The Essential Phone is getting double tap to wake, EIS and Treble for fast updates

Riding on his creator-of-Android clout, Andy Rubin reportedly raised $300 million from investors for his Essential undertaking, which has so far resulted in a phone with a very promising ideas, but ho-hum execution, as most initial efforts turn out to be. While Essential doesn’t disclose sales numbers, analysts back in September mapped its uptake to be just 5000 units, as the handset was plagued by poor camera reviews and other mishaps, and it was unfortunate to come to market when “all-screen” phones from the most popular manufacturers hit the tape as well. 

In addition, …

Google Home Mini gets some of its tap functionality back

You might remember that in the middle of October, Google had to disable the tap functionality on top of the Google Home Mini smart speaker after a small number of units malfunctioned. While tapping the top of the smart speaker would activate Google Assistant and control music, alarms and timers, the malfunctioning units kept acting as though the top was constantly being tapped. This led to the device recording over and over again, sending whatever was picked up back to Google.. Luckily, the only units affected were review and other early release models. Pre-ordered Google Home Minis and those sold …

The addictive Tap Busters game unleashed on Android and iOS devices

Tap Busters is that game that you shouldn’t install on your smartphone if you know you can easily get addicted. We’ll also not vouch for the safety of your fingers or your phone’s display for that matter. Well, despite what its name might suggest, this isn’t a simple game that requires players to erratically tap on your phone’s display.

Tap Busters is an action RPG that uses the tap mechanics for just about everything you do in the game. Tap to attack, tap to PvP, tap to level your skills, tap to use powerful abilities, tap to collect money, tap to upgrade stiff, …

Tap Nike's new app-connected NBA jerseys with your smartphone


The only way to access Nike’s new app? Tap your phone on an NBA jersey.

Nike has announced a new stage for its eight-year NBA partnership, in the form of a jersey-connected app.

Officially announced on Sept. 16 at an event in Los Angeles attended by players from all 30 NBA teams, NikeConnect is a new app activated by Nike’s new jerseys.

Nike and the NBA's new app, NikeConnect.

Nike and the NBA’s new app, NikeConnect.

Image: Nike

Users must tap an embedded NFC chip hidden behind a tag at the bottom of their jersey with their smartphone, which will then launch the NikeConnect app.  Read more…

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Measure your tapping skills in SEGA's new WWE Tap Mania for iOS and Android

Announced back in April, SEGA’s WWE Tap Mania mobile has just been released on Android and iOS. Even though it wants to appeal to WWE fans, the game plays and feels like a mindless clicker.

WWE Tap Mania mixes idle clicker and card game elements, as players must collect Superstar cards, build their decks and fight in arenas to become the WWE Champion.

The action in the ring is limited to taps that enable players to unleash powerful combos if timed correctly. All Superstar cards can be enhanced to increase your deck’s power and unlock each character’s …

SEGA to launch WWE Tap Mania game for Android and iOS

There are plenty of WWE mobile games already available in the App Store and Google Play, but more importantly they of a different kind. You can choose to play fighting style games, action-packed games, or even match-3 puzzlers.

Even so, there can never be enough WWE games for mobiles, which is why WWE and SEGA announced a partnership for the release of a new mobile title.

The new game is called WWE Tap Mania and, according to publisher SEGA, it will be launched on both the Android and iOS platforms. Not many details about the game have been disclosed, but …

How to rearrange the Galaxy S8 icons with a tap for easier one-handed use

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagships offer 83% screen-to-body ratio, the best in its class, and one of the best ever on an Android phone this side of the Xiaomi Mi Mix slab. The achievement is a result of extremely thin top and bottom bezels, curved screen sides, and new 18.5:9 aspect ratio for the display. That aspect ratio means that the phone is narrow but tall, and some of us short-fingered folks won’t be able to reach everywhere on the display while using the phone with one hand, despite that it is unbelievable compact for its 5.8″ screen diagonal.

Fret …

Google Shortcuts gives you one tap access from your home screen to the information you want

Information has become the new oxygen; we can’t live without it. All of us crave the latest info, and our smartphones play right into that desire. Apps, notifications and virtual personal assistants are just the tip of the information iceberg. And we shouldn’t forget that delivery speed is important, too. The faster we receive information, the faster we can process it, act on it, and get ready for the next bit of news. To help with the latter, Google Shortcuts has launched starting today in the U.S.

Available with the Google app on Android and iOS, and on the mobile web at, …

How to get rid of the Google Assistant and get Google Now On Tap back

Google began the rollout of its new Assistant to all compatible devices more than a week ago and multiple users have already gotten these on their devices. 
In case you’ve been waiting for this one and it still hasn’t graced your phone, don’t get fooled by the numerous tutorials and guides that have recently popped up on the interwebs. The only prerequisite to get this one is a Marshmallow- or a Nougat-running phone and have your system language set as US English — clearing the Google app’s cache, sideloading a ‘modified’ version of the Play Services …

How to scan QR codes and regular barcodes using just your camera app and Now on Tap (Android)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to scan a QR code using your smartphonephone, only to realize that you don’t have one of the myriad of dedicated scanning apps available installed on your device? Downloading a relatively small app on the spot is not that big of a hassle, but do you really need yet another app on your phone just for scanning a certain type of barcode that’s not all that popular in outside of Asia anyway? The answer is “no, you don’t”.

In fact, on Android, you can simply use your default camera app, or a substitute of …