when held in the hand.

Now, a few days after, Chang Cheng took to Weibo (a Chinese social network) again to tease the phone once again and reveal its name.

It’ll be called the Lenovo Z5, apparently, and will be the company’s …

The first Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser videos are here: 3D emoji, slow-mo, superb low-light camera teased

SamsungMobileKorea has just uploaded a slew of Galaxy S9 teasers on its YouTube page, and just like any self-respecting video teaser should do, these all but confirm many of the key features that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are wildly expected to have.

The first video blatantly reveals the advantages of slow-mo videos, the second one is a dead giveaway for superb low-light photography thanks to the variable aperture that can go as wide as f/1.5, and the third one… Well, the third one is a sign of the times as it features 3D emoji, which would allow users to create animated …

Let the speculations pour in: Google I/O 2018 to take place May 8-10, Android P name teased

We can describe the interactive little game that Google’s dev team has come up with to tease Google I/O 2018 as serene, a bit eerie if you wish, but overall, great fun for those who simply adore puzzles. A spontaneous love letter to old-school point-and-click adventure games that were on the verge of their popularity more than 20 years ago.Check out the game here

That’s right, a brand new website that lets you stroll around the Google I/O campus with the help of the StreetView controls and look for hints about the next chapter in Android’s …

"You will not be disappointed": Sony official might have teased that a 4K OLED Xperia is in the works

Just recently, we heard the rather too-good-to-be-true rumor that Sony might launch a certain Xperia flagship with a 4K OLED display in tow, which is unheard of on the mobile scene. A recent rumor based around a leaked spec sheet detailing the rumored Sony Xperia XZ Pro has been the originator of this speculation. Some job listings as well as a Sony official have recently poured more oil into the fire hinting that Sony is actively exploring the idea of 4K OLEDs and could theoretically surprise everyone soon.

“All I can say is that we are investing money in OLED displays. And very soon …

OnePlus 5T: first camera samples teased

The next OnePlus phone – the OnePlus 5T or OnePlus 6 – is coming soon, and we already know a lot about it, but today we get to see the first camera samples from it as well.
OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei tweeted a mysterious image saying “Cool photo, must have come from a great camera”, and then CEO Pete Lau followed up with one more photo saying “Impressive photo. Must be a great camera”.
Having two top OnePlus executives tweet camera teasers surely indicates the OnePlus 5T is coming soon, but let’s look at those pictures …

Fast charging smartphone series for next month teased by Xiaomi; MIUI 9 could see a November release

Xiaomi published a teaser today that appears to focus on a new smartphone series with fast charging capabilities. Besides showing a logo that relates to battery charging, the teaser includes a hashtag that reads #YourBestSelfie. As a result, we would imagine that the phone being teased will also feature something new with the front-facing selfie snapper that improves how selfies turn out.

According to Xiaomi, we should learn more about the new device(s) on November 2nd, which is a week from today. The company says that this smartphone series includes “something you have been impatiently …

Meizu Pro 7 gets teased ahead of official announcement

The next flagship coming from Meizu, the Pro 7 is expected to be unveiled very soon. Although many details about the Meizu Pro 7 leaked in the last couple of week, it’s still unclear when exactly the smartphone will be announced.

Today, the Chinese company teased the upcoming reveal of the Meizu Pro 7 on its official Twitter handle, which somewhat confirms we’re very close to a formal announcement.

The Pro 7 could be Meizu’s first smartphone to boast a dual-camera setup. Rumor has it that Meizu has decided to strike a deal with Samsung so that the Pro 7 will …

OnePlus 5 gets teased by CEO, an announcement seems imminent

OnePlus 5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the summer and rightfully so. The Chinese company always managed to surprise customers with its “flagship killers, ” and there’s a high chance it will happen again this year.

The next top-tier smartphone coming from the Android OEM is the OnePlus 5, as we’ve reported many times in the past. The company is expected to skip the number 4 from the name of one of its products since it symbolizes “death” in the Western culture.

So, the OnePlus 5 has been recently teased by CEO Pete Lau, who posted an artsy picture of the device. Unfortunately, …